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Jari-Thure's wife. She was once famed for her beauty (the Holoska Rose, they called her). Sarianna may seem too hard on her husband, but really, she thinks of him all the time. Why, just the other day, she noticed him shivering, so she went and heated his bath water all the way up to 140 degrees.

— Directory, Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3)

Sarianna (サリアンナ Sarian'na?) is a character that appears in Sonic Unleashed. She is a human resident of Holoska, the wife of Jari-Thure and the mother of Marketa.

On the Wii/PlayStation 2 version of the game, Sarianna is one the Gaia Temple guardians of Holoska's Gaia Temple.


Xbox 360/PlayStation 3

In the past, Sarianna was famed for her beauty. At some point in her life, she met and married Jari-Thure, and the two of them had a daughter named Marketa. During her marriage with Jari-Thure, Sarianna was very bossy and hash towards her husband, ordering him around and giving him unreasonable demands. At some point during her marriage, Sarianna was awoken by Jari-Thure, who slept next to her, when he woke up screaming from having a nightmare about Sarianna giving him the dickens. As soon as she was awoken, Sarianna then ironically proceeded to give him the dickens. At some other point in her marriage, Sarianna heated some bath water for Jari-Thure up to 140 degrees when she noticed him shivering.

During the events of Sonic Unleashed, Sarianna began to hear strange sounds from behind her village. Sometime afterwards, she met Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip when they first arrived in Holoska, where she told them about the noises she had heard and how annoyed she was that her husband was too scared to take a look.

Sometime later, Sarianna learned that someone had trashed the bobsled they had near the ice cavern in Cool Edge. When Sarianna met Sonic and Chip shortly after, she told them about the bobsled and noted she had to make Jari-Thure fix it. Some time later, Sarianna met Sonic and Chip again and heard that they were heading for Chun-nan, which Sarianna remarked was famous for its meat buns.

A while afterwards, Sarianna met up with Jari-Thure and asked him what they going to eat tonight. As Jari-Thure said it was frozen meat soup, Sarianna told him that she would rather have smoked mohn while he could eat the soup. Shortly after this, Sarianna met up with Sonic and Chip again, and explained how dense Jari-Thure was at times and that she had to tell him what to do or he would never get anything done.

Some time afterwards, Sarianna and Marketa listened to Jari-Thure telling them about Sonic and Chip. When Sonic and Chip returned to Holoska some days later, Sarianna told them that Jari-Thure had been talking about them to her.

A while afterwards, Sarianna learned about a monster in Holoska that only appeared at night. When Sonic and Chip later came back to Holoska, Sarianna asked them if they knew about the monster, which she thought could be a yeti. After Sonic and Chip returned from Cool Edge, Sarianna met them again and recognized the Gaia Key they had in their possession where he told them that she was unaware that the Gaia Gate had been locked. Later, after Sonic and Chip had restored Holoska's continent, Sarianna met them again and asked them if they were behind the continents' restoration. After hearing their response, Sarianna told Sonic and Chip that she felt quite the jolt when the continent slid back into place, before remarking that they had to report to Professor Pickle now.

Some time later, Sarianna found Jari-Thure asking her for money to take the public sled to get some shopping done, but she refused to lend him any money, which led to a fierce argument between them. When Jari-Thure tried to get Sonic on his side when he saw him nearby, Sarianna told Sonic that her husband could pay for the sled himself, as she thought it was only a little money. Jari-Thure tried to tell Sarianna that his shopping money was needed for everyone, but she rebuked that it was no excuse for begging money off of her and that he could just take his own sled instead. As Jari-Thure then said that his face would freeze if he took his own sled, Sarianna remarked that his scraggy beard would protect him and told him to stop whining.

At some point later, Sarianna made Jari-Thure buy her a new coat. Though she was glad for her new coat, she was somewhat disappointed with it, because it was in the same style as her old one. Not long after, Sarianna met Sonic and Chip again and told them about her new coat and that she hoped Jari-Thure would buy her a different style next year. Over the next period, Sarianna would tell Sonic and Chip whenever she met them that she wanted to visit Mazuri at least once in her life though she was amazed that people down there wore light clothing all year long.

Some time later, Sarianna told Jari-Thure that she had seen a Shamarian fortune teller on television the other day, and offered her husband to tell him his future. As Jari-Thure agreed to give it a try, Sarianna began to read his fortune, which she said was treasuring his family, working to become a better cook, doing the laundry and buying lots of gifts for her. Jari-Thure soon realized, however, that Sarianna was giving him her personal wishing list rather than a fortune.

A while later, Sarianna and Jari-Thure went out fishing. While fishing, Sarianna demanded of Jari-Thure that he had to catch a whale before they could go home. Though he complied, Jari-Thure ended up with a cold while fishing, and the two of them eventually returned home. Worried for her husband's health, Sarianna ordered some cold medicine from Zonshen in Chun-nan. Not long after, Sarianna met Sonic and Chip again and saw that they had brought her the medicine she had ordered, and she thanked them greatly for their help. After receiving the medicine, Sarianna answered Sonic and Chip's question of what it was, before telling them not to tell Jari-Thure that she bought the medicine out of concern for his health. She then remarked that she still intended to take the money the medicine cost out of Jari-Thure's monthly allowance.

A while afterwards, Sarianna had Jari-Thure clean out the snow in the area, despite his cold. The next morning, however, Sarianna found Jari-Thure collapsed outside from a very high fever. Worried about Jari-Thure's well-being, Sarianna took care of him and began nursing him back to health. While taking care of Jari-Thure in his sicken state, Sarianna met Sonic and Chip and explained to them why she was currently so worried and about how she had been taking care of her husband. No sooner, Sarianna excused herself and left Sonic and Chip as she had to go back to take care of Jari-Thure.

Eventually, Sarianna nursed Jari-Thure back to full health. Sometime later, she and Jari-Thure met Sonic and Chip again, where Jari-Thure told them about how Sarianna had been taking care of him. After Jari-Thure had explained this to Sonic and Chip, Sarianna remarked that was obvious that she and Marketa could not live without him. As Jari-Thure then proclaimed that this was a sign of love, Sarianna elaborated on her statement, saying that they needed someone to do the shopping and shovel the snow, and that she would do anything to make sure that he would stick around to do that for them.

Sometime afterwards, Sarianna met Sonic and Chip once more, where Sonic asked her about her relationship with Jari-Thure. During their conversation, Sarianna admitted she was close to Jari-Thure, and that she was glad that she had met him despite his flaws, before becoming embarrassed for saying that. She also asked Sonic if he had seen Jari-Thure around, as she was worried about his lack of self-confidence lately, before saying that she would make him his favorite food to cheer him up, though she would subtract it from his allowance.

Sarianna later watched on in horror with the rest of her village as Dark Gaia began to cast the world into darkness while maturing into Perfect Dark Gaia, but rejoiced as the world returned to normal following Perfect Dark Gaia's defeat at the hands of Super Sonic and the Gaia Colossus.

Wii/PlayStation 2

During the events of Sonic Unleashed, following the earth's shattering caused by Dark Gaia's awakening, Sarianna began to hear rumors of spooky things going on around the local Sacred Shrine. After hearing this, Sarianna told this to Jari-Thure, expecting him to check it out. However, as soon as she told him about it, Jari-Thure disappeared, leaving Sarianna to go looking for him.

While looking for Jari-Thure, Sarianna met Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip when they first arrived in Holoska, where she told Sonic that he dressed in a funny and asked him if he was freezing before she teasingly remarked that she should mind her own business. She then asked them if they had seen Jari-Thure.

A while later, Sarianna met  Sonic and Chip again and asked them again if they had seen Jari-Thure before explaining why she was looking for him, though she believed he was hiding from her and called his actions pitiful. Sarianna then got the idea of having Sonic and Chip check out the shrine for her and asked them if they would do that. As Sonic and Chip agreed to her request, Sarianna thanked them and gave them the Sun Tablet, believing they would need it. Sarianna then told them that they did not have to thank her for giving them the tablet since she wanted them to have it, before telling them that she looked forward to hearing their report.

Later on, Sarianna found Jari-Thure and the two of them ended in the doghouse. Eventually, Sarianna discovered that something else was going on at the shrine. Soon after, Sarianna met Sonic and Chip again, and told them of what she had discovered before asking them to solve this issue.

Some time afterwards, Sarianna encountered Sonic and Chip again. Recognizing them from before, Sarianna apologized to them for making her earlier request to them, and heard that they came come because they thought she knew more about the Sacred Shrine that she let on. Praising them for the intuitiveness, Sarianna explained that she and Jari-Thure were Temple Guardians, and that Jari-Thure had the Moon Tablet they needed to proceed further into the Sacred Shrine. However, since she had noticed that her husband had been acting strange, Sarianna told Sonic and Chip that they had to talk to Jari-Thure themselves. Soon after, Sarianna found Sonic and Chip returning and saw that they had gotten the Moon Tablet before directing them the Sacred Shrine.

A while later, Sarianna met Sonic and Chip again and explained that the shrine was very important to them. She then heard from Sonic and Chip that everything around the shrine had been taken care of, which made Sarianna thank them deeply. She then told Sonic and Chip that Jari-Thure could stand to learn a thing or two from them.

Sarianna later watched on in horror with the rest of her village as Dark Gaia began to cast the world into darkness while maturing into Perfect Dark Gaia, but rejoiced as the world returned to normal following Perfect Dark Gaia's defeat at the hands of Super Sonic and the Gaia Colossus.


Sarianna is rather bossy towards her husband, always telling him what to do and giving him rather harsh orders and difficult tasks. However, this is just because she believes that if she does not take charge, he would not get anything done. In reality, she deeply loves her husband and is glad to have met him.

In other media

Archie Comics

Main article: Sarianna (Archie)

Sarianna, from Sonic the Hedgehog #276.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Sarianna is a human resident from Artika and a Guardian of one of the Gaia Keys. She and her husband Jari-Thure were captured by the Artika Egg Army for their affiliation with the Gaia Keys, but were saved by the Freedom Fighters, whom they gave their Gaia Keys to.


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