Quotation1.svg Rouge's dash attack. Her Tail Spin Kick can pierce through opponents. She learned this during her special training. Quotation2.svg
— Info, Sonic Battle[1]

Secret Spear (シークレットスピアー Shīkurettosupiā?) is a move used primarily by Rouge the Bat in Sonic Battle. In the game, it serves as Rouge's Dash Attack.


The user spins whilst horizontal in mid-air to attack opponents feet first with a drilling kick. The move only shows use when combined with Rouge Grind or during any dash that give both enough distance and height; otherwise the user will drop to the ground quickly doing minimal damage. However, when combined with ground-based dash skills such as Shadow Dash and Drive Mode, Secret Spear gains increased forward momentum despite less altitude.

Emerl can randomly obtain this skill after participating in a fight with Rouge, either with or against her.

Skill statistics

No. 095
Skill Points ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


  1. Official in-game description.

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