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The Secret Scrolls[1] are objects that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. They are a set of powerful artifacts from Maga.


The Secret Scrolls are white scrolls with red symbols from an ancient language written on them. Within the scrolls are information on the seven wonders of Mobius, which are powerful natural wonders, but dangerous if misused.[1]


The stuff of legends, the Secret Scrolls resided in a temple in Maga for a long time. Many tried to find them, but no one was successful.[1]

Hoping to use the Secret Scrolls to defeat Dr. Robotnik, the Knothole Freedom Fighters found them after getting through the various trials on Maga, only for Dr. Robotnik to show up with his minions to stop the Freedom Fighters. However, the doctor ultimately failed and the Freedom Fighters managed to escape with the Secret Scrolls.[1]


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