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*Seaside Island's name has only been mentioned in ''[[Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric]]'' and ''[[Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice]]''
*Seaside Island's name has only been mentioned in ''[[Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric]]'' and ''[[Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice]]''
*As implied by T.W. Barker's circus truck in "[[Circus of Plunders]]", traffic on Seaside Island drives on the right. However, in "[[Chez Amy]]", Amy says none of the villagers own cars.
*As implied by T.W. Barker's circus truck in "[[Circus of Plunders]]", traffic on Seaside Island drives on the right. However, in "[[Chez Amy]]", Amy says none of the villagers own cars.
*The island is called in the scripts from Sonic Boom TV series as "the island".<ref>{{Cite web|url= |title=Bill Freiberger on Twitter |work=Twitter |date=13 January 2017 |accessdate=13 January 2017 |quote='''Bill Freiberger''': The island. }}</ref>

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This location exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
"Bygone Island" redirects here. For the level in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, see Bygone Island (level). For other uses, see Seaside Island (disambiguation).

Seaside Island,[3] also known as Bygone Island,[1] is the main setting of the Sonic Boom franchise. It is a tropical island that houses a number of villages and is where Sonic and his friends live. The island features various regions with climates and environments different from one another, such as a region of ice and snow neighboring a tropical forest.

While Seaside Island is usually peaceful,[4] it is frequently attacked by Dr. Eggman from his lair as the starting point for the doctor's agenda to attain global conquest.



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Main article: Bygone Island (level)

A millennium ago, Seaside Island was seemingly an outpost for the Ancients, given the countless local ruins of the Ancients' civilization.

Bygone Island canyon

Team Sonic tricking Lyric and Eggman.

In the present day, the local Village had been heavily damaged, so reconstruction projects were set up. Meanwhile, the island came under the approaching threat of the villainous Lyric the Last Ancient and his forces. However, the majority of the villagers were more concerned with the re-election of Mayor Fink. Eventually, Team Sonic came to Seaside Island to secure the Chaos Crystals. Eluding both Lyric and his temporary ally Dr. Eggman while on the island, Team Sonic used Seaside Island's Crystal Locks to reach the Chaos Crystals before defeating Lyric for good off-island. A party was subsequently held in the Village to celebrate Team Sonic's victory, where Lyric's remaining Destruction Troops were scrapped.

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal

Main article: Seaside Coast
Deciphering Amy&#039;s logs

Team Sonic tracking Amy.

Learning that Amy had been kidnapped by Lyric the Last Ancient, Sonic ventured through Seaside Coast to assemble Tails and Sticks for a rescue mission. After reigning in Sticks, Tails devised a way to track Amy, making the group head for the Scrapyard.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

Due to Dr. Eggman's operations on Ragna Rock, fissures began erupting on Seaside Island, disrupting the local environment and prompting Team Sonic to monitor Seaside Island and the surroundings. As Team Sonic regrouped on Seaside Island to contain the local fissures, they would also pursue D-Fekt, an Eggman robot tasked with safeguarding the fissures, whom they would follow off the island.

TV series


For some time, Team Sonic has defended Seaside Island, having saved its main settlement from Dr. Eggman hundred of thousands of times.[5] At some point, the Cubot prototypes went into hiding on Seaside Island to escape Eggman's plans to scrap them.[6]

Season one

Bygone Island flight

Tails and Eggman flying over Seaside Island.

When Tails got hurt during a battle with Eggman on the island, Sonic fired him as his sidekick to keep him safe. During Sonic's subsequent sidekick try-outs however, Tails reclaimed his job after he helped Sonic foil Eggman's plot to destroy them by infiltrating the try-outs.[7] For an evil plan, Eggman and his lackeys went to Seaside Island where they weakened Team Sonic for Obliterator Bot by living with them. However, when Obliterator Bot targeted Eggman's lair instead, Eggman got Team Sonic to help stop it.[8] When Tails made UT, Eggman would steal this robot and use it to drive Team Sonic apart. However, Tails discovered Eggman's plot and left the island to rescue UT, prompting Team Sonic to later go save Tails from Eggman.[9] After stopping Anti-fire Bot's assault on the Village, Sticks got herself a pet named Buster which would annoy her team to no end. When Buster turned out to be an Eggman robot made to destroy Team Sonic though, Sticks stopped Buster without hurting him, before setting him free on the island.[10]

After a meteor shower hit Seaside Island, but did little damage, the Awardy Awards were held in the Village. There, Team Sonic stopped Eggman from taking the Awardy Award by force.[11] Another time, Eggman got Amy to help redecorate his lair when she felt unappreciated by her team. Feeling guilty for not treating Amy well, Team Sonic left soon after to get her back to the island.[12] Later at Meh Burger, Eggman hired Dave the Intern as his intern. However, Sonic and Tails would soon leave the island to save the world from Doomsday Devices set off by Eggman and Dave.[13]


Sonic's Shack.

Eggman eventually sent some Evil Cookies to Seaside Island which everyone on Team Sonic, except Sonic, ate, turning them into clones of Eggman. Sonic thus had to trek the island to make a cure for his team when he left to save them.[14] During a race across the island, Sonic and Tails met the Gogobas who kept sticking to them so they could protect them. In the end, Sonic and Tails made them stick to Eggman during one of Eggman's attacks.[15] Orbot and Cubot would later come to Seaside Island in search of Eggman, where they incorrectly determined his fate after asking the locals.[2] Then, when Cowbot attacked Team Sonic on Seaside Island, Sonic and Tails were forced to go save Eggman when they made Cowbot target the doctor.[16]

Following a fight with Octopus Bot, most of Team Sonic would help T.W. Barker out with a show on the island while Tails left to work on his Unbolterizer. When Barker kept the heroes as his performers against their will however, Tails rescued them.[17] Seaside Island was later invaded by Eggman's forces when the luck balance of the universe had shifted in Eggman's favor, making him untouchable. However, using Knuckles' currently bad luck which they had been dealing with all day, Team Sonic stopped Eggman and saved the island.[18] A meteor later landed on the island which would switch Sonic and Eggman's minds, leading to several escapades as Sonic worked to get his body back from Eggman.[19]

Bygone Island attraction

An attraction on Seaside Island.

Seaside Island endured further small evil plots from Eggman before entering a time of peace as Eggman lost his motivation. Sonic's restlessness over the island's peace annoyed his team however, prompting them to re-motivate Eggman.[20] By accident, Tails later destroyed the island's beige berry orchard. As he replanted the trees while his team went to the local pie festival, Tails ignorantly joined the Lightning Bolt Society after Dave had unknowingly seeded some mutant plants. Most of Team Sonic thus had to get Tails back from the Lightning Bolts' initiation ceremony while eluding Eggman to stop the mutant plants.[21] Soon after, Eggman sued Sonic when he faked being injured by him during one of their fights. The following island-renowned trial was held in the Village, and Sonic stood to loose until Amy exposed Eggman's fraud.[22]

As Eggman began selling tomato sauce, every local resident would buy some of it. However, it soon turned out to be an evil scheme when the sauce cans began turning appliances into an army for Eggman to take over the island with. The plan was foiled by Team Sonic.[23] For another scheme, Eggman staged a set-up across the island that made it seem like Sonic was making a horrible noise, thus tricking the hedgehog to wear his Power-absorbant Insoles which would power his Giant Robot with Sonic's running. When Giant Robot faced Team Sonic on the island though, Sonic beat it by overloading it with power.[24] Seaside Island and the rest of the universe later got caught in an timeloop created by one of Eggman's attacks on Team Sonic, making everyone on the island relieve the same day until Eggman and Team Sonic joined forces and broke the loop.[25]

Bygone Island Rocky

"Rocky" surfaces on Seaside Island.

When Sonic and Knuckles awoke a Granifer Giganticus, the giant would lounge across the island as Team Sonic tried to make it fall asleep again, while protecting it from Eggman. After dealing with the rock monster's kidnapping of Sticks, Team Sonic lured it off the island.[26] Amidst another battle deep within the island, Sonic and Eggman got trapped in Buddy Buddy Temple. However, the pair managed to escape together and bring their allies to safety after they fell into the temple as it began collapsing.[27] As Orbot and Cubot sought a new home on Seaside Island, they learned Eggman's new friend Nominatus plotted to seize Eggman's tech to destroy all lifeforms. Escaping from their own forces to Seaside Island, Eggman and his lackeys made a temporary true with Team Sonic and stopped Nominatus together.[28] When Sonic then had to return a library book, he would get side-tracked all over the island by Eggman and many others before he returned the book.[29]

In a battle of the sexes, Sonic and Knuckles had a race against Team Sticks through the wilderness of the island to Hidden Meadows, which the latter pair won with ease.[30] When Eggman then got lured into a tech-based prank on the island by Team Sonic, he decided to forsake tech for the time being. Not long after, the island got bombarded by random attacks from Eggman's lair, caused by the Lightning Bolt Society who had occupied the lair. In the end, Team Sonic and Eggman united to stop the group.[31] Soon after, the Battle of the Buns erupted in the Village, where Chez Amy and Meh Burger competed against each other to attract customers. While Chez Amy ultimately won with the aid of Eggman, the restaurant would be destroyed shortly after by a disgruntled Eggman.[32] Swifty the Shrew later appeared and the villagers were captivated by this new hero, except for Sonic, and gradually the rest of his team. When Swifty then got Sonic banished from the Village by "beating" him in a race, Eggman revealed Swifty was his robot agent. As Eggman's forces trashed the Village for a theme park, the Village Council brought Sonic back, who then handled Eggman.[33] Believing later that her team had been cursed, Sticks took Team Sonic to a mystical mamoset on the island to break the curse, whom they saved from Eggman as well.[34] When the island's annual Chili Dog Cook-Off arrived, Team Sonic discovered that phony peppers were in circulation, prompting Knuckles to go find a new pepper, only to disappear. His friends found him a day after the cook-off, passed out from eating a potent pepper.[35]

Froglodites lair

The Froglodites' caves underneath Seaside Island.

Foiling Eggman's Explode-o-nut, Team Sonic helped with Sticks' forced yardsale when the entrance to the evil Froglodytes' caves beneath the island was unearthed. Saving Sticks from the Froglodytes after they kidnapped her, Team Sonic resealed the villanous frogs in their caves.[36] The Village was later thrown into chaos when Knuckles was made deputy mayor, so Team Sonic and Eggman joined forces to stop him. However, when Eggman turned against the heroes, Team Sonic kept him from seizing power over the Village.[37] Eventually, Eggman went to Seaside Island to shoot a mind-enslavement movie and tricked Team Sonic's members into helping him, although the plan would still fail.[38] A uproar in the Village subsequently arose when the villagers believed Sonic was being insensitive towards Mike the Ox. Eventually, the villagers' attitude made Sonic retire despite his attempts to make it right. With the other heroes gone on a trip, the Lightning Bolt Society took this opportunity to harass the villagers until Sonic returned, who handled both the Lightning Bolts and an Eggman attack at the same time, and earned back the villagers' respect.[39]

When an alternate Knuckles appeared on Seaside Island, Team Sonic helped him get home before his presence could destroy their reality.[40] Orbot and Cubot were later sent to Seaside Island to capture the troublesome Cubot prototypes. Instead, the duo got Sonic and Tails to help the prototypes, whom Cubot joined. Eggman thus went to destroy the prototypes himself, but Sonic and Tails stopped him while Cubot returned to Eggman's service.[6] As Dave tried in vain to destroy Team Sonic himself and prove himself a villain, he inadvertently caught Eggman and hijacked his robots. However, his next attack on the Village went poorly and he was defeated by Sonic after he freed Eggman.[41] On New Year's Eve, after his failure with his Ball Bots, Eggman launched his Slow Motion Machine at the Village Center's party to slow down time long enough for him to beat Sonic once before the New Year. In the end, Sonic let Eggman win and the doctor restored time, though no one saw his victory.[42]

Bygone Island concert

Seaside Island's Justin Beaver concert.

As the Justin Beaver feber hit the island, the female villagers became Justin fan girls and consumer zombies due to Justin's mind control music. When Justin's producer Dixon sat up a concert to spread the mind control though, Dreamboat Express/Dude-itude stopped him.[43] After stopping Eggman's Decimator Bot attack, Team Sonic would help Tails face his crush Zooey. While their advises failed, Tails won Zooey over in his own way while stopping an Eggman attack on the Village.[44] Another time, Sonic and Knuckles joined Bro-Down Showdown to win a new couch for Amy. However, Sonic got paired up with Eggman for the show instead, which was planned by Eggman so he could set Obliterator Bot loose on the Village while Sonic was occupied. However, Sonic gave up the couch to help Knuckles stop the robot.[45]

Amongst Comedy Chimp's publicity shots, Knuckles became the island's new celebrity with his trash can trend, eventually replacing Comedy Chimp on the Comedy Chimp Show. As such, Comedy Chimp elicited Eggman to steal back his show. With his friends protecting him from Eggman, Knuckles rejoined his team, while Comedy Chimp reclaimed his job.[46] Sonic, Knuckles and Amy later found Perci after an accident and took her to Tails' Workshop to help her when the building caught on fire. Tails thus spent some time sorting out what had happened.[47] Eventually, a crime wave hit the Village. With Sonic as the prime suspect and poised to be arrested, Sonic went underground. Discovering it was one of Eggman's plots, Sonic and his allies cleared Sonic's name by bringing in the true thief: Metal Sonic.[48]

Battle Royale area

Seaside Island's Robot Battle Royale.

With the arrival of the Robot Battle Royale, the island's inventors met up for a battle tournament. There, Eggman stole Tails' Hypno-bot which he used to recruit Tails' inventions for a new army. However, he was stopped by Team Sonic.[49] While Seaside Island was hit by a heatwave, the Archipelago Homeowners Association learned Eggman was illegally housing robots and threatened him with eviction. Meanwhile, Team Sonic noticed Eggman's latest Badniks were acting strange and left the island to investigate, promptly saving the homeowners association from Eggman.[50] As Fuzzy Puppies came to the island, many villagers would take up the game, including Amy and Eggman, who bonded over the game. At Puppy Con however, Eggman tried stealing a rare game piece, until Amy put him in his place.[51]

After Team Sonic foiled his plans to demoralize the Village, Eggman made them fight him not as a group but one at a time, allowing him to beat each hero. Finally though, Team Sonic beat Eggman by switching out as needed instead of sticking to a schedule.[52] Upon saving the Village for the millionth time, Team Sonic got the Greatest Role Model of All Time Award. Because the team still horsed around though, Mayor Fink gave them an image specialist to make them better role models, who soon kept them from using force against Eggman. However, Sticks got her team back to their old ways.[5] On a particular poor day, Team Sonic upset Amy badly due to her play A Rose Without Thorns. As such, they put up her play in the Village as an apology.[53]

Bygone Island digsite

Seaside Island's archaeological dig site.

Knuckles later tried to make amends to Charlie for past mistakes, only to ruin Charlie's life and drive him towards villainy. While initially reluctant, Knuckles eventually beat Charlie, who had managed to get back on his feet.[54] As Team Sonic tried building a bookcase in the Village, they were attacked by Team Eggman. Even with Shadow the Hedgehog coming to the villains' aid though, Team Sonic won the fight.[55]

Season two

While promoting his next movie, actor Tommy Thunder saw Team Sonic stop Eggman and began observing Sonic's heroics for insight on his next role, only to take credit for Team Sonic's actions. However, when the cowardly Tommy provoked Eggman to attack him, Sonic rescued him. Regardless, Sonic let Tommy keep his credit so Tommy's fans would not be let down.[56] When he later revealed to Seaside Island that an asteroid would hit the planet, Eggman used the situation to earn a profit by putting spots in his bunker up for sale for the villagers to ride out the impending apocalypse in. Thanks to Team Sonic though, the asteroid was shattered into manageable pieces which Sonic could deflect before they hit the island.[57]


Sticks trying to deliver news reports.

When the water began vanishing, Sticks set up a podcast to bring news on the crisis to the public when the media would not. When Sticks uncovered Eggman as the water thief, her podcast became so popular that she got her own TV news gig. However, she quit after she realized she had sold herself out, starting a village revolt against the local powers in the process which was soon calmed and directed into stopping Eggman's next scheme.[58] Team Sonic later conducted experiments to boost Sonic's speed on the island when Sonic got stuck on another plane of existence when trying out the Ultrasonic Speed Amplifier. Exploiting Sonic's absence, Eggman ambushed the Village with his Badniks. However, his plan failed when Team Sonic brought Sonic back, who helped his friends beat Eggman's forces.[59]

After giving a speech at Career Day, Sonic met Mark the Tapir, his biggest fan, whom Sonic would hire as his assistant. However, the obsessive Mark soon trapped Sonic in his cabin so they could spend all their time together. Though most of Team Sonic got caught by Mark too when they came looking for Sonic, the heroes soon broke free and beat Mark.[60] Sonic and Tails, after beating Vacuum Bot, then had a bet to see if the latter could catch the former. Although Tails would in his zeal leave his friends stuck in the traps he tried using on Sonic when they fell into them, he soon caught Sonic, only for Eggman to attack the helpless hero. Tails thus railed his team, and together they saved Sonic and beat Eggman. Tails then apologized for his zeal and took his bet's punishment.[61]

S2E07 Sonic

Sonic struggling to head out to sea to save the island.

After stopping an Eggman attack on the island, Team Sonic found Dr. Eggman generating a tidal wave out at sea to hit Seaside Island with and destroy the Village. Although Sonic had trouble getting into the sea due to his aquaphobia, Team Sonic got their leader to join his friends in the water, and together they diverted Eggman's tidal wave away from the island.[62] Eggman soon after sent Dreamcaster, who brought the villagers under Eggman's control with hypnotizing TV broadcasts. The only one still free was Sticks, who got prosecuted while trying to prove Dreamcaster's existence. As Eggman had his slaves build a world-controlling satellite, Sticks returned in time to ruin the doctor's plan and free Dreamcaster's victims.[63]

When Tails made a new defense for the Village, Eggman exploited the flaws in Tails' invention to wreck havoc until Team Sonic stopped him. Worried he was not smart enough, Tails tried forming a "brain trust" made of duplicates of himself, but ended up splitting himself into several dimwitted clones. Discovering this, Team Sonic accidently made more clones when trying to remerge them. With Eggman's help though, the heroes reassembled Tails.[64]

Archie Comics

Bygone Island comic

Seaside Island, from Sonic Boom #3.

After driving Dr. Eggman's Big Boy off Seaside Island, Team Sonic helped Tails reclaim his house from the Rock-cyborg.[65] The doctor soon returned with the Big Boy, but Team Sonic managed to drive it away again despite complications brought on by Knuckles' attempts to prove his smarts.[66] However, Amy lost her hammer in the process, so most of Team Sonic searched the island for it while Sticks kept Amy calm. They eventually found the hammer, after it was launched back to Seaside Island from Eggman's lair.[67] Team Sonic was attacked by an upgraded Big Boy again not long after, but thanks to Sticks and the Rock of Justice, the heroes pulled off a narrow victory.[68]

Feeling destructive, Eggman made several trips to Seaside Island to sell a bridge to destroy, and later to try to earn the villagers' trusts for new plots, only for the majority of his attempts to end badly.[69] Soon after, Eggman set up the Go-kart Pan-island Grand Prix and got Team Sonic to compete with him in a race around Seaside Island. While Sonic won the race in spite of Eggman's dirty play, Eggman got the data he needed for Project Hodge Podge.[70][71] When the Maverick Hunters then arrived on Seaside Island, Sticks and her team joined them on a cross-dimensional adventure, which she would tell to her skeptical team afterwards.[72][73]

When Sonic let Kyle the Gorilla crash with him after getting him out of Eggman's lair, the hedgehog spent some time helping Kyle get a job on Seaside Island.[74] Eggman himself would soon after spy on Team Sonic with cameras around the island to find his lost earpiece.[75]

Other game appearances

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

In Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, Seaside Island appears as two of the environments the players can travel through during their runs. One of the environments include the island's tropical wilderness and the other takes the player through the Unnamed Village.


Bygone Island Space

Seaside Island as seen from space.

Seaside Island has various regions, often different from one another, such as tropical forests, lush beaches, frigid snow areas, volcanoes, deserts, canyons, and mountain ranges.


Settlements and structures



  1. In "Late Fees", Dave mentions that Meh Burger's warehouse lies "two villages over" from the Unnamed Village, implying there at least two other villages on Seaside Island. Producer Bill Freiberger has also confirmed the existence of at least one other village on the island.


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