Sasori (サーソリー Sāsorī?)[1] is an enemy that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog CD. They are scorpion-based Badnik models created by Dr. Eggman.


Sasoris are blue scorpion-based Badniks. They have an almost semicircled body with a black face on the front that only show two black eyes, and a yellow oblong disk above their head and along their back. They also have two large claws with light green caps at the joints (colored yellow in their in-game sprites) and four yellow legs behind their claws which have small blue wheels on the tips. Their primary weapon is a laser gun which they have for a tail.


Sasori a

Sasoris in Sonic the Hedgehog CD only appear in Quartz Quadrant. In gameplay, they roll along the ground in a fixed area and fire projectiles from their tails when they spot the player.

In the Bad Future or sometimes in the present timeframe of the Rounds, these Badniks have broken down due to age. They display several cracks in their armor and are missing their laser gun. These Sasoris are unable to fire their projectiles although they will attempt to. Otherwise, the player can destroy them with a Spin Jump or Spin Attack. Like every Badnik in the game, they are powered by Little Planet flower seeds which will pop out of them after they are defeated. A Sasori also appears in the ending sequence that plays during the credits.


  • "Sasori" is the Japanese word for "scorpion".



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