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Eggman with Scrambler's on-screen interface behind him.

Scrambler[1] is a subject that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It was a social media platform created by Dr. Eggman in an attempt to gain friends and get back at Sonic for unfriending him on FriendSpace.


Scrambler is a social network platform that lets users post, comment, and upload pictures of their day, allowing them to fry messages over to each other's "Scrambler Pan" instead of talking with each other. It is described as having a super simple interface, easy navigation and targeted ads based on the user's personal data. Like FriendSpace, uses can also become "friends" with other users on Scrambler, granting them access to sharing posts with their "friends". However, if a friend were to "unfriend" another user, the user who was unfriended cannot send their former friend a post.[1]

Upon Orbot's suggestion, Scrambler was equipped with a feature that gave users the ability to give minimum acknowledgement to others' posts without having to write anything, which Eggman dubbed the "winking" feature. Scrambler also comes with its own app for mobile devices.[1]

Scrambler was initially designed with a block that prevented Sonic the Hedgehog from joining it. That block was eventually lifted by Dr. Eggman though.[1]


TV series

Season two

After Sonic unfriended Dr. Eggman on FriendSpace, Eggman wanted to create his own social network which Sonic was prohibited from using. After brainstorming ideas with Orbot and Cubot, he came up with Scrambler. To bring in members, Eggman convinced the Rabbit Girl, who believed it to be an exclusive site, to join Scrambler. The Rabbit Girl in turn got her three thousand friends to join too. Soon enough, everyone but Sonic got absorbed into Scrambler. Sonic himself attempted to join, only for his membership to be denied, which left him alienated from society. Meanwhile, Eggman was saddened over how no one commented on his Scrambler posts and how he only had "digital" friends. While Sonic eventually convinced Eggman to let him join Scrambler, the doctor unfriended Sonic as payback. Eggman then deleted Scrambler as payback for the lack of comments on his posts, contend with making enemies if he could not have friends.[1]

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