Sector Scylla (セクタースキュラ Sekutāsukyura?) is one of the two known named regions of the Twilight Cage, the other being Sector Charybdis. It appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, where it is visited by Sonic the Hedgehog and his team during Chapter 8.


Sector Scylla is an area of the empty void of the Twilight Cage that encompasses the N'rrgal Colony and the Zoah Colony, two large planetoids torn from two different planets originating from unspecified dimensions outside of the Twilight Cage.

Due to the ongoing war between the Zoah and the N'rrgal since the two races met, Sector Scylla is a region of near-constant warfare. During the events of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Sonic and his team used the Cyclone to visit Sector Scylla, first arriving at the N'rrgal Colony and later the Zoah Colony. During their visit to this sector, Sonic and his team managed to collect the two Chaos Emeralds placed there by Pir'Oth Ix and gained the Zoah and N'rrgal as their allies as well.


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