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Not to be confused with Security Corridor.

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Sonic Adventure 2
Security Hall

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Security Hall is the eighth stage in the Dark story of Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, and is playable as Rouge the Bat.


The stage has three different floors which contain Safes. The floors are divided into three colors: red, blue, and yellow. They are also divided into three different blocks, or sections. At the start of the level, a random color floor is already active.


In order to steal more Chaos Emeralds for the Eclipse Cannon, Dr. Eggman suggests a three-part plan. First, he will distract the military guards of Prison Island, while Shadow places a bomb among G.U.N.'s weaponry. However, because Dr. Eggman ran into an unexpected delay on his end, he ordered for the bomb to be set to explode in fifteen minutes. Rouge infiltrates the G.U.N. base and has five minutes to steal the three Chaos Emeralds G.U.N. has acquired and meet up with Shadow and Eggman before the bomb goes off.


In this stage, there are giant Fans, Springs, locks, and enemies as obstacles. The Safes can only be entered through digging in once the Ball Switch for it has been pressed. Ball Switches to these are located in the upstairs room, and only one can be active at any given time.


1st Mission: Steal the 3 Chaos Emeralds in 5 minutes!

Rouge begins the level by defeating a Rhino Spike. She can then move on to explore the hall and look for the Chaos Emeralds. Rouge must collect the three gems hidden throughout the stage within five minutes.

Floor Color Block A Block B Block C
Red 3 2 1
Yellow 1 4 2
Blue 1 2 2

2nd Mission: Collect 100 rings!

The Mystic Melody is required for this mission, as it is used to collect some Rings hidden by the Ancient Ruin. Some Rings are hidden inside Steel Containers and others are inside Safes.

3rd Mission: Find the lost Chao!

The player should start by taking the Pulley to the top floor and standing at the highest point in front of the yellow letters. They must turn on the Treasure Scope, and they will see a Spring on top of the letter "B". They must bounce from it to reach a platform where they will find the lost Chao.

4th Mission: Collect the Chaos Emeralds 3 minutes 30 seconds!

Security Hall is not very large, so finding the Chaos Emeralds with the Emerald Radar should not take too long. The player should begin by Gliding around the lower floor, and if nothing comes up, they should move to the top. It is worth noting that Chaos Emeralds can be hidden inside Safes.

Last Mission: Clear Hard mode!

As with all Hard mode treasure hunting levels, the Chaos Emeralds are hidden in three pre-set locations, and are as follows:

  1. The first Chaos Emerald is hovering above the fans to the right of where the player begins. The current juggles the player above the Emerald's location, so the player has to perform a Drill Attack in order to grab it.
  2. For the second Emerald, the player must head to the top floor and navigate through the laser fields and toward the yellow Safe Ball Switch. They must then Climb up one of the two large boxes just in front of it and Glide over to the Emerald floating between them.
  3. The third Chaos Emerald is inside the safe directly below the crusher on the red floor in B block. The player must first open the red safes in the Ball Switch room, then go to the B block and Climb to the steel platform. They then need to use the Treasure Scope and hit the revealed Spring, which will make Rouge activate a Ball Switch that will stop the crusher.

Level Up Item

The Level Up Item in the Security Hall is the Treasure Scope, which can be found in a room that is protected by Steel Containers. The Mystic Melody is required to obtain it.

Chao Container locations

  1. Red floor, A block: It is on the ground and in the middle of the two farthest Steel Container, opposite of the Safe rows.
  2. Blue floor, at the boundary between B and C block: It is inside the Safe directly above the Steel Container.
  3. Switch room, yellow area: It is next to the crusher and between the two Steel Containers.


Big the Cat sighting

At the beginning of the stage, the player should jump over the right rail and float above the fans in the upper left corner, close to the bar wall. From there, Big can be seen hiding under the floor holding onto the wall below. The player should carefully Drill Drive under the floor, then Glide toward the central pillar, which will allow for a better look. However, descending as far down the wall as Big is will result in the loss of a life.

In Hard Mode, Big can be seen clutching onto the money fan in front of it.


Score Rank
12,000 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
10,000 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
8,000 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
6,000 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
<6,000 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png

Time Rank
4:00 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
4:30 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
5:00 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
5:30 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
>5:30 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png

Time Rank
0:30 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
1:00 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
2:00 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
3:00 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
>3:00 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png

Score Rank
13,000 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
12,000 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
10,000 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
8,000 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
<8,000 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png

Score Rank
16,000 A Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
15,000 B Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
13,000 C Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
10,000 D Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png
<10,000 E Rank (Sonic Adventure 2).png


  • For the second mission, if the player goes up to the very top area, they will find a Ancient Ruin that activates when playing the Mystic Melody. This will provide a large number of Rings on the spot, which can help with this mission.
  • This is another stage where the third mission does not require the Mystic Melody to reach the lost Chao (the Treasure Scope, which requires the Mystic Melody to obtain, is needed however).
  • Sonic's face is printed on the banknotes blowing around in the stage.
  • Rouge told Shadow to set the timer for five minutes, despite Dr. Eggman telling them to set the timer for fifteen minutes. Shadow ended up setting it for fifteen, which explains how Rouge had the time to both collect the Chaos Emeralds and fight the R-1/A Flying Dog.
  • The song for this stage, "I'm A Spy ...for Security Hall", reappears in Team Sonic Racing as Rouge's Team Ultimate theme.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"I'm A Spy ...for Security Hall" Tabitha Fair, Fumie Kumatani 3:37


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