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Sonic X
Satellite Swindle (transcript)

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This is the transcript for the Sonic X episode, "Satellite Swindle".

[Dr. Eggman places a deck of cards in the Selection Machine and pulls down the handle. Three cards showing E-90 Super Sweeper appear on the screen.]

Dr. Eggman: Perfect!

[Super Sweeper is transported on a platform, then an opening appears on the ground. The Super Sweeper then takes off from the fortress towards space. The Sonic X opening theme "Gotta Go Fast" or "Sonic X" plays.]

Area 99 patrols: What was that? Some kind of rocket maybe?
Area 99 military leader: What's the word?
Area 99 patrol: An unknown object was spotted about 5 minutes ago. I'm afraid that's all we know, sir.
Area 99 military leader: That Dr. Eggman is up to something. I only wish I knew what it was. Has it been identified?
Area 99 patrol: I'm afraid not, sir.
Dr. Eggman: Well, now, time to have a little fun! [Pulls on a handle.] Super Sweeper! [Super Sweeper pulls out its vacuum and activates it.]

[Alarm at Area 99 sounds]

Area 99 military leader: What's going on?
Area 99 patrol: Communications' cut off! Sir, the satellite! Its-
Area 99 military leader: Gone?!
Area 99 patrol: Yes, sir.
Area 99 military leader: This can't be happening! It's impossible!

[Super Sweeper sucks up numerous satellites.]

Dr. Eggman: Just look at all my shiny, new toys! Ah well, too bad I have to grind them all into robot parts! Who knew recycling can be so much fun? [Laughs] And cost-effective?
Area 99 patrol: It's getting closer!
Area 99 military leader: We've got to alert the President!
Next: Y'know what I like to do best, boys and girls? I like to dance! Dancing's lots of fun, and it's good exercise, too! Hey, I've got an idea! Why don't you dance with me? That's it! Looking good!
Ella: Hi! Snack time, everyone! Here we go!
Amy: Ella showed me how to make homemade apple pie.
Ella: I think our little Amy has quite a knack for baking! I just might be out of the job soon!
Amy: Hey, Ella, maybe Sonic would like some pie.
Tails: [licks his lips] He can have the other one.
Amy: No, you don't! That pie is for Sonic!
Tails: No, Amy!

[Amy grabs the dish which tosses Tails into the television. The television receives static.]

Cream: Tails, you broke our TV.
Tails: I'm sorry...
Cream: And that was our favorite program...
Chris: Don't worry, Cream, maybe this will help. [Flicks through other channels but they receive static] Okay, guess that didn't work.
Cream: Now, we can't watch our program! [Cries]
Sonic: Hey, what's going on?
Chris: Hi, Sonic. Cream and Cheese are upset because the TV's busted.
Sonic: That's what they're crying about?
Chris: Uh huh.
Amy: What do we do? Now, I can't watch my cooking show.
Ella: Or Mrs Thorndyke in the Movie of the Week.
Mr. Tanaka: Or the martial arts matinee.
Chris: Sorry, Mr. Tanaka.

[Bokkun laughs and flies into the house. Amy and Ella grab the pies while Sonic, Chris hide behind the couch.]

Bokkun: That was a disappointing welcome if you don't mind me saying so. [grabs a TV out] Got a brand-new message for Sonic from Dr. Eggman, so listen up good!
Dr. Eggman: Greetings, my little warthog! Sorry if it's being so long since my last message, but I've been such a busy, little bee. Take a look! [Footage of Super Sweeper sucking up satellites plays.]
Chris: That thing's swallowing up satellites!
Mr. Tanaka: And it's ruined our television reception.
Dr. Eggman: Don't get any ideas, Sonic! After all, I'm only having a little fun. So stay out of it if you know what's good for you! As we speak, my E-90 is floating above the stratosphere, collecting all matter of space junk so that I can make more and more of my ever-so-helpful mechanical friends! Well, what do you say to that? [laughs] Pretty soon, you might be obsolete, Bokkun! [Bokkun cries.]
Chris: What's E-90?
Tails: I don't know, Chris, but I'll bet it's one of Dr. Eggman's robots. I wonder what a stratosphere is.
Chuck: A layer of air miles above us. It's as high as the sky! We can do without you, crybaby!
Bokkun: No! Put me down! [Explosion] Gotcha! [Laughs]
Chris: Looks like that robot's da bomb!
Chuck: Very funny. But this is serious, Chris. Eggman's causing havoc miles above anyone's reach.
Chris: I bet the Tornado can get up there.
Tails: Mmmm...
Sonic: Come on, Tails! Why not? I'm game! Let's go!
Tails: Okay, I'm coming. [Sonic and Tails jump on the Tornado 2.] We can do it!
Sonic: You bet!
Amy: Good luck, you guys. We'll be waiting.
Eggman: Huh? E-90, zap those meddlers! [Super Sweeper shoots lasers at the Tornado 2 but the heroic duo avoids them.]
Sonic: Move in close! [Super Sweeper attempts to close its mouth only but misses the heroes again.]
Tails: We move too fast for it! [Super Sweeper shoots lasers at the Tornado 2 but the heroes evaded them.]
Sonic: I think that was too close!
Tails: Don't worry. I think I've got an idea. [The Tornado 2 oscillates around the Super Sweeper as it begins to spin around with it. Eggman grows dizzy.] Here goes! [Tails shoots at Super Sweeper with machine guns, causing the top part of the robot to explode a bit. Super Sweeper continues to soar upward.]
Sonic: Stay with it!
Tails: Just hold on tight! [Super Sweeper detaches a green segment in an attempt to strike at the Tornado 2 but they avoid it.]
Dr. Eggman: Time for some fireworks. [Super Sweeper shoots missiles but Sonic kicks them away with one hitting Super Sweeper.] You think you're so smart, don't you? Super Sweeper! [Super Sweeper activates its vacuum.]
Sonic: It's sucking us in! [Tails pulls hard on the lever and they successfully avoid it.] It's coming up behind us!
Tails: I know a way to shake it. I can't believe it. It's swallowing up all the clouds! [The Tornado 2's propeller explodes and the heroes quickly lose altitude, falling towards the ocean.] Oh, no! [Tails pulls hard on the handle and they have just missed the water.]
Chuck: It appears that our foe is more powerful than we thought.
Sonic: Hey, Tails!
Tails: Huh?
Sonic: Problem is the Tornado is too slow. So, what you oughta do is to suit this birdie up a little bit.
Tails: I could try.
Chris: Really, Tails?
Tails: Maybe I could use the Chaos Emerald, but there could be a problem. It's all that energy. The Chaos Emerald's got huge amounts of energy. It would only take only a tiny bit to run the Tornado, so all that extra energy wouldn't have anywhere to go, and that could be a real big problem.
Chris: What do you think, Grandpa?
Chuck: We need to find a way to burn off the Emerald's excess energy.
Tails: I wouldn't want to just waste it.
Chuck: Do you have any better ideas?
Tails: Well, we could install a back-up engine. That way, with two engines instead of one, the energy would have another outlet.
Chuck: Do you really think two engines could contain all that power?
Tails: If we wanna beat Dr. Eggman, it's sure worth giving it a try.
Chuck: In order to install that back-up, we'd have to rebuild the plane. Are you sure you have the know-how to do that, Tails?
Tails: Well, I've never done anything like this before, but I'll give it a shot.
Sonic: You can do it, Tails! I know it!
Chuck: Come with me, Tails. I've got something that might interest you. In fact, I'm certain it will.
Tails: What's this?
Chuck: It's my secret laboratory.
Tails: It's amazing!
Chuck: I think you'll find everything we need.
Tails: Sure!
Chuck: Now, let's rebuild the Tornado!
Tails: Yeah! We could connect it here.
Chuck: You mean like this? [Scene changes to Tails working on the plane, and Chuck working respectively.] You've been working all day long, Tails. Why don't you take a break?
Tails: It's okay. I'm almost done.
Chuck: Alright.
Chris: Want some help?

[The next day.]

Dr. Eggman: Good morning! It's time for... the one and only Dr. Eggman Show! This program is coming to you live via a satellite from a beautiful island in the Southern Sea.
Cream: He's scary!
Dr. Eggman: Today's show is brought to you by the amazing Super Sweeper, for a cleaner, safer stratosphere.
Bocoe: Cue!
Dr. Eggman: Who's the most brilliant scientist in all the universe? [Chuckles and dances around] Why, it's Dr. Eggman!
Area 99 patrol: Sir, the object appears to have been launched.
Area 99 military leader: Then I'm afraid we have no choice but to launch a counter-attack.
Area 99 patrol: Yes, sir.
Tails: Hey, Sonic!
Sonic: Did you finish?
Tails: Yep, we sure did. Come on, I'll show ya!

[Everyone gathers. Chuck and Tails nod and Chuck presses a button on his switch. The garage lifts up and reveals the newly-created plane.]

Tails: Presenting Tornado X!
Area 99 patrol: Target locked armed, sir.
Area 99 military leader: Fire laser! [All of the satellites fire lasers at Super Sweeper, but the lasers are rebounded away from the robot.] What is happening?
Dr. Eggman: A feeble attempt at best, my friends! Come on, Super Sweeper! Do your stuff! [Super Sweeper sucks in all of the satellites with its vacuum.]
Sonic: Let's shove off, Tails!
Chris: Hey, Sonic, I was hoping I could go too.
Sonic: Chris, you can't come with us. You know the plane's only a two-seater.
Chris: I thought...
Tails: Guess I forgot to tell ya. I made a couple of more changes. [Presses a switch]
Chris: I asked Tails if he could put in an extra list. I hope you don't mind, Sonic.
Sonic: Hmmm...
Tails: Well, Sonic?
Sonic: Just so long as you don't get in the way, okay?
Chris: You got a deal!
Tails: Tornado X ready for take off!
Chuck: Let's clear the runaway! I can't wait! I'm so excited, I could fly!
Tails: Tornado X blast off! Here we go! [Tornado X lifts off the ground.] Okay, get ready! We're about to enter "X-Hyper speed mode"!
Decoe: Sorry to disturb you, Dr. Eggman, but something is headed straight for E-90, and it sure is fast.
Dr. Eggman: But not fast enough! I'll teach them to sneak up on me!

[Missiles are fired right at the Tornado X, but the plane swiftly avoids them.]

Sonic: Let's do it! [Sonic kicks the missiles away and lands on Super Sweeper. The robot fires lasers at Sonic, but narrowly avoids them.]
Tails: Don't worry, Sonic, I've got your back! [Shoots down Super Sweeper's laser guns]
Sonic: Thanks, Tails!
Dr. Eggman: SONIC! I'll put an end to that hyperactive hedgehog!

[Super Sweeper shoots yellow, thin lasers at the Tornado X.]

Tails: I can't get any closer! [Sonic destroys the laser guns.]
Amy: Isn't Sonic the bravest?

[Sonic jumps onto Super Sweeper and nearly loses his balance and grabs onto the robot.]

Dr. Eggman: Now try and top that.

[Super Sweeper prepares to activate its vacuum.]

Tails: Here we go! Booster switch on! Sonic, watch out! [Shoots at the vacuum, destroying it.]
Dr. Eggman: ALL RIGHT! You want to fight dirty?!
Tails: Just try to get away!
Chris: Sonic looks like he's shivering.
Tails: That's 'cause we're close to the stratosphere. It's 50-below here, but Sonic can take it.

[Sonic and various parts of the Tornado X begins to freeze solid.]

Chris: What's going on?
Tails: Everything's A-Okay!
Sonic: A-Okay!
Chris: Tails, Sonic is frozen solid!
Tails: Huh?

[Missiles fire at the Tornado X but the heroes avoid them.]

Chris: Hey, the Ring!
Tails: No good! I can't open the cockpit!
Chris: But, we've gotta think of something!
Chuck: (We need to find a way to burn off the Emerald's excess energy.)
Tails: That's it. I've got an idea. Listen carefully, Chris. Take the ring and connect it to the yellow cable underneath the seat.
Chris: What's that gonna do?
Tails: There's no time for questions!
Chris: O-okay!

[The Tornado X dodges missiles. Chris places the ring onto the yellow cable. The ring glows and Sonic thaws himself out.]

Sonic: Watch out, Eggman, I'm all warmed up! Let's go get 'em, guys!
Tails: Yeah!

[Sonic destroys a group of missiles and destroys Super Sweeper by spinning into it.]

Chris and Tails: Yeah! Alright! (Respectively)
Mr. Tanaka: Guess I need to call the cable guy!

[Sonic is seen with his feet in hot water.]

Ella: Sonic, I made my caliente chili. This will make your tummy nice and warm.
Chuck: You sure told Eggman a lesson, Sonic.
Sonic: It wasn't me, Chuck. I've just helped out this time. Chris and Tails are the ones that did it. They're the real heroes!
Chris and Tails: Yeah!
Amy: Let's celebrate! I've made this ice-cream myself, for the coolest guy around!
Sonic: Er... Wow, cool! [Shrugs.]

[The Sonic X closing theme "Gotta Go Fast" (shortened) plays as the credits roll.]