Seek! Edge Race

Seek! Edge Race is a minigame that appears in the Party Mode of Sonic and the Secret Rings.


Aim the Wii Remote at the screen in order to move Omochao. Press WiiDSA to have the Omochao clap.


The players are situated on an island shaped like a maze. Each player controls an Omochao that is colored similar to the player's character (i.e. if the Omochao is blue, it is the player that controls Sonic). Because there is nothing preventing the player from walking off the edge of the island, the player might accidentally fall off the platform or get pushed off by another player. This stalls the player's progress for several seconds, as Omochao must retrieve the player from the water around the island before proceeding. Despite the rugged terrain, the Omochao of the player must make it to the finish lane first in order to win the minigame.


  • Don't get too close to another player, as your character can fall into the water via being pushed off by another player.
  • Be careful, and when Omochao claps, make sure it is precisely where you want it to be.

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