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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Scarlet Garcia (スカーレット・ガルシア Sukāretto Garushia?) is a character in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. She is a human ace news reporter from Station Square TV News, and is praised by other journalists for her work.[2]


Scarlet is a human woman with caucasian skin, green eyes and red hair. She also wears red lipstick. For attire, she wears an orange blazer with golden buttons, red blouse, orange skirt, yellow earrings, and red low-heeled shoes. In the Sonic X comics however, she wears blue or other mixed colors of the same clothing.




As a young woman, Scarlet followed in the steps of her father (who was involved in the investigation of Project Shadow) and become a reporter like him, but later lost him.[2] She also joined Station Square TV News as a news reporter.

New World Saga

Scarlet reporting the discovery of a Chaos Emerald.

One day, Scarlet Garcia reported the discovery of a mysterious gem a construction crew in Station Square had found that radiated energy that caused their equipment to malfunction and go crazy. She was also present among the crowd when Dr. Eggman arrived with E-11 Beacon.[3] Later, after having just witnessed a pillar of light during the night, Scarlet followed this strange phenomenon to the soon-to-be-closed Diamond Stadium with her news crew and started reporting on the baseball game there between Sonic and Dr. Eggman's teams. Her report soon attracted numerous people to the stadium, including the stadium's owner, Elmer Johnson.[4] Much later, Scarlet would do some reporting on the news about the theft at the National Museum of Art, which was the most significant of the recent mysterious jewel thefts all across Station Square.[5] After that, Scarlet announced the President's message to the nation about GUN's attack on Dr. Eggman's headquarters.[6][7]

Chaos Emerald Saga

Scarlet following the race between Sonic and Sam Speed.

Some time later, Scarlet would do a news report about the race between Sonic the Hedgehog and Sam Speed, and its popular benefactors. At the end of the race, Scarlet explained to those that did not see who crossed the finish line first that Sonic not only came in in first place, but also returned for a repetition to make it look like he crossed together with Sam in a photo finish.[8]

Chaos Saga

Scarlet doing a news report.

Approximately six months later, Scarlet made a news report at the site of the battle between Super Sonic and the E-99 Eggsterminator, explaining that everything at the site was now calm and peaceful, in spite of the events that had transpired there since it was clear whatever debris left behind by the Eggsterminator's destruction had long been removed by GUN.[9] A while afterward, using a helicopter, Scarlet did a news coverage on the calm that followed Dr. Eggman's latest defeat while elaborating on how both the Mystic Ruins and the newly-fallen Angel Island were off-limits to the public due to current events.[10] She also brought up Tails' heroic efforts in disarming a missile that Eggman sent out that would have destroyed Station Square.[11]

When Perfect Chaos launched its flooding of Station Square, Scarlet reported on the news about the chaos creature's attack from a news helicopter, making sure to stay a safe distance away from the beast. Although Scarlet was shocked when she saw Perfect Chaos herself, she remained calm while continuing her news coverage, her report being broadcasted and seen at the White House in the capital, forcing the President to dispatch GUN to try and stop Perfect Chaos.[12]

Shadow Saga

Scarlet meets "Franklin".

After Perfect Chaos' attack on Station Square, Scarlet came to NNT, an news station in the capital, where the employees praised her report on Perfect Chaos. She was soon after introduced to the NNT news director, Mister Stewart (going by the name Franklin), who needed Scarlet's help for an investigation of a secret government project called "Project Shadow" that took place fifty years ago. Because her father had died while investigating Project Shadow, Scarlet was reluctant to participate in this investigation. However, she was convinced after Stewart promised to protect her all the way through their investigation into the project.[2]

Starting their investigation, Scarlet and Stewart went to Prison Island. There, Scarlet noticed that Stewart was not what he seemed after his papers granted them access to the restricted military facility. As they interviewed the director, they learned he did not know much about Project Shadow. However, he did show them some footage of what seemed like Sonic working together with Eggman to uncover the secrets of Project Shadow, which was why GUN was currently trying to arrest Sonic.[13] Stewart and Scarlet would afterward look for a GUN soldier named Mr. Schmitz who was involved in Project Shadow.[14] However, he proved difficult to track down since he kept changing his name and residence.[15] They eventually tracked him to the Bucket Hotel, where residential Jerome Wise showed them Schmitz's room. Stewart could tell that Schmitz had been there recently, so he and Scarlet decided to wait. When he did not show up however, Scarlet and Stewart decided to take their leave. As they left the hotel however, they got the feeling that someone was following them.[14]

Scarlet and Stewart eventually tracked Schmitz down to a nursing home. However, Schmitz refused to tell them anything in spite of Scarlet's desperate pleas. Eventually, Stewart stopped Scarlet and had her withdraw with him. On their way to their car however, they were attacked by Black-Suited Agents. While Stewart held the agents off, Scarlet followed his orders and tried to make a run for it, only to be caught by one of the agents at the car. Fortunately, Scarlet was saved when Schmitz disabled the agent holding her. As more agents showed up however, the trio decided to hide in a garden. There, Schmitz decided to tell them about Project Shadow, revealing it meant to discover the secret to eternal life, but the government grew uncomfortable with it and sent GUN to shut it down, with Schmitz being one of the soldiers that invaded the ARK where the project was being carried out.[16] In the process, Schmitz inadvertently shot a young girl that was helping the ultimate creature escape.[17] Eventually though, the ultimate creature and its prototype were sealed away and the soldiers were sworn to secrecy while the invasion was written off to the public as an accident. After the story was done, Scarlet consoled him and thanked him for his help, with the intention of revealing the truth to the public.[16] Not long after, Scarlet revealed the truth about Project Shadow to the world while doing a live news reportage on Super Sonic and Super Shadow's battle with the Final Lizard.[18]

Egg Moon Saga

Scarlet on the SSTV evening news.

When the Egg Moon covered the sun and cast the Earth into darkness. Scarlet reported to the residents of Station Square on the evening news that the seemingly-reformed Dr. Eggman was working on providing artificial light to the world. She soon after interrupted the program so the Eggman Company could show its add.[19]

Emerl Saga

One day, Scarlet went to the Station Square city park were she did a news report on the growing Freedom Movement social phenomenon. During her report, she interviewed a Freedom Movement practitioner while also commenting on the fad's influence on the world of sports.[20] Scarlet soon after returned to the park to do a news report on the Freedom Movement again, which had now become so popular that people were leaving their jobs in order to emulate Sonic's lifestyle.[21]

Scarlet helping the Chaos Emerald Martial Art Mash-Ups infomercial.

Some time later, Scarlet and her news crew went to get a inside scoop on a meeting between Sonic, Knuckles, Rouge and the President. This meeting was meant to discuss an anti-Eggman plan. Before the President arrived however, Scarlet took a look at Sonic, Knuckles and Rouge, only to discovered that they all were disinterested in this meeting. The President then arrived and ordered Scarlet's newscast to cease. Because Sonic and his friends lacked a good reason to cooperate, the President laid out a fighting tournament with a Chaos Emerald as a prize to lure out Eggman. When Knuckles still refused to cooperate, Scarlet, the President and Topaz tricked him into agreeing. Helping spread the word, Scarlet did news interviews and infomercials on the tournament.[22]

On the day of the tournament, Scarlet did news reports on the individual fights.[22] She was soon after joined by Tails. In the finals, Scarlet recognized Mister Stewart as the news director she helped during their investigation of Project Shadow when she tried to interview him. Thinking his cover had been blown, Stewart fled the scene, thereby forfeiting his match to E-77 Lucky.[23]

Homebound Saga

Appearing on SSTV news some time after, Scarlet would inform the viewers of the Seahawk's recent disappearance out at sea.[24] Later on, Scarlet returned to the field of news coverage by doing another story on the Freedom Movement, which had now gained more prominence among the public than ever. However, it was soon revealed that Sonic and his friends soon had to return to their world, or time would come to a stop.[25]

Scarlet and her crew were later in the city when they noticed hundreds of GUN robots fly over their heads on the orders of a rogue GUN commander. Scarlet promptly went to the White House with her crew to interview the President, only to find her way blocked by rogue government agents. Fortunately, the crisis at the White House was soon resolved, and the rogue government officials were arrested. Scarlet later went to the site of the portal to Sonic's world with Mr. Stewart and watched everyone from Sonic's world depart Earth. Meanwhile, she turned to Stewart for answers about who he really was, but Stewart dodged their attempts to question him.[26]

Archie Comics

She has also made appearances in the Sonic X comic series, in which she is revealed to be the host of a local talk show called Station Square Today.[27]


Scarlet is usually a very calm and delicate person. She loves her job as a reporter and presents her materials with enthusiasm. She also tries to be very convincing and dislikes giving up.

Powers and abilities

Scarlet is a excellent reporter with keen observational skills. She is also skilled at persuasion.


Mister Stewart

Scarlet is by far the only person who can detect Mister Stewart's identity. Despite the support of his curiosity, Stewart always ends up keeping his identity secret.




"Strange... what's Sonic doing? Why is he going the wrong way? It certainly is an odd tactic."
—When Sonic flies away from her helicopter on T.V. from "Fast Friends".
"Amazing! Sonic not only crossed the finish line first, he went back for an encore!"
—After they show the photos of Sonic winning by a landslide from "Fast Friends".
"I understand now. Thank you."
—When Mister Schmitz cries and she holds his hand from "Robotnik's Revenge"
"I'm doing an infomercial. This is gonna kill my credibility."
—After doing the tournament commercial from "Prize Fights".
"Our viewers will be so disappointed, especially the millions of rabid Knuckles fans out there."
—When she's trying to convince Knuckles to join the tournament from "Prize Fights".
"The President's aid threw in the towel!"
—After the Black Knight wins from "Prize Fights".
"They know something..."
—After she sees Black-Suited Agents behind her from "Running Out of Time".
"Looks like this story's ending. But I still haven't figured out who you really are."
—Talking to Mister Stewart from "Running Out of Time".


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