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The Second Downunda Colony was an attempt by Albion to colonize more of Mobius, hundreds of years after the failed First Downunda Colony. The end result of the expedition was the destruction of the Knuckles Clan, the imprisonment of the Nocturnus Clan, and the creation of Echidnaopolis.


Leaving Home and War

Hundreds of years after the Forgotten War, the Echidna of Albion decided to create another colony to spread Echidna culture around the world. The batch of colonials consisted of a warrior caste, an advanced science caste, and a larger group of scientists and intellectuals, who left on a ship bound for Soumerca.

The Knuckles Clan warring with the Felidae natives

The colonists safely arrived on the shores of the continent and claimed tracts of land for themselves, but quickly made acquaintance with the hostile natives: the local Felidae warriors of the País Misterioso. A vast majority of the colonists chose to relocate elsewhere and departed, but the warrior and advanced sciences castes refused to give up their claims to their new land. Pachacamac, the leader of the rustic warrior caste, became chief of his people and they became the Knuckles Clan, while the technologically-advanced science caste's leader Pir'Oth Ix became the Imperator of his own people who became the Nocturnus Clan. The two clans initially fought alongside one another against the Felidae, but soon a rift opened between the two leaders. Pachacamac had no desire to share his land with his rival Ix, so he declared war on the Nocturnus as well as the Felidae.

Pachacamac's clan was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of his enemies, while Ix pushed his clan to made great strides in their technological prowess. With the Nocturnus growing in strength and the Felidae regularly attacking, the Knuckles Clan made a last ditch attempt to defeat their enemies and tried to harness the powers of the Chaos Emeralds in the local Chao Garden. Pachacamac's daughter Tikal had befriended the Chao creatures in the garden and pleaded for her father to hold back, but Pachacamac ignored his daughter's warnings and attacked the garden. The garden's guardian, a water creature named Chaos, was infuriated by the invasion and Pachacamac's utter disregard for the lives of the Chao and attacked the Knuckles Clan, wiping them out in a matter of hours. Tikal and the Servers were able to seal herself and Chaos in the Black Emerald, but the damage was done.

The Nocturnus Clan

The Nocturnus Clan, however, was never able to defeat the Knuckles Clan nor the Felidae. Due to the excessive power they wielded they were whisked away in the Argus Event to the Twilight Cage along with several other alien races who also were prepared to wage violent conquest. Ix and his people adapted, however, and soon conquered the entire Twilight Cage.

New Home

The Albionites who did not remain behind made their way to the continent of Downunda across the ocean. Over several generations the echidnas erected a massive metropolis as a reminder of their homeland of Albion. The thriving technologically-advanced city was the primary civilization in the mostly untamed region, but Echidnaopolis did have to deal with its own threats such as savage Tasmanian devil-dogs and violent Dingo tribes.

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