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The Science Fair Awards.

The Science Fair Awards[1] is an event that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a children's science fair in Hedgehog Village where local contestants compete by presenting their own scientific projects.[1]



The science judges at the Science Fair Awards.

The Science Fair Awards are held in the Mayor's Mansion. Here, contestants put up displays that showcase their own research in a field of science and their results of said research, such as models, inventions, dioramas, etc. The participant with the best project is declared the winner of the awards. The winner receives a trophy and the privilege to observe Hedgehog Village's top scientist, Miles "Tails" Prower, for a week. The contestants that do not win each receive a participation trophy.[1]

The Science Fair Awards have three science judges (Comedy Chimp, Tails and Fastidious Beaver) who act as overseers and hand out the awards.[1]


Being a children's competition, the Science Fair Awards has a limit for how tall the contestants must be. If a contestant exceeds that height limit, they are automatically disqualified and do not receive any trophy.[1]


TV series

Season two


The Science Fair Awards at the end.

When the Science Fair Awards were held, the local youth would present more-or-less impressive science projects to Team Sonic and other local residents. The event was even covered by the local TV network. Among the contestants was Dr. Eggman, who sought recognition for his latest invention, the Eggs-Boson Super-configurator. At the end, Beth the Shrew was declared the winner by the science judges. While the prizes got handed out however, Eggman learned he got disqualified for being too tall.[1]

List of participants

Participant Science project Place
Beth the Shrew Solar System diorama Winner
Child Monkey Artificial volcano N/A
Dr. Eggman Eggs-Boson Super-configurator Disqualified
Reindeer Girl Potato clock N/A
Stratford A rock N/A


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