An Avatar wearing the Sanic T-shirt in Sonic Forces.

Sanic, a deliberate misspelling of "Sonic", refers to a series of fan artworks and game modifications featuring a poor depiction of Sonic the Hedgehog. During the 2010's, Sanic was officially referenced multiple times, mainly on the Sonic social media accounts.[1] Sanic is commonly associated with another poorly-drawn illustration of Sonic titled "Gotta Go Fast", as well as the phrase itself.



The original Sanic illustration, titled "Heghog".

On March 31, 2010, YouTuber 0nyxheart uploaded a video titled "How 2 Draw Sanic Hegehog", containing footage of the creation of the original Sanic illustration in MS Paint accompanied by a distorted version of the music for Green Hill Zone. The finished illustration has a quote referencing one of Sonic's taunts from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, "C'mon, step it up!". The original upload of the video has since been removed, but has been reuploaded by fans. Sanic has since been recognized by Sega, and the design by 0nyxheart in particular has been used many times, mainly on social media. The official Sonic social media team created a 3D model based on 0nyxheart's illustration, and it has been used in merchandise and even appeared in downloadable content for Sonic Forces.[2][3][4]

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