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Scorching Skies gate

Scorching Skies is the third chapter in the World Tour mode of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. The tour contains a total of thirty stars to collect through events/missions and forty stars in total if the Expert mode is unlocked when unlocking Superstar Showdown.

Characters Unlockable in Scorching Skies

Image Name
Ihaveacrushonnights NiGHTS
Vysechan Vyse


Track Type Name Event
Scorch1 Race Adder Assault Beat your Rivals to the Finish Line!
Scorch2 Traffic Challenge Keil's Carnage Dodge waves of traffic and pass every Checkpoint in Time!
Scorch3 Race Dreamy Drive Beat your Rivals to the Finish Line!
Scorch4 Drift Challenge Sunshine Slide Drift inside zones to earn time. Pass every checkpoint to win!
Scorch5 Time Attack Carrier Crisis Beat NiGHT's best lap time!
Scorch6 Ring Race Rogue Rings Pass through rings to avoid loosing time. Pass every Check point to win!
Scorch7 Race Sanctuary Speedway Beat your Rivals to the Finish Line!
Scorch8 Pursuit Seaside Skirmish Chase down the tank and destroy it!
Scorch9 Time Attack Shrine Time Best Joe Musashi's best lap time!
Scorch10 Pursuit Hangar Hustle Chase down the tank and destroy it!

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