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This location exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
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Not to be confused with Seaside Island (Mirror Dimension).

Seaside Island is a location that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is an alternate version of Seaside Island from another dimension where Sonic never existed. It also spots a number of color differences in its flora and environment as a result of its dimension's unique hues.

Due the absence of a Sonic, the island has fallen under the rule of Lord Eggman.


TV series


Some time in the past, Seaside Island got conquered by an undefeated tyrant known as Lord Eggman, who established himself as the lord of the island. Arising to oppose Eggman's iron-fist rule however, was a small group of rebels, led by Sticks the Badger, who set up a base on the island.[1]

Season two

Sonic eventually came to Seaside Island from his dimension. When Sonic got put in jail for standing up to Lord Eggman in Hedgehog Village, Amy Rose would bust him out and bring him to Sticks, who wanted him to join the Rebellion. Sonic quickly agreed to help, and promptly assembled a team from Seaside Island's residents that was able to defeat Lord Eggman for the first time. With the team now there to ensure that the Rebellion would liberate Seaside Island, Sonic returned to his own dimension with the help of Tails.[1]

Following a long series of events, Sonic and Shadow would come to Seaside Island to look for Dr. Eggman. There, the two hedgehog came under attack by Dr. Eggman and an upgraded Metal Sonic. While fighting, the four would cross into their home dimension when Eggman's Inter-dimensional Portal Creator got turned on.[2]



  • Seaside Coast[1]

Settlements and structures

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