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Sally Acorn is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is a female squirrel and a resident of the Green Hill Zone, and later the Emerald Hill Zone. She has a brother named Tufftee.



Sally as a newsreader from Sonic the Comic #33. Art by Richard Elson.

Sally was occasionally seen being freed when Sonic destroyed several Badniks in early issues of the comic.[1]

When her brother Tufftee found a pair of Sonic's old Power Boots and disappeared while trying to become a hero, Sally went to Sonic and Tails for help. While Sonic tracked Tufftee down in the Marble Zone, Tails stayed behind to comfort Sally. Sally and her brother were soon reunited.[2]

Not long after this, Sally (along with two friends, a rabbit and a cow) followed Sonic in the Labyrinth Zone when he went to rescue Tails from the Arachbot.[3]

Even after Doctor Robotnik's conquest of Mobius,[4] Sally was seen as a member of the Emerald Hill Folk, helping the group that would later become the Freedom Fighters to protect their Zone, first from the death ray on Robotnik's Space Satellite[5] and later from an evil double of Sonic.[6]

Eventually, Sally became a news reporter, and was seen reporting on the fall of the Death Egg II from orbit.[7]


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