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Sand Ruins

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Sand Ruins (サンドルーイン Sandorūin?) is the last EX World Grand Prix course. It follows by Green Cave and precedes Babylon Garden. It is playable by Sonic.


In story mode, Sonic is the only playable character, but in a normal race, every character is valid. The course takes place at daytime, in a desert. The start/finish line is in a colosseum, surrounded by people watching. Right before the end, there is a giant bow that shoots the racer back to the colosseum. There are many ruins throughout the course, some of them being obstacles that can be hit by a power-type character, or must be avoided by any other character that's not strong enough to break through.


As the name replies, Sand Ruins takes place in the middle of a desert temple. The temple is in ruins and sand flows just about everywhere. Few ramps are in the area and some dash boards, as well.






  • There is also another version of this track in the unlockable Babylon story, only playable as Jet the Hawk in the Babylon Story Mode. This track is called Dark Desert.
  • A portion of Sand Ruins' music was used in the music for Magma Rift in Sonic Free Riders.

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