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Scrapheap Bot[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a makeshift robot formed from Dr. Eggman's numerous robotic sauce cans joining together, along with various items they gathered from around Seaside Island.


Scrapheap Bot is a large humanoid compilation of random machinery with an internal structure made of Eggman's Tomato Sauce cans. Its upper torso is a red dome with white spikes and grey flaps on each side, and its lower torso is made of various parts, including a jukebox for an abdomen, television screens for sides and a cash register for a lower back. Its left arm is a large red and yellow crab claw and its right is a wired pole with a grill for a hand. Its right leg is a pillar of cans and a car tire with a small tub for a foot, and its left is an exercise bike with additional parts. It also has red wings on its back and an one-eyed head with a spiky red shell on top.


TV series

Season one

Scrapheap Bot vs Team Sonic

Scrapheap Bot fighting Team Sonic.

When Team Sonic tried to stop Dr. Eggman's evil schemes with his tomato sauce, Eggman had his sauce cans form Scrapheap Bot as his defense. While Scrapheap Bot fought Team Sonic, it proved unstoppable to the heroes as it kept reforming from every attack. Just as it had Team Sonic on the ropes though, Scrapheap Bot was shut down when Tails got a hold of Eggman's control remote.[2]

Powers and abilities

Scrapheap Bot has impressive strength, throwing an entire couch with ease. It can as well separate the sauce cans it is made of to fire them as bullets. However, its most terrifying skill is its indestructibility; even if it is torn to pieces, Scrapheap Bot can automatically reform itself, completely restoring its body to its former state and reconstruct every piece of its body that is out of place.[2] As an Eggman robot, it is also able to receive power remotely from Eggman's lair.[3]


Being an Eggman robot, Scrapheap Bot relies on Eggman's lair to provide it with power. As such, should the lair run out of power, then it will too.[3]



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