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Sega Streaming Theater Sonic Edition[note 1] is a video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series developed and published by Sega. The game was first revealed during the Sonic Station Live! stream in 24 June 2021.[2][3] Sega distributed the limited amount of the game for internet streamers and VTubers who participated in social media campaign events and as such, the game is not available for the general audience. Each streamer has played Sega Streaming Theater Sonic Edition live via YouTube Live feature, while registered YouTube users and Facebook/Twitter followers can participate the game interactively by sending comments to the stream as well utilizing additional keywords to affect the streamer's gameplay.

As of 2022, Sega Streaming Theater Sonic Edition has been present in two occacions as part of social media campaign events during the franchise's anniversary celebrations in the Asian market. The first campaign event took place from 24 June 2021, to 30 June 2021 and it was distributed to Japanese Vtubers/streamers.[1] The second campaign happened in June 2022 with South Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese streamers/Vtubers participating the event.[4][5][6]

With majority of sprites taken straight from the original Sonic the Hedgehog and its 2013 remaster, the music in the game is recycled from the Japanese soundtrack of Sonic the Hedgehog CD.



Sonic in Green Hill Zone, the first of three Zones in the game. Numerous posts sent by YouTube stream's viewers are seen shot accross the screen

Sega Streaming Theater Sonic Edition is a side-scrolling platforming game with majority of gameplay elements lifted from mainline Sonic the Hedgehog games for the Sega Mega Drive. The game's main objective involves collecting required amount of Rings from each Zone's Act in two minutes. The player takes control of Sonic the Hedgehog, whose moveset in this game consists of Spin Jump, Spin Attack and Spin Dash. Also, when Sonic reaches to his maximum running speed, he will perform the Super Peel Out, but it isn't accessible as a separate move to be activated by the player. The game has autosave feature as it is possible to continue the game from the previous Act where the player last left by choosing the "Continue" option in the title screen. The game requires Sonic to move right and the camera stops scrolling, if the player attempts to backtrack in the Act.

The main element of the game involves of registered YouTube users following the stream and social media followers in Facebook/Twitter, being able to interact real-time during the gameplay. Prior booting up the game each time, the player has to insert the YouTube Live URL address in order to recognise YouTube comments during the stream.[7] The comment feature in the game is based on the danmaku subtitle system: posting a comment during the live stream will allow said written text to be presented on the screen, scrolling horizontally accross the screen from right to left at the medium speed while being synchronized to the video timeline. Sonic can jump and move on them while running above the Zone's terrain. Social media followers in the stream can provide extra amount of content to the gameplay by posting certain keywords, which caused to summon more Rings, Item Box power-ups, enemies, obstacles or change the level layout of the Zone slightly. Based on the social media user's actions, these keyword commands can be proven either useful or sheer annoyance for the player. Keywords are also recognized among sentences and it is possible for social media followers to summon two objects/obstacles at once in one comment by using ruby characters.

During the live broadcast, if the follower writes a post on Facebook/Twitter with the hashtag #RunSonic (#走れソニック?) and the hashtag specified by the broadcaster, it will be reflected in the game. Each time the hashtag is posted ten times, the player receives Time Bonus of 10 extra seconds on the timer while the requirement for reaching the next time extension increases with ten extra tweets. When the hastag has become trending topic in the social media platform after achieiving enough of tweets during the stream, the game announces this each time during the gameplay. Emojis are also reconized while sending comments to the game. The game also allows to post YouTube's Super Chat comments with money donations dedicated to the streamer, as said posts will be displayed with additional horizontal bars and they scroll through the screen slower compared to regular comments. The comment and keyword features are functional during the main gameplay of the game and they will be automatically disabled in the title screen and the Secret menu.


The Fever mode of the game.

Rings are also found sporadically in each Act, but because of high requirement, the player cannot complete the Act by regular means without comment and keyword features. The game suggests to keep moving forward, as passing through 400, 800 and 1200 meters in the Act will make the player enter the Fever mode for about ten seconds, where large chunks of Rings appear floating in the mid-air for Sonic to be collected. Occacionally, a warning sign appears to alarm about upcoming, long floors of Spikes. The player can leap over them by using long, scrolling comments as moving platforms. Using this method, the player can also cross bottomless pits, climb over large chunk of the steep level layout or reach to the top of loops.

Getting hit by Badnik or obstacle would have make the player lose between eight and sixteen Rings as well ten seconds from the timer. Falling into a bottomless pit or getting hit by enemy/obstacle without having any Rings will warp Sonic to a nearby section from the place where the player has previously lost. When the timer reaches one minute in each third Act, Dr. Eggman appears piloting his Egg Mobile, who begins hovering back and forth above the Zone's terrain while dropping Badniks on the player's way in attempt to interupt the gameplay. Scoring a hit on him via Spin Jump or Spin Attack will make him hover slightly upwards and proceed his pattern. If the player manages to deliever three hits, Eggman will drop huge amount of Rings to the ground and flies away as the game continues normally up until the time runs out. When this happens and the player has managed to collect required amount of Rings, the game will proceed into the next Act. If done otherwise, the game will then give the player a choice to retry the Act or return back to the title screen. When the player clears all three Zones, the game transitions to Green Hill Zone with the player receiving congratulations for completing the game. The game then progresses back to the title screen.


Alongside regular comment posts during YouTube live streams, registered YouTube viewers could also post unique keywords (written as key words (キーワード?) in-game) to interactively affect the gameplay. These posts are displayed as yellow text, as the game accepted these keywords in both kanji/Hangul and Latin writing form when written accurately. Using them will summon different objects, obstacles or enemies on the scrolling text.

Keyword Description
Japanese Traditional Chinese Korean English
リング Ring Summons a single Ring to the Zone.
無敵 無敵 무적 Invincible Summons an Item Box containing an Invincible power-up. Using the power-up will temporarily make Sonic invulnerable to enemies, Spikes and fireballs for ten seconds.
ハイスピード 速度靴 스피드 High Speed Summons an Item Box containing a Power Sneakers power-up. Using the power-up will temporarily increase the player's momentum for ten seconds.
磁力バリア 屏障 자석 배리어 Magnetic Barrier Summons an Item Box containing a Thunder Shield power-up. Once obtaining it, the shield pulls in Rings from close range, but Sonic can hold the shield for ten seconds before it disappears.
敵人 Enemy One of three Badniks will be summoned: Moto Bug, Buzz Bomber or Spikes. Defeating a Badnik releases an Animal and grants ten extra Rings.
スプリング 彈簧 스프링 Spring Summons a red Spring to the Zone. Based on the placement on the Zone's layout, Springs on slopes would be pointing diagonally, as it determits the direction where they bounced the player.
上り 上坡 / 上 오르막길 Up Changes piece of Zone's layout into a uphill slope. The text is stationary and doesn't scroll accross the screen along with others.
下り 下坡 / 下 내리막길 Down Changes piece of Zone's layout into a downhill slope. The text is stationary and doesn't scroll accross the screen along with others.
ループ 迴旋 루프 Loop Changes piece of Zone's layout into a loop. The text is stationary and doesn't scroll accross the screen along with others.
구멍 Hole Summons a bottomless pit to the Zone's terrain. The text is stationary and doesn't scroll accross the screen along with others.
Fire Summons a fireball with the core functionality being the same as ones dropped by Egg Scorcher in Marble Zone: once the fireball drops to the ground, the fire spreads over a medium width before evaporating into the air.
カオスエメラルド 混沌綠寶石 카오스 에메랄드 Chaos Emerald Summons one of seven Chaos Emeralds to be obtained. Stream followers can only use this keyword seven times during the gameplay. Getting all of seven gives Sonic ability to transform into Super Sonic, while increasing his momentum and jumping height for about 20 seconds before he returns back to his normal state.

Secret words[]

In Sega Streaming Theater Sonic Edition, there are secret keywords that the player could also use to affect the gameplay. These keywords have to unlocked at first by having the stream's viewers to guess the correct word based on the hint given for each keyword in the Secret Words menu. Most of these secret words refer directly to characters or different things connected to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Unlike regular keywords, they become functional when written in kanji/Hangul with some exceptions. Majority of secret keywords also drop ten extra Rings to the Zone.

Image Keyword Hint
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Tails-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: テイルス
Chinese: 塔爾斯
Korean: 테일즈
Japanese: 二本のシッポをもつキツネ
Chinese: 有兩條尾巴的狐狸
Korean: 2개의 꼬리를 가진 여우
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Knuckles-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: ナックルズ
Chinese: 納克魯斯
Korean: 너클즈
Japanese: マスターエメラルドの守護者
Chinese: 王者翡翠的守護者
Korean: 마스터 에메랄드의 수호자
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Eggman-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: エッグマン[note 2]
Chinese: 蛋頭博士[note 2]
Korean: 에그맨[note 2]
Japanese: IQ300の天才科学者
Chinese: IQ300的天才科學家
Korean: IQ 300의 천재 과학자
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Sega-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: セガ
Chinese: SEGA
Korean: 세가
Japanese: 世界最高のゲーム会社!
Chinese: 世界上最棒的遊戲公司!
Korean: 세계 최고의 게임회사!
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-30th-Anniversary-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: 30周年
Chinese: N/A[note 3]
Korean: N/A[note 3]
Japanese: 今年はソニックの何周年?
Chinese: N/A
Korean: N/A
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Hearts-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: 大好き[note 4]
Chinese: 最喜歡[note 4]
Korean: 사랑해[note 4]
Japanese: 愛しい人に対して言う言葉
Chinese: 對喜歡的人說的話
Korean: 사랑스러운 사람에게 하는 말
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Metal-Sonic-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: メタルソニック[note 2]
Chinese: 金屬索尼克[note 2]
Korean: 메탈 소닉[note 2]
Japanese: エッグマンが作ったソニックのライバル
Chinese: 蛋頭博士製作的索尼克的勁敵
Korean: 에그맨이 만든 소닉의 라이벌
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Amy-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: エミー
Chinese: 艾咪
Korean: 에이미
Japanese: ハンマーを持つ元気な女の子
Chinese: 拿著槌子的活潑女孩
Korean: 해머를 가진 씩씩한 소녀
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Sanic-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: Sanic
Chinese: Sanic
Korean: Sanic
Japanese: ソニックのミームと言えば・・・
Chinese: 說到索尼克的迷因就會想到・・・・・・
Korean: 소닉의 밈이라고 한다면・・・
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Shadow-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: シャドウ
Chinese: 夏特
Korean: 섀도우
Japanese: 究極生命体。
Chinese: 究極生命體。
Korean: 궁극의 생명체
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Cream-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: クリーム
Chinese: 克琳姆
Korean: 크림
Japanese: この子の親友は 「チーズ」 というチャオだ。
Chinese: 她的好朋友是叫作 『起司』 的巧欧。
Korean: 이 캐릭터에게는 '치즈'라는 이름의 챠오 친구가 있다
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Rouge-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: ルージュ
Chinese: 露姬
Korean: 루즈
Japanese: 宝石が大好きなトレジャーハンター
Chinese: 最喜歡寶石的寶物獵人
Korean: 보석을 사랑하는 트레저 헌터
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Big-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: ビッグ
Chinese: 比谷
Korean: 빅
Japanese: 釣りが得意で、 よくカエルくんを探している
Chinese: 擅長釣魚並經常到處找小青蛙
Korean: 낚시가 특기이며, 자주 개구리 군을 찾곤 한다
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Chao-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: チャオ
Chinese: 巧歐
Korean: 샤오
Japanese: ガーデンで育てることができる愛らしい生き物と言えば?
Chinese: 能夠在庭院培育的可愛生物是?
Korean: 가든에서 키울 수 있는 귀여운 생명 체는?
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Vector-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: ベクター
Chinese: 貝庫特
Korean: 벡터
Japanese: カオティクス探偵事務所の所長
Chinese: 卡歐提斯偵探事務所的所長
Korean: 카오틱스 탐정 사무소의 소장
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Charmy-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: チャーミー
Chinese: 查米
Korean: 챠미
Japanese: カオティクスで一番若いメンバー
Chinese: 卡歐提斯中最年輕的成員
Korean: 카오틱스에서 가장 어린 멤버
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Espio-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: エスピオ
Chinese: 艾斯皮歐
Korean: 에스피오
Japanese: 忍術を操るカオティクスメンバー
Chinese: 會使用忍術的卡歐提斯成員
Korean: 인술을 다루는 카오틱스 멤버
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Omega-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: オメガ
Chinese: 奥米伽
Korean: 오메가
Japanese: エッグマンを恨むEシリーズ最終ロットナンバー
Chinese: 憎恨蛋頭博士的E系列最終批號
Korean: 에그맨을 미워하고 있는 E 시리즈 마지막 생산 번호를 가진 기체
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Jet-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: ジェット
Chinese: 捷特
Korean: 제트
Japanese: 「伝説の風使い」 と呼ばれる盗賊団バビロンのリーダー
Chinese: 盜賊團巴比倫的首領, 被稱作『傳說中的御風使』
Korean: '전설의 윈드라이더'로 불리우는 도적단 바빌론의 리더
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Storm-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: ストーム
Chinese: 史東
Korean: 스톰
Japanese: バビロン盗賊団で最も大柄なメンバーといえば?
Chinese: 巴比倫盜賊團中最大隻的成員是?
Korean: 바빌론 도적단에서 가장 커다란 멤버는?
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Wave-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: ウェーブ
Chinese: 維芙
Korean: 웨이브
Japanese: バビロン盗賊団のスーパーメカニック
Chinese: 巴比倫盜賊團的超級機械技師
Korean: 바빌론 도적단의 슈퍼 메카닉
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Blaze-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: ブレイズ
Chinese: 布蕾姿
Korean: 블레이즈
Japanese: ソルエメラルドの力を操る異世界の皇女
Chinese: 能操縱太陽翡翠力量的異世界公主
Korean: 솔 에메랄드의 힘을 다루는 이세계의 황녀
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Silver-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: シルバー
Chinese: 希爾弗
Korean: 실버
Japanese: サイコキネシスを操る、未来からやってきたハリネズミ
Chinese: 能夠使用念力的未來刺猬
Korean: 사이코키네시스를 사용하는 미래에서 온 고슴도치
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Chaos-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: カオス[note 2]
Chinese: 卡歐斯[note 2]
Korean: 카오스[note 2]
Japanese: マスターエメラルドに封印されていた破壊神
Chinese: 被封印在王者翡翠的破壞神
Korean: 마스터 에메랄드에 봉인되었던 파과신
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Gamma-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: ガンマ
Chinese: 伽瑪
Korean: 감마
Japanese: エッグマンが製造するEシリーズの二号機
Chinese: 蛋頭博士製造的E系列二號機
Korean: 에그맨이 제작한 E 시리즈의 2호기
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Tikal-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: ティカル
Chinese: 蒂卡
Korean: 티칼
Japanese: ナックルズ族、族長の娘
Chinese: 納克魯斯族的族長之女
Korean: 너클즈족 족장의 딸
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Emerl-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: エメル
Chinese: 艾梅爾
Korean: 에멜
Japanese: 4000年前の古代に作られた究極戦闘兵器ギゾイド
Chinese: 在4000年前的古代製作的究極戰鬥兵器奇索伊德
Korean: 4000년 전의 고대에 만들어진 궁극전투병기 기조이드
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Marine-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: マリン
Chinese: 瑪琳
Korean: 마린
Japanese: 元気でおしゃべりなアライグマの女の子
Chinese: 活潑又愛說話的浣熊女孩
Korean: 활기차고 수다스러운 라쿤 소녀
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Werehog-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: ウェアホッグ
Chinese: 狼人索尼克
Korean: 웨어
Japanese: 夜になると変身するどう猛なソニック?
Chinese: 到了晚上就會變身的凶猛索尼克是?
Korean: 밤이 되면 변신하는 사나운 소닉?
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Sonic-Colors-Ultimate-Key-Word-Icon Japanese #1: ソニック カラーズ アルティメット[note 5]
Japanese #2: アルティメット[note 5]
Chinese: N/A[note 3]
Korean: N/A[note 3]
Japanese: 2021年9月発売のソニックタイトルと言えば?
Chinese: N/A
Korean: N/A
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Sonic-Origins-Key-Word-Icon Japanese: N/A[note 6]
Chinese: 索尼克 起源[note 5]
Korean: 소닉 오리진스[note 5]
Japanese: N/A
Chinese: 2022年6月23日發售的索尼克遊戲是?
Korean: 2022년 6월 23일 발매하는 소닉 타이틀은?

Exclusive secret words[]

Based on each specific copy of the game that Sega sent to each player during live streams, there are also one, two or three exclusive keywords, which consist of images and sound effects referencing memes and familiar imagery from said Japanese streamers. Much like regular secret keywords, the player has to unlock them by guessing the correct word based on the hint in the Secret Words menu.

Audiovisual Streamer Keyword Hint
Sound Ars Almal モッチーン!! 怒ったときに言うセリフ
Sound Ars Almal ぐし 何かできたとき、 確認する時にも言うセリフ
Image Inugami Korone ゆびゆび ころねの儀式といえば?
Sound Inugami Korone Xpotato ころねが選ぶサイドメニューは?
Sound Inugami Korone かわいい ころねといえば?
Image/Sound 裏切りマンキーコング 裏マン 我々のコンビ名の略称は
Image/Sound 裏切りマンキーコング じんいち 風次の兄貴の名前は
Image/Sound 裏切りマンキーコング 男の乳首と同じ ヤグラに乗らないリッターは
Image Kagami Hayato 今です あなたが軍師なら?
Image/Sound GatchmanV やるじゃない やられた時の口癖
Image GatchmanV なにわろてんねん 恐怖演出に対しての口癖
Sound GatchmanV 1919 パスワード
Sound Kanae めう 鳴き声
Image Kuzuha こん〜 / こんー 葛葉が1日の初めにつぶやく挨拶をひらがなで!
Sound Shiina Yuika すいやせん 謝るときに言うよ!
Image/Sound Sister Claire 神のご加護があらんことを シスター・クレアの口上は?
Image/Sound Sister Claire かわいしゅぎてる 愛猫もちちゃんによくかける言葉は?
Image/Sound Sister Claire みんなの方がかわいいよ~ お水美味しい~? に対するシスター・クレアの決まり文句は?
Image/Sound Suou Patra パトラ わんちゃん達のご主人様はだれ?
Image/Sound Suou Patra かにかま ぴんくの可愛い奴はだれ?
Image/Sound Suou Patra かにぶ 皆が大好きな食べ物
Sound Suzuka Utako よいこのみんなー! 配信の一番最初に言う言葉
Sound Suzuka Utako ポルノ禁 詩子が何度も挑戦して失敗していること
Sound Suzuka Utako お尻見せなさいよ 詩子の決め台詞。 攻撃力が高い
Image/Sound Takamiya Rion きちゃ~~ いつもの
Image/Sound Debidebi Debiru あわれだねぇ~ 人間どものこと
Image/Sound Debidebi Debiru 異界の扉が開かれた〜 恐怖がやってくる
Sound Debidebi Debiru おじゃ〜 OO. ~
Image/Sound Nui Sociere こんにゅい ニュイが配信を始めるときの挨拶は?
Image/Sound Nui Sociere ざーこ! ニュイのキメ台詞は?
Image/Sound Nobaman Games チャオのゲーム単体で出してくれ チャオのゲーム単体で出してくれという気持ちになったら言う言葉
Image/Sound Nobaman Games ハリネズミ ソニック・ハ・○○○○○
Image/Sound Nobaman Games pog Play of the Game
Image Higuchi Kaede こんでろーん 樋口楓の挨拶
Image Higuchi Kaede ささみちゃん 樋口楓の実家の猫の名前
Image Higuchi Kaede カエデちゃん 樋口楓のクローゼットに住んでいるおんなのこ
Sound Belmond Banderas おバンです 朝でも昼でも常に言ってます
Image/Sound Honma Himawari ライン超えたな ひまわりが馬鹿にされた時に言う言葉は?
Image/Sound Honma Himawari ブッコロリー 緑のもしゃもしゃな野菜
Image/Sound Honma Himawari 徐行やぞ バイクの音がすると・・・?
Sound Yashiro Kizuku なるほどね 社が理解した時に言いがちな台詞
Sound Yashiro Kizuku やるやん 本田◎佑
Sound Yorumi Rena おつかれーな! 夜見れなが最後に言うセリフは?
Sound Rindou Mikoto こんばんはじゃ 竜胆尊の挨拶といえば?
Sound Rindou Mikoto あい! 掛け声は〜?
Sound Rindou Mikoto ねっ 竜胆尊の口癖といえば?
Image 우왁굳 심해두 심해에 사는 코가 큰 생물 우왁굳
Image 우왁굳 우왁굳 대한민국에서 가장 오래된 인터넷 방송인
Image Lam Wai Wai 你老闆 李姓boss (三個字)
Image Lam Wai Wai 我愛達哥 I LOVE TAT GOR
Image Lam Wai Wai 一野轟落去 車車車
Image RHung 阿航 阿航歪歪的 阿航觀眾最喜歡斗內惡搞的那5個字
Image Hoonie friends 貝塔的為人很?


The first event (2021)[]

The first participation campaign event of Sega Streaming Theater Sonic Edition bagan in 24 June 2021 and lasted until 30 June 2021 at 11:59 PM in Japan's time.[1] The event was held by the official Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account to commemorate the franchise's 30th anniversary and upcoming release of Sonic Colors: Ultimate in Japan. In the campaign, five Twitter followers who retweet the post would have also win a lottery with a prize of "Sonic 30th Anniversary Goods Assorted Gift Box" (ソニック30周年記念グッズ詰め合わせプレゼントボックス?), that contains Sonic the Hedgehog film's Blu-Ray and huge amount of Sonic's 30th Anniversary goods.[8][1]

Sega distributed Sega Streaming Theater Sonic Edition to 21 Japanese YouTube streamers,[9][10] majority of which came from VTuber scene and are affiliated with virtual YouTuber agencies Hololive and Nijisanji.[11] Streamers during the campaign were playing the game while broadcasting the gameplay via YouTube Live feature,[10] and each copy of the game is slightly different by having additional secret keywords related to said streamer's content.

As in September 2021, about 60,000 posts including the #RunSonic (#走れソニック?) hastag was reported to be posted on Twitter during the event and became the second most popular Japanese trending topic on Twitter at the time. In addition, maximum number of simultaneous connections during the live event exceeded to 20,000.[12]


Ars Almal (Nijisanji)
Live stream aired: 25 June 2021
Inugami Korone (Hololive)
Live stream aired: 27 June 2021
裏切りマンキーコング (Independent)
Live stream aired: 25 June 2021
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Ars-Almal Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Inugami-Korone Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-裏切りマンキーコング
Kagami Hayato (Nijisanji)
Live stream aired: 25 June 2021
GatchmanV (Independent)
Live stream aired: 25 June 2021
Kanae (Nijisanji)
Live stream aired: 28 June 2021
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Kagami-Hayato Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-GatchmanV Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Kanae
Kuzuha (Nijisanji)
Live stream aired: 25 June 2021
Shiina Yuika (Nijisanji)
Live stream aired: 25 June 2021
Sister Claire (Nijisanji)
Live stream aired: 25 June 2021
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Kuzuha Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Shiina-Yuika Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Sister-Claire
Suou Patra (HoneyStrap)
Live stream aired: 25 June 2021
Suzuka Utako (Nijisanji)
Live stream aired: 25 June 2021
Takamiya Rion (Nijisanji)
Live stream aired: 25 June 2021
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Suou-Patra Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Suzuka-Utako Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Takamiya-Rion
Debidebi Debiru (Nijisanji)
Live stream aired: 25 June 2021
Nui Sociere (Nijisanji)
Live stream aired: 28 June 2021
Nobaman Games (Independent)
Live stream aired: 25 June 2021
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Debidebi-Debiru Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Nui-Sociere Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Nobaman-Games
Higuchi Kaede (Nijisanji)
Live stream aired: 25 June 2021
Belmond Banderas (Nijisanji)
Live stream aired: 25 June 2021
Honma Himawari (Nijisanji)
Live stream aired: 30 June 2021
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Higuchi-Kaede Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Belmond-Banderas Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Honma-Himawari
Yashiro Kizuku (Nijisanji)
Live stream aired: 25 June 2021
Yorumi Rena (Nijisanji)
Live stream aired: 25 June 2021
Rindou Mikoto (Nijisanji)
Live stream aired: 25 June 2021
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Yashiro-Kizuku Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Yorumi-Rena Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Rindou-Mikoto

The second event (2022)[]

The second social media campaign event took place in June 2022 and it was carried out by the official Asian Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook account to celebrate the release of Sonic Origins and the franchise's 31st anniversary in Asian regions.[13][5] Participants took part in the campaign event at different time intervals, as South Korean streamer 우왁굳 aired an live stream of playing the Korean version of the game in 11 June 2022.[4] Later on, the internet celebrity Lam Wai Wai from Hong Kong participated in 12 June 2022 and aired the live stream in his YouTube channel undergroundDV.[5] During the weeks of 19 and 30 June 2022, streamers and Vtubers from Taiwan took part in the event.[6]

Much like in the first campaign event, sweepstakes were shared in lottery to registered Facebook users who follow the official Asian Facebook account and share the hastag during the event.[5] In Taiwan, five social media followers had a chance to win a PSN Cards worth 1,500 TWD.[6]


Live stream aired: 11.6.2022
Lam Wai Wai
Live stream aired: 12.6.2022
DeluCat 迪鹿
Live stream aired: 19.6.2022
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-우왁굳의-계륵채널 Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-undergroundDV Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-DeluCat迪鹿
RHung 阿航
Live stream aired: 19.6.2022
璐洛洛 Ruroro
Live stream aired: 20.6.2022
Hoonie friends
Live stream aired: 30.6.2022
Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-RHung阿航 Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-璐洛洛Ruroro Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Hoonie-friends


Playable characters[]

Other characters[]



Sega Streaming Theater Sonic Edition contains three Zones with three Acts each. Unlike in mainline Sonic the Hedgehog games for the Sega Mega Drive, all Zones in this game have linear level layout without alternate pathways. All Zones in the game share common elements such as slopes and loops, as well dangerous obstacles including floors of Spikes and bottomless pits.

Zone Ring Requirement Screenshot
Green Hill Zone Act 1: 300 Rings. Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Green-Hill-Zone
Act 2: 400 Rings.
Act 3: 500 Rings.
Labyrinth Zone Act 1: 500 Rings. Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Labyrinth-Zone
Act 2: 700 Rings.
Act 3: 800 Rings.
Scrap Brain Zone Act 1: 1000 Rings. Sega-Streaming-Theater-Sonic-Edition-Scrap-Brain-Zone
Act 2: 1200 Rings.
Act 3: 1500 Rings.

Other Modes[]



Secret Words menu, from the Korean version of the game streamed by 우왁굳 우왁굳

Secret or Secret Words is a separate menu in the game containing list of additional keywords in the game. With addition of being a option to choose in the title screen, the player will automatically enter the Secret Words menu after either succeeding or failing to clear the Act.

At the beginning of the game, all secret keywords have to be unlocked by normally proceeding through the game with hints on the left providing short descriptions or cryptic guesses about unlockable keywords. Each streamer's additional secret words can also be found here. Up right corner shows the progress of unlocking all secret keywords and hitting "ENTER or START" button by pressing the ENTER on keyboard or computer mouse would have transition the player back to the title screen or start the game.


  • Usual glitch in the game's audio occurs when time runs out while the player has Invincible or Super form. Instead of having silence when results came in, the regular background music of the Zone starts playing.
  • When the Item Box or Spring lands below Sonic while running at one pace, it will permanently attach to him until the player turns to the opposite direction or manages to leap through the object in the mid-air.
  • This is one of only Sonic the Hedgehog titles to have Labyrinth Zone and Scrap Brain Zone featuring loops; 30 years after the release of the original game.




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