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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Sallybot is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is a near-perfect robotic doppelganger of Princess Sally, created by Dr. Robotnik for the purpose of infiltrating the Knothole Freedom Fighters and locate Knothole Village. When the Sallybot got to Knothole, however, Tails was able to deduce that she was not the real Sally. It was afterward used by the Knothole Freedom Fighters to rescue the real Sally.


In its basic state, the Sallybot is a gray robot with Sally's physique, but without hair, fur and clothing. Its mechanical shell however, is covered up by the appearance of the real Sally.


TV series

Season one

The Sallybot presenting itself to Sally.

After Sally got captured by Swat Bots, Dr. Robotnik had Snively build the Sallybot instead of sending Sally to immediate roboticization. Snively himself installed the memory Sallybot needed to emulate Sally's personality. The villains then used a special machine to give the Sallybot Sally's appearance. In addition, they copied the basics of Sally's personality into the robot. After Sallybot introduced itself to the real Sally, Robotnik placed it in a prison cell to pretend that Sally had been locked up by there by Robotnik. When Sonic came to the rescue, Robotnik allowed Sonic to get the Sallybot out of the cell, but Sonic did not suspect anything. During the escape, Sallybot kissed Sonic, and was later taken to Knothole Village by him.[1]

In Knothole Village, the Sallybot had no problem fooling everyone but Tails (as she was missing key memories of dealing with him). First, she was unable to properly administer the "funny kiss" until she was told where the kiss was. Second, she did not recall the proper book to read to Tails when it was his bedtime. Then, when she read the proper book, she did so in a completely monotonous and hurried tone. Later, Sallybot accompanied Bunnie while she repaired her robotic arm. It also lied that it was taken away when Sonic said that the Swat-Bot factory in Robotropolis that Sally should had blown up was still operational. That night, the Sallybot scanned the surroundings, but was noticed Tails, who could not sleep. The next day, Sallybot was awakened by Bunnie and Tails, who showed it the destroyed carrot garden in Knothole Village. The Sallybot then secretly began to behave aggressively, which caught Tails' attention.

The Sallybot later accompanied Sonic, Bunnie, and Rotor on a mission to finish the destruction of the Swat-Bot factory. Tails tried to warned Sonic about "Sally", but Sonic assured him that "Sally" had had a rough day and was probably just under a lot of stress. Sonic even outright dismissed the glowing eyes as Tails being tired and imagining things.[1]

The Sallybot proceeded to go with Sonic, Rotor and Bunnie to Robotropolis, where they were constantly attacked by Robotnik's forces. There, the heroes began to suspect that the strangely-behaving Sally might be the reason. After accidentally knocking Sonic down however, the Sallybot failed to properly perform the Knothole Freedom Fighters' secret handshake. With the group now convinced that it was an imposter, the Sallybot was confronted by Sonic. Instead of fighting Sonic outright, it fired lasers at Sonic, before luring him far enough away from Rotor and Bunnie. It then proceeded to set a trap by excreting Mega Muck from one of its fingers. Sonic soon after ran into the trap and got stuck. Before the Sallybot could attack, however, it was knocked down by Bunnie, who pulled Sonic free of the Mega Muck. Sonic then proceeded to run around the Sallybot when it tried to get away, causing its systems to short out as it tried to keep track of where he was. Afterward, Rotor opened the Sallybot's back panel and tinkered with its programming, making it disclose Sally's current status and rendering it docile. Sonic proceeded to use the Sallybot to rescue Sally and left it in the Roboticizer in order to fool Snively into not noticing that Sally had been rescued. After the Roboticizer was activated, it short-circuited Sallybot's systems and gave it a disheveled appearance. It then proceeded to destroy most of the Roboticizer equipment in the room.[1]


The Sallybot has a built-in special memory that allows it to perfectly emulate the personality of a living being. Having been programmed with Sally's personality, the Sallybot possesses many of Sally's personality traits, but is loyal to Dr. Robotnik's cause. However, its main drawback is that it does not have a copy of Sally's memories and is therefore not completely familiar with the habits of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. As such, it may act a bit off or seem a bit scatter-brained and absent-minded when trying to emulate Sally's behavior. As its public personality, though it is very adept at pretending to be Sally. It only acts like Sally when in the presence of the Freedom Fighters, however.[1]

When not overtly pretending to be Sally, it is quite cunning. It prefers to have an upper hand in a fight, rather than leave things to chance (as evidenced by trapping Sonic in Mega Muck before confronting him). When confused by Tails, it seems to get a bit angered.[1]

After being reprogrammed by Rotor, the Sallybot became seemingly devoid of personality.[1]

Powers and abilities

The Sallybot is adept at using what information it was given from Sally's mind. It is also able to shoot blue lasers from its index finger, and to excrete Mega Muck from at least one of its fingers. Its eyes are able to produce a red ray that either scans things, or harms plant life. It also has the capacity to transmit info to Robotnik's computers.[1]


  • In "Sonic and Sally", the Sallybot's eyes change color from blue to black in some scenes.
  • Though, technically, the Sallybot only appeared "Sonic and Sally", her mechanical shell is used as the model for Sally's Worker-Bot form seen in "Sonic's Nightmare".


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