Scorpius, the boss of Toxic Caves.

Scorpius is the first boss in Sonic Spinball. It resides in the first and lowest level of the Veg-O-Fortress, Toxic Caves.


Sonic Spinball

Scorpius is a gigantic robot scorpion, with Robotnik's face as its head. Once Sonic collects the three Chaos Emeralds within the caverns, the room to Scorpius opens and Sonic can battle against the mechanical scorpion.

Other Continuities

Rexxon and Scorpius

Scorpius, along with Rexxon, in the Archie Comics.

Scorpius appeared in Issue #6 of the Archie Comics series Sonic the Hedgehog. Its role was the same as in Sonic Spinball, and it was dispatched by Sonic along with his ally, Rexxon.

In Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Scorpius (which it was called "The Boss Scorpion") appeared in the episode "Attack on the Pinball Fortress" even though the design of it is different.


Scorpius has an extendible tail, which it can use as a shield and drip poisonous liquid from the tip. Sonic must jump into the gap between the tail and the body in order to attack the body from within; if he succeeds, he will bounce repeatedly within Scorpius and cause significant damage, unless he slips out of the gap, and therefore must reenter. After a certain number of hits, the tail will break off and Sonic can attack Scorpius' body directly, with another certain amounts of hits will destroy Scorpius. An alternate method of destroying Scorpius is by hitting the four switches on the ceiling, causing a landslide that will crush the robot.

During the first part of the battle, if Sonic falls to the bottom, he will be shot back up, so he cannot leave the room until Scorpius is defeated. The shooter, however, disappears once Scorpius's tail is destroyed, and since the minecart is no longer there, Sonic will fall all the way back to the beginning section of the stage.

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