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Sand Blast City

Sand Blast City is a Mobian settlement located in the middle of the Great Desert. After Dr. Ivo Robotnik's successful takeover of Mobotropolis, Sand Blast City became another territory conquered and ruled by the despot. Following Robotnik's death at the hands of Sonic the Hedgehog, the city's non-roboticized citizens rallied together and overthrew the sub-boss and Robians, successfully retaking the city and restoring their freedom.


Fall and Liberation

Following Dr. Robotnik's military coup, Sand Blast City was among the areas of Mobius conquered, with many of its citizens being roboticized, and sub-bosses being installed in the area to crush any attempts at resistance. Robotnik's efforts to quell all resistance failed when scattered groups evaded capture and remained hidden, barely surviving the perils of the desert and Robotnik's attacks. Despite this, the resistance groups were unable to liberate their city and were forced to remain in hiding. (StH: #62)

Following Robotnik's death at the hands of Sonic the Hedgehog, the resistance groups, now calling themselves the Sand-Blasters—which modeled themselves after the Knothole Freedom Fighters—were inspired to fight with renewed determination and managed to overthrow the sub-bosses, liberating their city. (StH: #62)

Robian Dilemma

Unfortunately, with the removal of the sub-bosses and Dr. Robotnik, the Robian population went out of control and began attacking everything. However, the Sand-Blaster's leader, Jack Rabbit, created the Dome Force Field to keep the Robians from overwhelming the city. (StH: #62, #63)

During Sonic and Tails's hunt for Ixis Naugus, their plane crashed in the desert near the city. Jack and his recovery team quickly joined up with them and, fighting their way through a group of Robians, reached the safety of Sand Blast. Once secure, Jack tried desperately to convince Sonic to stay in Sand Blast for the rest of his life as the city's defender against the Robians, whose repeated attacks on the shield were beginning to wear it down. Realizing Jack and his men would keep him there by whatever means necessary, Sonic destroyed the shield's generator (ironically located in a giant monument of himself), allowing Sonic and Tails to escape, abandoning the Sand-Blasters to fight the Robians, who overran the city. (StH: #62, #63)

One year later, Jack sent out a distress call in an attempt to lure Sonic back to the city to enact vengeance. Instead, Bunnie Rabbot, flying over the area investigating, was captured instead. During the conversation he had with Bunnie, Jack revealed that the Sand-Blasters had turned the tide of battle, and then capture and imprison the Robians and re-built the Dome Shield. Realizing they planned to unleash the Robians on Sonic when he came looking for her after a prolonged disappearance, Bunnie escaped. Jack unleashed the Robians to stop her, but she defeated any Robians in her way and left Sand Blast City, while Jack and the Sand-Blasters went into battle against the Robians once again. (StH: #119)

Fighting the Dark Egg Legion

After the Robians found themselves de-roboticized by unknown means, they tried to temporarily settle in the city before returning to their normal lives. However, they were met with distrust and abuse by the people of Sand Blast City, and so the former Robians went back to Dr. Eggman for cybernetic upgrades so as to defend themselves, becoming a new chapter of his growing Dark Egg Legion. This resulted in them being pitted against the Sand-Blasters once again. By this time, the city's shield had again been restored and had the added defense of a series of E.M.P. Beacons designed by Avery and scattered around the perimeter to keep the DEL forces at bay. Wanting an edge against them, Jack sent out a call for help, and Sonic and Bunnie were sent out to assist them. Bunnie, unfortunately, got caught in one the EMP fields, lost control of her limbs and crashed on the other side of the desert, prompting Sonic to break into the city and confront the Sand-Blasters about what happened. After a short fight, he was subdued and held at gunpoint by Jack, who demanded to know why Sonic was back in his city. After some accusations and explanations about what had happened to Bunnie, Jack offered to help Sonic rescue Bunnie in exchange for helping him seize control of the Eggman Empire-controlled Oil Ocean Refinery, which Sonic accepted. (StH: #217)


  • When Sonic established his secret identity of "The Sneak," he claimed he was a recon agent of Sand Blast City.
  • An unused post-Sonic the Hedgehog #134 plot revealed by former writer Karl Bollers has Sand Blast city under Doctor Eggman's control, with Jack Rabbit as a sub-boss.

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