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Sega Sound Selection is a compilation album published by Sega. The album contains songs from games published by Sega, including "Reach for the Stars" from Sonic Colors. It was released on 23 April 2014 digitally in Japan via iTunes and Amazon. The album cover artwork features Dreamcast from SeHa Girls. A sequel titled Sega Sound Selection 2 was released on 27 August 2015.

Track listing

  1. "Final Take Off (アフターバーナーII)"
  2. "Outride a Crisis (スーパーハングオン)"
  3. "Thunder Blade(BGM1) (サンダーブレード)"
  4. "Lau(VF2) (バーチャファイター2)"
  5. "Dreams Dreams (NiGHTS into Dreams...)"
  6. "The Winners (WORLD CLUB Champion Footballシリーズ)"
  7. "Autumn Breeze (三国志大戦)
  8. "Save This World -νMIX- (ファンタシースターポータブル)"
  9. "鬨 (ボーダーブレイク)"
  10. "序曲 (シャイニング・フォース クロス)"
  11. "Reach For The Stars (ソニック カラーズ)"
  12. "深志桜 Deep Aim Blossoms (戦国大戦)"
  13. "怪盗Rのテーマ (リズム怪盗R 皇帝ナポレオンの遺産)"
  14. "みんなのマイマイマー (maimai)"
  15. "With You (龍が如く 維新!)"

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