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Sonic Heroes
Seaside Hill

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Seaside Hill

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Yeah! Beach time!

Charmy Bee, Sonic Heroes

Seaside Hill is the first stage of Sonic Heroes.


The place is very tropical and takes place on grassy cliffsides and beaches. It seems to be an homage to Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog, having checkered walls and palm trees. The stage that comes after it is Ocean Palace.

In 2P Play, the stage takes place at sunset and uses Sea Gate's BGM.


After receiving Eggman's message in the desert, Team Sonic somehow manages to get to the island coast and heads to the Whale Island to stop Eggman from taking over the world. Team Dark also appears at the scene to go to the Whale Island for Shadow to learn about his past, Rouge to get the Doctor's treasure, and for Omega to get revenge for being locked up with Shadow. Team Rose leaves the beach at Seaside Hill to go to Whale Island for Amy to find Sonic, Big to find Froggy, and for Cream to find Chocola. Team Chaotix arrive at the beach to collect ten hermit crabs to prove their detective skills to their client.

Rank requirements

The following is a list of requirements to attain a rank for each mission with each team.[1]

Normal Missions

Rank A Rank B Rank C Rank D Rank E Mission 1
Team Sonic 60,000 55,000 50,000 45,000 <45,000 Head for the whale Island!
Team Dark 70,000 65,000 55,000 45,000 <45,000 Get to the whale Island!
Team Rose 48,000 42,000 35,000 28,000 <28,000 Get to the other side of the sea!
Team Chaotix 45,000 40,000 35,000 28,000 <28,000 Find 10 Hermit crabs!

Extra Missions

Rank A Rank B Rank C Rank D Rank E Mission 2
Team Sonic 50,000 45,000 40,000 32,000 <32,000 Get to the goal ring within 5 minutes!
Team Dark 7:00 7:30 9:00 11:00 >11:00 Defeat 100 enemies! (Time minutes.)
Team Rose 2:30 3:00 4:00 6:00 >6:00 Collect 200 rings! (Time minutes.)
Team Chaotix 35,000 30,000 25,000 18,000 <18,000 Find all 20 Hermit crabs!



Name Artist Length Music Track
STAGE 01 : SEASIDE HILL Jun Senoue 2:42

Music variants

Name Artist Length Music Track
1P (E3 Demo) Jun Senoue 2:49
2P (E3 Demo) Jun Senoue 3:25
Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax remix N/A 5:06


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  1. Guess, Gerald (6 January 2004). Sonic Heroes: Prima's Official Strategy Guide. Prima Games. p. 159. ISBN 0761544496.

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