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The Sandopolis Desert,[3] formerly known as the Sandopolis Zone, is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It was a region of Angel Island, consisting of a vast desert.


As its name suggests, Sandopolis is a vast desert covering an impressive one-fourth of the island. The majority of the region is made up of sand with one known oasis, the Azure Lake Oasis. As for wildlife, the Sandcrawlers are the only known species to naturally inhabit this region. These creatures are a ferocious centipede like breed of worms known to be dangerous predators that appear to hunt by thermal tracking and should not be faced alone. However they have also been shown to be quite edible and capable of being tamed. Also, a number of pyramid ruins left by the first colony of Echidnas from Albion can be found here.



For many generations, a portion of Sandopolis was designated as off limits to everyone and known as the "Forbidden Zone." This was due to the fact that Sandopolis was also the location of the secret front door entrance to Haven, maintained by the Brotherhood of Guardians. After the introductory training of the next Guardian was complete, the current Guardian would lead him to the area of Sandopolis where Haven was and leap through a holographic wall of fire concealing the entrance, beginning the new Guardian's stage of self-reliance.[4][5]

Further visits

Knuckles the Echidna and Archimedes were banished here by the original Enerjak to prevent them from interfering with his plans.[6][7] It was also here that Knuckles unwittingly began the next stage of his training under Archimedes.[2]

Helmut Von Stryker was exiled to Sandopolis by his son Kage after the latter took control of the Dingo Regime and allied with the Eggman Empire. While there, Helmut worked with the surviving Fire Ant Council members Deo Volente, Semper Fidelis and Archimedes along with Catweazle in establishing a resistance movement to the dingo occupation of Angel Island. Following the return of Enerjak, the entire Dingo Regime was stripped of its weapons, armor and pride, and banished to the deserts of Sandopolis, though Kage was killed by Enerjak.[8]

Sandopolis Camp

The Dingo's camp in the Sandopolis Desert, from Sonic Universe #9.

Shortly after, the dingoes once again were led by Helmut Von Stryker, who reorganized the dingoes and taught them to survive in the desert.[9] They primarily made camp around the Azure Lake Oasis, and quickly adapted to the environment.[10] With the island liberated of the Eggman Empire's control, Von Stryker informed Knuckles he and the dingoes would be on the move towards the inner parts of the island shortly.[9]

Later on, Helmut requested Knuckles's presence, saying he had a report on Project Enerjak: Reborn and was let Knuckles have first dibs on Dr. Finitevus, while thinking that they could finish each other off. Harry transported Knuckles, Julie-Su and Mighty the Armadillo via Sandcrawler to a series of ruins in the desert. After a drop off, Mighty then inquired Harry about how things have been and Harry then told of his time with the Dingo Regime, while bringing up a few bitter memories. He then left Mighty seeing that Knuckles had a Warp Ring and that they didn't need him. While investigating the ruins Knuckles became puzzled about their origins as the main structure, a pyramid, appeared similar to Albion architecture, but the rest of the buildings did not match it at all. After gaining access to the pyramid Knuckles realized the building was definitely an Albion stronghold, but became further confused about why there would be a facility like it that pre-dated Echidnaopolis among the remains of a primitive Downunda settlement. Further inside the pyramid, the trio came across a pit trap with spiked walls and lasers, trapping them within.[3] They later managed to escape, and made their way to Downunda, where they found a similar collection of ruins.[1]

Note: From this point, the Sandopolis Desert's history continues from its new existence in the altered timeline.

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