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Sand Hill (サンドヒル Sando Hiru?) is a stage only playable in Tails' story in Sonic Adventure. In this stage, Tails has to pass through the various gates to earn points.


After getting blasted out of the sky at the end of the first Sky Chase by the Egg Carrier, Tails and Sonic were separated when the Tornado crashed. After having a flashback about the "good old days", Tails realizes he can't rely on Sonic forever and figures that he should try the Tornado II but it needs a Chaos Emerald to work. Tails happens to find a Chaos Emerald in the jungle section of the Mystic Ruins but it is swallowed by Big's best friend, Froggy. Tails gives chase, which winds him up in Sand Hill. After catching the frog and retrieving the Emerald, Tails is transported into the past by a ball of light. When he returned to the present, Tails used the Chaos Emerald to finish building the Tornado II.

Sub Game

In Sub Game, this level can only be played by Sonic and Tails. The player can receive two emblems from this stage, (like other sub games). The player get the emblems by receiving high scores. The second emblem is much harder than the first. The player can use either Sonic or Tails, but cannot get two emblems per character.


Gate combo Points earned Total points
1X 10 10
2X 20 30
3X 30 60
4X 40 100
5X 50 150
6X 60 210
7X 70 280
8X 80 360
9X 90 450
10X 100 550
11X 110 660
12X 120 780
13X 130 910
14X 140 1050
15X 150 1200
16X 160 1360
17X 170 1530
18X 180 1710
19X 190 1900
20X 200 2100
21X 210 2310
22X 220 2530
23X 230 2760
24X 240 3000
25X 250 3250
26X 260 3510
27X 270 3780
28X 280 4060
29X 290 4350
30X 300 4650
31X 310 4960
32X 320 5280
33X 330 5610
34X 340 5960
35X 350 6300
36X 360 6660
37X 370 7030
38X 380 7410
39X 390 7800
40X 400 8200
41X 410 8610
42X 420 9030
43X 430 9460
44X 440 9900
45X 450 10350

In other media

Archie Comics

Main article: Sand Hill Zone


  • There is a very large possibility that Sand Hill actually takes place in Sandopolis Zone from Sonic & Knuckles. This is heavily supported by the fact that the entrance to Sand Hill is very close to (if not actually part of) Angel Island.
  • In Sonic Forces, Sand Hill is briefly mentioned when Sonic goes through Lost Valley, he compared the new desert-like Green Hill with Sand Hill, however, Sonic was never canonically seen in Sand Hill as he is only playable in this stage for the subgame.
    • Furthermore, in the Japanese version of the game, Sonic does not directly reference Sand Hill, saying that Green Hill looks more like "Sand Hell" instead.[1]


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Sand Hill Kenichi Tokoi 3:09



Sonic Adventure DX - A Rank Missions Sand Hill (Tails)


Sonic Adventure DX Sand Hill 1080 HD





  1. Sonic Team (9 November 2017). Sonic Forces (Japanese version). Nintendo Switch. Sega. Area/level: Lost Valley. "Sonic the Hedgehog: これじゃ「グリーンヒル」じゃなくて「サンドヘル」だぜ。"

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