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Scrapyard is the second area in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. It is a murky costal region on an island littered with mechanical constructs from the Ancients. On their quest to track Amy down, Sonic, Tails and Sticks came through this area where they recruited Knuckles for their mission.


Scrapyard World Map

Scrapyard's World Map

Scrapyard is a murky rock island with purple soil and torches on the paths, and is nearly barren of plant life, except for dead trees. As its name states, the island is a junkyard, with aircraft parts littering it. It also hosts Knuckles' Hangout and a type of blue crabs.

The adventure level takes place at the beach. The paths are made of rock and it constantly rains. There are also a few plants here, like bush sprouts, hanging plants and moss on the rocks. At sea are giant and often oblique outcrops, and a few large, broken-down aircrafts. The insides of the aircrafts, which resemble the inside of an airship's envelope (framework include), are completely metallic, with some medium-tech parts. They are in good condition, but are dark from being powered down. Light shine into the aircrafts via portholes, some of which are fitted with canons.





Scrapyard is an old, abandoned junkyard. The front part has scrap parts of airplanes in the background, while the back part take place inside a the remains of the giant aircraft. It becomes available after obtaining five Sonic Badges.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal Sonic Badge
Get six Blueprints Sonic Badge
Get five Crystal Shards Sonic Badge
Reach goal with 100 Rings Token
Reach goal in 05:00 min Token

Worm Tunnel

Main article: Worm Tunnel

The Worm Tunnel is a racing course where the player must reach the end of an obstacle course while dealing with Driller Worms. It becomes available after clearing Scrapyard and obtaining seven Sonic Badges.

Reward system
Requirement Reward
Reach goal Sonic Badge
Reach goal with 250 Rings Token
Reach goal in 01:55 min Token

Knuckles' Hangout

Main article: Knuckles' Hangout

Knuckles' Hangout is a visiting place for Knuckles. Here, the player can participate in a minigame once ever 24 hours to earn a Token. It is available from the beginning of the level, but its minigames does not become useable before after clearing Scrapyard.

Q-N-C's Toy Shop

Main article: Q-N-C's Toy Shop

This building is the local shop owned by Q-N-C. Here, the player can trade Tokens for toys and display their current collection. It becomes available after clearing Scrapyard.




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