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Scrap Brain Zone
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Scrap Brain Zone
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We've passed through the polluted city and arrived at Doctor Eggman's secret base. Gears, saws, and automatic hammers attack. There's also a submerged cave underneath the base.

— Description, Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit)[2]

Scrap Brain Zone (スクラップブレインゾーン[2] Sukurappu Burein Zōn?) is the sixth and penultimate Zone of the 16-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog (1991), and its numerous ports and remasters. It is also the fifth and penultimate Zone in the 8-bit version of that game. The Zone was Dr. Eggman's secret base on South Island, set over a submerged cave that resembles Labyrinth Zone.[2][3] As with other Zones in the game, Scrap Brain Zone is composed of three Acts.


Scrap Brain Zone is Dr. Eggman's center of operations on South Island. It is a polluted, industrial complex made of light gray metal built over some half-submerged ruins. Dozens of various industrial buildings with blinking red, green, and yellow lights are visible in the distance, with thick gray belching leaking from their chimneys and into the smoggy brown sky that dominates the background of the first Act.

In Act 2 in the 16-bit version, the background changes to the interior of the base. Here, the floors and walls are lined with pipes, chassis, lights, and meters. Also, yellow and black hazard stripes decorate various aspects of the Zone. Inside, the factories are lined with olive green metal instead and filled with even more gizmos, purple lights, red and silver pipes, and numerous connectors, some of which form faces.

In Scrap Brain Zone Act 3 in the 16-bit version, the player has to explore a segment resembling Labyrinth Zone.[3] As such, this Act is set in ruins similar to those in that Zone, except that they are made of plain white stone bricks and flooded with polluted pink water. These ruins are decorated by slimy green algae, light blue and green crystals, pillars, and vines.


During his quest for the Chaos Emeralds, Dr. Eggman built Scrap Brain Zone on South Island as his personal base.[1] Later, Sonic the Hedgehog arrived in Scrap Brain Zone, plowing through the Badniks guarding the Zone and evading its traps. Eventually, Sonic found the doctor, albeit on the other side of a barrier. However, in an attempt to dispose of Sonic, a maniacally-laughing Eggman stepped on a switch, thus causing the floor underneath Sonic to water cave in and leave him to fall into some polluted ruins underneath Scrap Brain Zone. However, Sonic managed to escape the ruins and reach Final Zone. Scrap Brain Zone was soon after destroyed by Sonic following Dr. Eggman's defeat.[4]


Scrap Brain Zone is full of various pitfalls and hazardous traps. These are mostly flamethrowers that spit out a single straight jets of fire from beneath the ground or through the ceiling in intervals, and there are electric shockers attached to the ceilings and floors that occasionally shoot electrical beams left and right. There are also saws that move along the ground or are extending towards the playable character, as well as cylindrical grinders that move up and down. The iron balls on chains from Labyrinth Zone also appear here. In the first act, there are also special, vertical chambers. In these chambers are horizontal platforms that protrude from the right walls and slide along the depressions on the left. The player must properly maneuver between these platforms in order to not get crushed against them.

Various types of platforms appear in this Zone. First, there are the standard, floating platforms. The Zone also introduces the dropping platforms that appear here from time to time. These gimmicks have platforms that occasionally flip around and drop the playable character standing on them. The only way to stay on these platforms is to top jump while their platforms flip around and then land on them again when they stop flipping. The dropping platforms are also sometimes attached to moving chain loops, which stand still when moving towards the top of the chain loop, but will start spinning constantly once they move back towards the bottom of the chain loop. There are also disappearing platforms in the upper sections of this Zone, which the player can only jump on at the right moment. Some spots on the ground are also marked with red trapdoors that open from time to time and can throw the player into the lower sections of an Act or into a bottomless pit. This Zone also contains ground sections made of gray cubes that disintegrate upon contact with the playable character. Additionally, some passages in the level can only be opened with switches.

The first two Acts of Scrap Brain Zone includes Conveyor Belts. Along these gimmicks, the player will sometimes encounter iron balls, saws and other obstacles. These Conveyor Belts can lead through tight corridors or through midair. In Act 1, there are also rotating disks inside walls with a recess in them that the player can enter. By entering them, the playable character will curl into their Spin Attack form and set themself inside the disk's recess while it turns around. The player can then leave this disk at different times when its recess aligns with a path out of it. In addition, Act 1 also makes use of tunnels. Act 2 on the other hand introduces new gameplay elements. The first one is the Flywheel which the player can stick to, run around, and jump off of at the right time to reach higher sections. There are also elevators here that can transport the playable character through tubes in the walls.

Act 3 uses the same gameplay elements as Labyrinth Zone, including long underwater sections, iron balls on chains, spears and stone Gargoyles spitting fireballs.

In the 8-bit version, Scrap Brain Zone is a slow-paced Zone. It is much more straightforward and easier than its 16-bit counterpart. The most basic obstacles the player may find are electric beams. Bottomless pits can be found in Act 1. Act 2 also features many teleporters, which the player can use to teleport to other places. Acts 2 and 3 feature switches, which can be used to open doors.

Overview (16-bit)[]

Act 1[]

At the start of the Act, the road dips down a bit. Beyond this dip are two gaps, controlled by drawbridges, followed by a flamethrower, a Caterkiller and another flamethrower. Next, the player will come across a Switch and a turnstile that moves counter-clockwise. The aforementioned Switch merely changes the turnstile's turning direction. The path intersects into three paths altogether. The player will spin across if the turnstile moves clockwise:

  • There are two paths to choose from. The road across from the entry point to the turnstile has a closed door behind it, which leads the player towards three side mesh pillars. The road then dips down a bit with three Caterkillers approaching the playable character along the way, along with electrical emitters hanging on the ceiling. Beyond the next closed door from there are small platforms that will appear one-by-one. To the left of the last one of these platforms is a Shield Video Monitor alongside a wall. To the right from there is a Lamppost, surrounded by shockers. From there, down some steps, are some flamethrowers, followed by a platform-based Conveyor Belt, and some more timed platforms, which appear in existence for longer than the ones encountered earlier. Should the playable character Fall off these platforms at that point, the player must avoid the shockers on the floor. From there, there will be a Switch which will produce a drawbridge for a limited time, allowing the player to try again. The next drawbridge from there does not feature a bottomless pit below it though. A maximum of thirty-five Rings can be collected here instead: twenty from Super Ring Video Monitors, and fifteen from the red Springs. From here, to the right, is a Caterkiller. From there, the road splits in two:
  • If the Switch goes unused by the player, they will have to take the lower tunnel in the area. From here, three side mesh pillars will attempt to crush the playable character. This is then followed by a flamethrower at the end. After that, the corridor narrows down, with a reversed red Spring appearing immediately before the corridor opens out. The player will then encounter some crush blocks, which stop for a moment and move quickly to the other side. Here, the player must step on top of these blocks while being careful not to go underneath. After that, the road meanders up and down where saws will move from left to right across dips. There are also some flamethrowers to watch out for. Up a step from there is also a Caterkiller. After that, three Bombs will appear on the ceiling, waiting to be triggered when they detect the playable character. From there, up the next step are two drawbridges that behave differently. When touched, these drawbridges will quickly slide to the right and disappear, which results in the playable character being dropped into a bottomless pits. To avoid this, the player has to jump as soon as possible towards the ledges on the right when crossing these drawbridges. Afterwards, the player will encounter a Caterkiller and two flamethrowers from below. From there, the player has to go up a step, where there are more timed crusher traps. Notably, there is also a flamethrower in-between the first and second block.
    • If the player takes the second lowest route. the road will slide down to a drawbridge section made more difficult by the narrow ceiling. Fall at this point and the player will drop down to the lower route instead. From there, beyond the locked door is a Switch which must be triggered in order to produce a drawbridge blocking the path. Here, the player has to jump onto the red platforms quickly to reach the top. To the right from there are two rows of rotating platforms, with a flamethrower at the end of each obstacle. Drop Rings here and they may fall into a bottomless pit below.
    • If the player takes the lowest route, there will eventually be more flamethrowers at various parts of the floor, with some electrical emitters on the ceiling surrounding Rings. From there, on the right are two Conveyor Belts with platforms along them. These platforms will spin as soon as they reach the top-right cog, and stop spinning by the bottom-left cog. From there, past the gap on the right of the second obstacle are some disintegrating platforms as well.
      • From here, the roads slant up, with balls deployed by Ball Hogs bouncing down these roads. From here, in the right corner are three Super Ring Video Monitors. From here, take the roads from side-to-side all the way to the top. After that, to the right of a pair of Ball Hogs is a flamethrower, followed by the Goal Plate.

Act 2[]

The second act has Sonic now inside one of the factories. This is a vertically looping level, so the player won't need to worry about bottomless pits during this act.

At the start, Sonic will encounter a flamethrower after the step. Some toggling platforms will appear, leading to a large open area with some spinning discs and floating platforms. The player will have two choices whether to take the higher route or carry on across. Fall down and they must avoid getting hit by the Electric shockers. On one of the platforms is a switch, opening out a bridge to whichever route they choose to take.

  • Taking the lower route, Sonic will encounter a Caterkiller, a flamethrower, and another Caterkiller, before heading to the warp tube. To the left are some flippable platforms with a Super-ring monitor parked at the right side of the pit filled with more shockers. Beyond there to the left is a flamethrower guarding a door. Inside the door, a bomb will explode while the road slants down to a conveyor-belt with a circular saw, before slanting back up towards the next warp tube, taking them downwards. Another flamethrower blocks the road before they head to the conveyor-belt again, facing forwards with circular saws and flamethrowers attempting to hit the player. The road slants up and leads to a trap-door with a shocker in the pit and a flamethrower guarding three rings. The same obstacle occurs again, before leading to another warp tube, taking them upwards. Cross the gap with the flippable platforms. (Or alternatively, collect the two Super Ring monitors at the bottom-left corner) A saw will be seen chasing them as they run past the door. Atop the step is a Caterkiller. Jump softly to avoid the upside-down shocker on the ceiling. The player will then encounter a series of conveyor-belts in various directions, intercepted by chainsaws moving across. The player can bypass this section by dropping down and taking the red spring, but spin to avoid getting hit by the swinging iron ball. The corridor narrows where an Electric shocker will persistently activate, so do a running spin to avoid it. They will encounter a crush block. Go past it when it touches the ceiling. This is followed by a flamethrower and four bombs: Two on the ceiling and then two on the ground. Past the step is a switch which draws out a bridge, helping them to the narrow corridor guarded by a flamethrower. On the other hand they can go down and find the Shield monitor parked in a corner. Past the door is a series of sloping roads with Ball Hogs dropping harmable bombs. The road above, intercepted by a swinging iron ball, leads to a Ball Hog guarding an Invincible monitor, where it terminates. Make your way down to the bottom, dodging the Ball Hogs and iron balls, leading to the final section.
  • Taking the higher route, run across the trapdoor at the right moment to get across it. At the end of the road is a red spring, sending the player backwards upon contact. Jump to avoid it, but not too high otherwise they will hit the shockers attacked to the ceiling. Run past the two flamethrowers. The player will see four Bombs on the ceiling by the time they reach the step and look up. They will trigger simultaneously as soon as the player jumps, so run into the pit below on the other side to dodge the attacks, provided that you don't hit the swinging Iron Ball. As soon as it's safe, collect the Super Ring monitor and take the floating platforms up to the main section. Take the spinning discs to the ledge above, or you can go further up and collect a Shield monitor. Along the narrow corridor will be three conveyor belts accompanied by swinging Iron Balls: A forward, reverse and another forward direction. This leads to the warp tube sending the player down. Past the flamethrower marked at the bottom of the slant are two reverse conveyor belts with two crush blocks. These ones zoom down and slowly float up. Run past as soon as the blocks pound the conveyor belt. The road slants up to an Electric shocker along a tunnel so narrow that only a running spin would get them past. At the end of this road is another warp tube. To the right is a flamethrower near the middle of a downward slant, followed by a Caterkiller. At the end of the road is a large area, where the player must follow the path of toggle blocks to the other side. Down the pit below is a One-Up monitor in between two shockers, along with two Super Ring monitors to the right side of them. Once through, the player will encounter three conveyor belts (Forward, Reverse, Forward) with chainsaws, with another chainsaw chasing them along the upward slant. Take the warp tube, heading the player upwards. Immediately a swinging Iron Ball will attack. The road slants down and up with a flamethrower in the middle, leading to the locked door towards the final section.
    • Up the step is a long road starting off with a pair of Caterkillers and a flamethrower on the ceiling. As the road slants up and down, watch out for the swinging Iron Balls. It leads to the Goal Plate.

After the results are counted the player will find Dr. Eggman safe behind a barrier. Immediately after, Eggman jumps on a switch that drops Sonic into Act 3.

Act 3[]

The layout of this Act is completely different and breaks the tradition of the usual "left to right" stages. There are no Goal Plates or Bosses to be found here. This Act can either be played short, medium, long or very long, depending on the player's skill. By taking the longest route, a One-Up monitor can be collected somewhere around the landscape. For the first time in the game, the Shield and Invincible monitors are both absent in the same level, meaning the player can only use rings to protect themselves from damage.

At the start, once the player triggers the switch to their left, a ruin will slide down the slope, enabling access. If the player can get past the ruin before it collides with the wall they can avoid taking the longest route. Past the bottom of the slope are some rings. Below the locked floor - which can be opened with a switch on the left hand side - are two spears. Once the switch to the floor activates, the player will be traversing underwater. Fall in between the two spears, then run past the double swinging Iron Ball whenever it's safe, taking the Air Bubble supply if necessary. Following this point are two gaps which must be jumped carefully to avoid the two Fire-shooting Gargoyles attached to the walls. Fall off and the player would be forced to take a longer route. The path meanders upwards, with two more Gargoyles to avoid, before sending the player back above the purple water. Dodge the swinging Iron Ball and jump over the gap, ignoring the cluster of rings if the player wants the shortest route. They will approach two Burrobots. Once defeated, they can proceed down the following gap into a pit where there's an Air Bubble supply and two more Burrobots, leading to the final section. Take the route upwards on the right, dodging the three swinging Iron Balls by jumping and ducking. Defeat the Burrobot near the peak, then take the red spring. The screen will fade to black and the Final Zone will appear.

  • (This overview describes the "medium" route). After falling and collecting the large cluster of rings, Sonic will pass through a Gargoyle. Below him is another Gargoyle towards some staggered platforms with a Super Ring monitor parked on the left. Spin attack as they fall to defeat the Jaws. Take one of the two Air Bubble supplies, either the one on the floor or the one next to the switch. Once past the door head upwards, triggering the switch on the right to open the floor and head to the final section. Watch out for the swinging iron ball.
    • (The "long" route). After falling through one of the two gaps, defeat the Jaws on the right and collect an Air Bubble from its supply. Fall through the staggered gap. A group of Burrobots will attack, guarding another Air Bubble supply. There is one more Burrobot past the gap to the left protecting a Super Ring monitor. Trigger the switch which opens the door.
    • The next T-shaped block has eight rings to collect. Past that is another Burrobot next to another Air Bubble supply, patrolled by a Unidasu. Ignore this one and be careful, as you may be pushed by a current and collide with the Badnik. After flowing past the current, the player will land on the right side of a hidden platform which will send them up towards the spikes. Quickly hold right to get away to safety, the collect the Air Bubble from a supply on the left (This is a bit more awkward thanks to the exact location and the likelihood of the current affecting the jump to the bubble). Head right, jumping over the T-shaped block with the Burrobot. The road meanders upwards, where there are some more Gargoyles to avoid. At the top, two Burrobots will jump out to attack; also, the player can jump out of the water to breathe. Go left and collect the Super Ring monitor. A line of three more Burrobots will attack from above water, followed by three swinging Iron Balls, two of them clockwise from the ceiling sandwiching one counter-clockwise from the floor. To the left are three more rings and a Lamp-Post. Dodge the Gargoyle and head down the zig-zag path. Watch out for the Burrobot on the right side. When on the floor, a Unidasu will attack, followed by a Burrobot on a path intercepted by a swinging Iron Ball. Hit the switch to open the door and jump to the left before the Burrobot gets there. Collect the Super Ring monitor and head upwards, triggering the switch on the right to open the floor and head to the final section. Watch out for the swinging iron ball.
      • (The "longest" route) If the player was unable to get through the other side of the ruin in time they will be forced to take this section. Into the narrow corridor, a Burrobot will jump out, followed by a Gargoyle shooting fireballs along the path. Spin as you head down the steps, as another Burrobot will jump out. The path meanders downwards with a floating L-shaped block in between the gaps. Towards the left side, another Burrobot guards a Super Ring monitor. In sub-surface level, there are six blocks along a bridge, and thus the path splits into two. The shiny ones i.e. the ones that don't show the ripple effect, will send the player down upon landing.
      • Don't touch the block on the far left, as that will fall onto the switch, preventing a floor and a shortcut from being opened. Hit the switch and proceed down the lower right side. The player will eventually fall into some staggered gaps with a door on the left. Continue the path as described two paragraphs below.
      • Alternatively the player can go left, where they'll encounter a Unidasu (Which can be jumped through with enough momentum) and a group of Burrobots. There's also a swinging Iron Ball from the ceiling. Trigger the switch, which opens the floor. The player can then go through and under the water, where there's a Super-Ring monitor in between the gaps, and a couple of Jaws below. Fall through the left gap. To the left of the second Jaws is an Air Bubble supply atop a spiked platform. To reach the 1-Up monitor, jump onto the next platform and then hold left, reaching the platform below which has rings. Defeat the Jaws guarding the next platform and hold down once you land on this one. There is an Unidasu protecting spikes on the left and a safe floating island to the right. Fall right onto the island, where there is an Air Bubble supply to the right of the red spring. Hitting this spring will lead to a large cluster of 21 Rings in total. To the left of this island is another floating island. Land on that while the Unidasu fires its spiked balls. Defeat it and jump over the spikes. The 1-Up monitor is parked in the corner. Through the hole, the player will find an Air Bubble supply and a Burrobot, followed by two swinging iron balls in between a T-shaped block. The safest area is to stand immediately next to the block. Defeat the next Burrobot and trip the switch which opens up a floor.
      • Head right and tap the switch on top of the T-shaped block, opening the next door. Head down through the gaps, where another two Jaws swims. The player will find a Star Post. Beyond this point is a long tunnel filled with Swinging Iron Balls and three air bubble supplies. At the end is a Burrobot and a Unidasu. There are no rings along this section. Two more Burrobots will attack beyond the step. The road meanders upwards where a switch must be triggered to open the next floor. The route continues as described in the second paragraph of the 'long' route.

Overview (8-bit)[]

Act 1[]

The 8-bit version of Scrap Brain Zone focuses more on the mazes compared to the 16-bit version focusing on a more linear path to the end, and there are no drawbridges to be seen. At the start of Act 1, the player will jump over two pits and scale up a slope after opening a door. Rings can be found in the ceiling, but flamethrowers guard them. They last much longer in the 8-bit version. After this, the player must jump over conveyor belts while a 1-Up container is moved by the second conveyor belt to a bottomless pit. It is optional to grab this 1-Up. The electrical emitters are introduced in a room after this, which is similar to the first room in the act, but they now have a telegraph for when they start up. After this, a room where two electrical emitters lie in wait below the conveyer belts will lead to a spring that sends the player upwards to a door locked by a redundant button that opens it, but do not move too fast, as there is also a spring that pushes the player backwards, and will probably get them electrocuted. The only thing the player now have to worry about if they want Rings is another room full of flamethrowers on the ceiling after moving up another slope. This is the shortest act in Scrap Brain Zone's history, as from there the Goal Post is already in sight, and there no Badniks either.

Act 2[]

The start of this act is reused from Act 1, but it becomes its own thing after that, as the ceiling flamethrowers are now in a low ceiling, encouraging the player that they can't move right forever, or they will get hit. After this, there is a room where the player climb up on conveyor belts, while avoiding fireball launchers. Strangely enough, these are the only fireball launchers in the zone. At the bottom is an easily avoidable Caterkiller. After another low-ceiling flamethrower hallway, there are two paths which lead to different points of the act.

  • The top path is crucial to making it to the end of Act 2, as there is a platforming section, but the third "pit" is not a pit; it will lead to a door which has a teleporter to the Chaos Emerald hidden in the zone. The one-way door will also lead the player to a smaller, but more cramped climbing section with Ball Hogs at the ends of the walls. If the player do not take the fake pit, they will still enter the room either way. At the top, the player must press a button which unlocks the other door, but locks the door in front of them.
    • The bottom path is the actual pathway to the end, since the player must go down a set of slopes with a Ball Hog at the middle of each mini-room with the slopes. If the player take the faster way of going down, they will not reach the end, since the physics of the game will prevent them from touching the ledge, and they will take the door that brings them back up to the beginning of the room. If the player manage to make it all the way down, they will reach the teleporter, and if the player do not have the door unlocked from taking the top path, they will have to loop around. Prevent this unnecessary backtracking by taking the top path first.

After that, the player will now get past a set of rooms that pose no real threat, and the Goal Post will be waiting for them.

Act 3[]

Contrary to what the map tells the player, there is no boss, just a maze. If the player is not familiar with this act, they will get lost in a loop throughout it. To make it to the end, follow the rings that are the nearest to the player when they appear on screen. Do note that electrical emitters, one-way doors, conveyer belts, and doors that need a button to be opened are still present. Like Act 1, there are no Badniks. The only real hazards are the electrical emitters. After making to the end, the player will chase Dr. Robotnik, who escapes in a floating platform that later rises down for them to also stand on, ending the act and moving on to the final zone of the game, Sky Base Zone.

Other game appearances[]

Sonic Drift[]

Drift Scrap Brain

Scrap Brain, from Sonic Drift.

In Sonic Drift, Scrap Brain appears as one of the race courses in the game.

Sega Superstars Tennis[]


Scrap Brain Zone, from Sega Superstars Tennis.

In Sega Superstars Tennis, Scrap Brain Zone appears as an unlockable court. It looks very similar to how it did in the original Sonic the Hedgehog, even having the Egg Crusher that appeared in Final Zone.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Didj)[]

In other media[]

Books and comics[]

Sonic the Comic[]

In the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions, Scrap Brain Zone appears as a Zone located on Mobius.

Sonic X[]

In the Sonic X comic series published by Archie Comics, Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge and Tails found their way through Scrap Brain Zone while trapped in a virtual reality world. There, the group managed to find and rescue Cream, Cheese and Vanilla.

Archie Comics[]

Scrap Brain Zone in the Archie comic

Scrap Brain Zone, from Sonic the Hedgehog #227.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Scrap Brain Zone was a Zone formed by Dr. Eggman during Operation: Clean Sweep.

After the Super Genesis Wave re-wrote history, Scrap Brain Zone became a permanent part of Sonic's World, with a history virtually identical to its game counterpart.


  • Act 2 contains a well-hidden secret route that is extremely difficult to reach. It requires a player to collect 50 Rings and then keep them until they reach a very specific Warp Tube (which has three Rings floating adjacent to the right of its opening). Reaching the secret route requires the unintuitive method of reentering said Warp Tube later in the level right after exiting it while carrying at least 50 Rings, which does not work on any of the other Warp Tubes.
  • Scrap Brain Zone is the only Zone in the original Sonic the Hedgehog that does not give the player an opportunity to warp to the Special Stage even if they have enough Rings. This is because part of the VRAM normally used by the Giant Ring is used by the animated smoke in the background.
  • This is also the only Zone to have a different background per Act, as the other Zones share the same background in all the Acts.
  • A prototype name for this Zone was "Clock Work Zone". It was also referred to by this name in the Sonic the Hedgehog Story Comic Volume 3 manga published in 1991 to coincide with the release of Sonic the Hedgehog. During early development of Sonic the Hedgehog, the in-game footage at the beginning of the Zone did not correctly render the letter W, making the Zone appear to be called the "Clock Ork Zone".
  • Sonic Team has said that the background of Scrap Brain Zone Act 3 was going to look different early on. However, due to capacity and time issues, it was decided to give the Act a recolor of Labyrinth Zone's background that is seen in the final game.[3]
  • A remix of Scrap Brain Zone's music is used for the options menu in Sonic Advance. Scrap Brain Zone's music is an unlockable prize in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It can only be used in Green Hill or on Custom Stages. The music also appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • The layout of Scrap Brain Zone Act 1 was reused for Game Land Act 3-2 in Sonic Colors.
  • Scrap Brain Zone was the first base of Eggman's to appear in the Sonic series.
  • Scrap Brain Zone is the only Zone in the original Sonic the Hedgehog that does not have a boss fight, unless Final Zone being set adjacent to the end of Act 2 counts it as part of the Zone.
  • Scrap Brain Zone Act 3 and Final Zone are the only Acts in the original Sonic the Hedgehog that do not have a score tally, except when playing in Time Attack mode in the 2013 remaster.
  • Scrap Brain Zone is the only Zone in the original Sonic the Hedgehog which contains all three of the elemental hazards: fire, electricity, and water.
Scrap Brain Zone underwater

Scrap Brain Zone Act 3's title card with the underwater palette.

  • If Sonic respawns underwater in Scrap Brain Zone Act 3, the Act's title card will acquire the underwater palette.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Scrap Brain Zone ~Mega Drive Version~" (16-bit) Masato Nakamura 2:35
N/A (8-bit) Yuzo Koshiro 3:05


Concept artwork[]







Sonic 1 Game Gear version (Scrap Brain Zone)


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