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SegaSonic the Hedgehog was the name used for branding of the Sonic the Hedgehog series in Japan for the most part of the 1990s.


Sega filed a trademark application for "Sonic" in December of 1990, several months before the release of the now-famous Mega Drive game. In Japan at the time however, trademark applications could take up to three years for approval, and arcade rival Taito already had the arcade game Sonic Blast Man. Likely to avoid conflicting with Taito, Sega used "SegaSonic" for branding of its arcade games in the meantime.[1] This lead to Sega's arcade games such as SegaSonic the Hedgehog, SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter and SegaSonic Popcorn Shop to use the SegaSonic branding. It was also used for merchandise of the series such as clothing, household items, and plush toys, likely for consistency.

Finally in 1996, Sega's original application was approved for use with arcade video games. Sonic the Fighters was one of the first Sonic arcade games with the normal "Sonic" trademark. After this, the branding was no longer needed, but continued being used mainly for merchandise until at least 1998. Likely due to the series being reinvigorated by the release of Sonic Adventure a few months later, the SegaSonic brand was no longer needed, and was discontinued.


SegaSonic Bros
SegaSonic arcade machine
Full spaceship
SegaSonic the Hedgehog (Konami) SegaSonic Bros. SegaSonic the Hedgehog SegaSonic Popcorn Shop SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter


Concept artwork


Stock artwork


Plush toys

Sonic the Hedgehog and Friends Set (1991)

A set of plush dolls were made based on Sonic the Hedgehog, and they were available as prizes in machines such as New UFO Catcher and UFO Catcher Mini. The tag on each plush has the Japanese Sonic 1 logo, and the set consists of Sonic, Doctor Eggman, Pecky, Pocky and Flicky.

Sonic 1 UFO Sonic Sonic 1 UFO Flicky Sonic 1 UFO Pecky Sonic 1 UFO Pocky Sonic 1 UFO Eggman
Sonic Flicky Pecky Pocky Dr. Eggman

Sonic the Hedgehog and Friends Set 2 (1992)

This is the second set of Sonic UFO plushes and are the first set to be of the SegaSonic brand.

The set consists of the same characters as the previous set, except the Sonic logo on the tag of each plush is replaced with the SegaSonic logo. The plushes are slightly different from the previous set as the animals are larger, and the Sonic plush has new limbs and rubber shoes. Sonic's hands can also stick together.

SegaSonic 2 Sonic SegaSonic Flicky SegaSonic Pecky SegaSonic Pocky SegaSonic Eggman
Sonic Flicky Pecky Pocky Eggman

Sonic the Hedgehog and Friends Set 3 (August 1992)

This is the third set of UFO Sonic plushes, and once again they all resemble the previous set. This time however, the Sonic plush is completely remade, and comes in a sitting version and finger posing version.


Sonic Kart (1992)

This set has the plushes from the previous set, but now all in karts.


Dressing Up Sonic and Friends (April 1994)

The theme of this set is dressed up versions of mainly Sonic and Tails, and they are all made based on the way the Sonic plush is in the previous two sets. This set included possibly the first plush of Amy Rose.

SegaSonic DressUp Sonic2 SegaSonic DressUp Sonic SegaSonic Dressing Up Bouquet Tails SegaSonic DressUp Tails SegaSonic DressUp Amy
Sonic Sonic Tails Tails Amy

Mini plushes (199?)

This set contains very small mini dolls of Sonic, Tails, Dr. Eggman and Amy.

SegaSonic MiniSonic SegaSonic MiniTails SegaSonic MiniAmy SegaSonic MiniEggman
Sonic Tails Amy Dr. Eggman

Festival Sonic & Tails (August 1993)

SegaSonic FestivalSonic SegaSonic FestivalSonic02 SegaSonic FestivalTails SegaSonic FestivalTails02
Sonic Sonic Tails Tails

Rocky (1994)

This set contained only three plushes. Oddly the theme was about Rocky, and a plush of Sonic and Tails were also made. These plushes are different from ones in previous sets as they are bigger and have a fuzzier material.

SegaSonic Rocky SegaSonic Rocky Sonic SegaSonic Rocky Tails
Rocky Sonic Tails

Sonic & Tails (1994)

This set contains four plushes of Sonic and Tails. One each in a small size, and one each in larger size holding something. The larger Sonic is holding a Soccer ball and the Tails is with a fan of sorts. Like the Rocky set, they are also bigger than the usual UFO plushes and are have a fuzzy material.

SegaSonic Sonic & Tails Sonic SegaSonic Sonic & Tails Tails
Sonic (large) Tails (large)

Sonic & Tails Summer Version (August 1994)

This set contained plushes of Sonic and Tails with the theme being of Summer. There are two plushes of each character, either in a sailor's attire, with a float or with a surfboard.

SegaSonic Summer Sailor Sonic SegaSonic Summer Surf Sonic SegaSonic Summer Lifesaver Sonic SegaSonic Summer Sailor Tails SegaSonic Summer Surf Tails SegaSonic Summer Float Tails
Sonic - sailor Sonic - surfboard Sonic - float Tails - sailor Tails - surfboard Tails - float

X'mas Sega Sonic (1994)

This set is Christmas themed and contains plushes of Sonic, Tails and Dr. Eggman.

SegaSonic Xmas Sonic SegaSonic Xmas Tails SegaSonic Xmas Eggman SegaSonic Xmas Sonic slipper SegaSonic Xmas Tails slipper SegaSonic Xmas Wreath
Sonic Tails Dr. Eggman Sonic slipper Tails slipper Sonic wreath

Sega Sonic Sports Version (February 1995)

SegaSonic Sports SoccerSonic SegaSonic Sports Skiing Sonic SegaSonic Sports TennisTails SegaSonic Sports BaseballTails SegaSonic Sports BasketballEggman
Sonic - Soccer Sonic - Skiing Tails - Tennis Tails - Baseball Dr. Eggman - Basketball

Jumbo Sega Sonic (July 1995)

This set contains jumbo sized plushes, all with suction cups so they can stick to a flat surface like a window. The set contains Sonic, Tails, Dr. Eggman and possibly the first plush of Knuckles.

SegaSonic Jumbo suction cups Sonic SegaSonic Suction Tails SegaSonic Suction Eggman SegaSonic Suction Knuckles
Sonic Tails Dr. Eggman Knuckles

Basket Sega Sonic (1996)

This set contains plushes of characters each holding a basket. The set contains Sonic, Tails, Pecky, Rocky, Dr. Eggman and Knuckles. Despite Pecky and Rocky being included, Flicky isn't in the set.

SegaSonic Basket Sonic SegaSonic Basket Tails SegaSonic Basket Knuckles SegaSonic Basket Pecky SegaSonic Basket Rocky SegaSonic Basket Eggman
Sonic Tails Knuckles Pecky Rocky Dr. Eggman

Sonic the Fighters (January 1997)

This set contains eleven plush toys in promotion of the arcade game Sonic the Fighters. Despite not being part of the SegaSonic brand, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Dr. Eggman are very similar to the Basket Sega Sonic set. There's a plush for each of the eight main playable characters, as well as three more. The plushes included are Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman, Amy, Metal Sonic, Espio, Bean, Bark, Fang and Super Sonic.

This set debuted the first plushes for Metal Sonic, Espio, Bean, Bark, Fang and Super Sonic. This makes these plushes extremely sought after and valuable. Seeing as the set contains so many plushes, along with half of them being the first plushes of characters, the set is well known and distinct from other Sonic plush sets.

STF PlushToy Sonic STF PlushToy Tails STF PlushToy Knuckles STF PlushToy Amy STF PlushToy Eggman
Sonic Tails Knuckles Amy Dr. Eggman
SonictheFighters Plush Espio STF PlushToy Fang STF PlushToy Bean STF PlushToy Bark SonictheFighters Plush Metal STFPlushToySuperSonic
Espio Fang Bean Bark Metal Sonic Super Sonic

Sonic & Tails Pale Color Plush Doll (May 1998)

This set contains plushes of Sonic and Tails, but with a theme of pastel colors. There's two plushes of each character, one being a pastel version of the characters' colors and one being completely white. This set is unique and distinct for being the first Sonic plushes to be available completely white.

SegaSonic Pale Sonic SegaSonic Pale Tails SegaSonic White Sonic SegaSonic Pale White Tails
Sonic Tails Sonic (White version) Tails (White version)

Sonic and Tails (March 1998)

This set contains plushes of Sonic and Tails, both being about 15 inches tall. These were the last plushes made for the SegaSonic brand as they released in early 1998, which is the same year Sonic Adventure later released in Japan. The tag features unique American styled art of Sonic, despite only being available in Japan.

SegaSonic 1998 Sonic SegaSonic 1998 Tails
Sonic Tails



LCD games (September 1998)

SegaSonic LCD

Promotional photo

SegaSonic LCD blue SegaSonic LCD orange SegaSonic LCD black
Blue version Orange version Black version

Yo-yos (September 1997)

SegaSonic yoyo 2

Promotional photo

SegaSonic yo-yo yellow SegaSonic yo-yo green SegaSonic yo-yo red
SegaSonic yo-yo SegaSonic yo-yo 2

Mugs (August 1996)

SegaSonic cups

Promotional photo

SegaSonic mug quote SegaSonic mug black SegaSonic mug pattern
SegaSonic mug face SegaSonic mug B&W

Clocks (November 1995)

SegaSonic clock Sonic SegaSonic clock Tails SegaSonic clock Knuckles SegaSonic clock Amy SegaSonic clock Eggman
Sonic Tails Knuckles Amy Dr. Eggman

Banks (February 1997)

SegaSonic bank Sonic SegaSonic bank Tails SegaSonic bank Knuckles SegaSonic bank Eggman
Sonic Tails Knuckles Dr. Eggman


Jigsaw puzzles

SegaSonic puzzle jukebox SegaSonic puzzle Sonic and Tails race car box SegaSonic puzzle soccer
Sonic - Jukebox Sonic and Tails - Race car Sonic and Tails - Soccer

Slide puzzle cans

SegaSonic puzzle can SegaSonic SegaSonic puzzle can Sonic and Tails 360 SegaSonic puzzle can Sonic 2 SegaSonic puzzle can soccer
SegaSonic the Hedgehog Sonic and Tails Sonic and Tails Sonic Soccer


SegaSonic Phonecard CD SegaSonic Phonecard 01 SegaSonic Phonecard 02 SegaSonic Phonecard 03




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