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Sega Shop is an online website that sells merchandise related to well known Sega franchises. The store opened in October of 2017[1] and has a variety of products for sale such as apparel, accessories, collectibles and home decor. The store mainly focuses on shipping to the United States, but some items can be shipped to countries outside the US.

Curiously, Sega Shop opened three months after the closing of the Sonic the Hedgehog Official Merchandise store. Whatever the case, the Sega Shop still has its own collection for the Sonic the Hedgehog series, where it sells many Sonic related items.

At EGX 2018, a Sega Shop for Europe was teased to be coming soon.[2] It was soon officially opened in the UK and Europe on 29 October 2018.[3]


Amy's 25th Anniversary


Sonic Mania + Sonic Mania Adventures Collection (UK/EU)


SXSW 2019

A new range of merchandise based on the then newly announced Team Sonic Racing Overdrive, Team Sonic Racing, and even Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was revealed at the 2019 Sonic panel held at SXSW. The range included T-shirts, a pin badge, a mug, and lanyards.

Team Sonic Racing Overdrive

  • Froggy T-Shirt ($31.95/14,00€/£12.00)
  • Froggy Hat (US only - $36.95)
  • Lanyards (US only - $17.95)
  • Froggy balloon (US only[?] - Free with any purchase)
  • Official Team Sonic Racing Overdrive Chao T-Shirt ($34.95/16,99€/£14.99)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Team Sonic Racing Overdrive Tumbler (US only - $16.95)

Team Sonic Racing

  • Official Team Sonic Racing Track T-Shirt ($29.95/13,99€/£11.99)
  • Enamel Pin (US only - $12.95)
  • Team Sonic Racing T-Shirt and Pin Bundle ($35.95/21,99€/£19.99)
  • T-Shirt and pin bundle ($42.99/25,00€/£20.00)

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

  • Barrel of Doom mug ($19.95/12,00€/£10.00)

Team Sonic Racing

Following the release of Team Sonic Racing, new merchandise to promote the game was available at the shop.[4] The range included personalized and regular T-shirts, and radio controlled cars by NKOK.

  • Team Sonic Blue T-Shirt ($29.95/17,99€/£14.99)
  • Team Dark Red T-Shirt ($29.95/17,99€/£14.99)
  • Team Sonic Personalized Jersey Style T-Shirt (US only - $59.95)
  • Team Dark Personalized Jersey Style T-Shirt (US only - $59.95)
  • Team Rose Personalized Jersey Style T-Shirt (US only - $59.95)
  • Team Vector Personalized Jersey Style T-Shirt (US only - $59.95)
  • Sonic 2.4 GHZ R/C Car ($31.95/34,99€/£29.99)
  • Shadow 2.4 GHZ R/C Car (US only - $31.95)

Chao in Space

Following the release of Chao In Space, new merchandise was available.

  • T-Shirt ($22/20,99€/£16.99)
  • Mug ($14.95/15,99€/£12.99)
  • Poster ($14.95/15,99€/£12.99)

Sonic the Hedgehog (film)

A Sega Shop exclusive range for the Sonic the Hedgehog film was available at the start of 2020.

  • Logo T-shirt ($24.95-$29.95)
  • Speeding T-shirt ($24.95-$29.95)
  • Speeding Heather T-shirt ($24.95-$29.95)
  • Hero long-sleeve T-shirt ($24.95-$29.95)
  • Logo hoodie ($39.95-$49.95)
  • Hero mug ($14.95)
  • Pose mug ($14.95)
  • Pose phone case ($34.95)
  • Gold ring phone case ($34.95)
  • Speed Freak notebook ($14.95)
  • Notebook ($14.95)


  • SDCC Tangle enamel pin (US only - $14.95)
  • SDCC Whisper enamel pin (US only - $14.95)


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