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Princess Sally (born 3219) is one of the main characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. She is an anthropomorphic chipmunk, the princess of the kingdom of Mobotropolis and the daughter of the King, making her the rightful heir to the throne. After Dr. Robotnik rose to power, Sally fled to Knothole Village where she and other children refugees became the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

Sally is accompanied by her intelligent computer, Nicole, with which she can access nearly any form of information. From childhood, she grew up with Sonic the Hedgehog, whom she would develop romantic feelings for. Apart from overthrowing Robotnik's tyranny, Sally's goal is also to find her father.

Concept and creation

Sally was created during the early development of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Initially, Sally was drawn as a human redhead with purple skin. She was later drawn with blonde hair but retaining her skin color.[2] These designs were ultimately scrapped through unknown circumstances, however, and Sally was redesigned as a chipmunk.

Freedom team Acorn

Princess Acorn from a scrapped Sonic cartoon.

An early design of Sally was featured in an article of Sonic the Poster Mag #1 that announced a new animated series starring Sonic the Hedgehog. Within the four pages of plot synopsis and concept art, a group of screenshots that greatly differ from the rest appear without explanation. These screenshots include a character named "Princess Acorn", a Mobian (presumably a squirrel) with yellow fur and blond hair wearing a red dress. She shows up alongside characters that have since been featured in Sonic the Comic. This character, however, shares few similarities with Sally's final appearance, which was settled to be that of a squirrel with red hair, high blue boots, and a sleeveless vest.


Sally is an anthropomorphic squirrel with brown fur, light tan skin, blue eyes and auburn hair. In the first season, her only outfit is blue knee-high boots, but in the second season, she gains a blue formal vest to match her boots.


TV series


Sally was born into the royal family ruling the kingdom of Mobotropolis in 3219 as the daughter of the King. From childhood, she was raised to take over the throne. Her father taught Sally their family's secret creed and she was over by her nanny, Rosie. Sally also grew up with Sonic, whose behavior sometimes irritated her.[3] At some point, she also received a portable computer known as Nicole. In 3224, however, at the age of five, Sally had to flee to Knothole Village after Dr. Robotnik took over Mobotropolis.[3][4] For the next several years, Sally was a member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters and led a number of activity against Robotnik, who occupied Robotropolis. She also set herself the goal of finding her father, who had not been seen after Robotnik's coup.[5]

Season one

While in Knothole Village, Sally and Rotor worked on building catapults, but they lacked parts. As such, Sally sent Sonic, with whom Tails went along with, to Robotropolis to get the parts they needed. Although Sally would worry about Sonic and Tails, they finally came back during the night, only to warn everyone that a Buzz-Bombers squadron was approaching the Great Forest with a chemical agent that would expose Knothole. Making a plan for a counterattack, Sally decided to use their finished catapults loaded with water balloons to fight off the Buzz-Bombers. This plan ultimately succeeded and Knothole was saved, and Sally returned with Sonic to the forest.[6]

During a mission to Robotropolis to sabotage Dr. Robotnik's Stealthbots, Sally hijacked one of the Swat-Bots and rode it into a hangar in Robotropolis, where she met Sonic, Antoine and Cat. When she went for the Stealthbots, Sonic came with her. Using Nicole, Sally hacked into a computer where she received the message "Bean" from Ironlock Prison in the Dark Swamp. Sally decided to go there with Antoine, suspecting that the message came from her father. Meanwhile, Sonic chose to stay in Robotropolis to save Cat, who had been captured. After arriving in the Dark Swamp, Sally and Antoine found a suspension bridge leading to Ironlock Prison. Although the bridge was shaky, they managed to get over it and get inside the prison. There, Sonic would join them soon after. Eventually, the heroes found a computer which Sally gained access to using the codeword "Bean". However, after Sally received the message, which turned out to be a map of the tunnel network underneath Robotropolis, a trapdoor was activated and the heroes fell into the sewers. There, they were attacked by a monster that Sonic managed to destroy. Afterward, Sally and co. discovered that the monster was just a robot. From here, Sally led Sonic and Antoine back to the Stealthbot hangar using the map she had received. After sabotaging the Stealthbots, Sally escaped Robotropolis with Antoine and Sonic. When Robotnik then sent the Stealhbots after them, they were destroyed due to Sally having changed their programing.[5]

Sonic and Sally 205

Sally captured by Robotnik.

Sally later took part in an attack on Robotropolis' Swat-Bot factory, along with Sonic and Bunnie. Sally in particular took control of the bombs Sonic planted around the factory, but before she could detonate them, Swat-Bots surrounded her. Sally was then captured and imprisoned by Robotnik, who used her to create an evil robot doppelganger, whose mission was to destroy Sonic and his friends. Sally was then set to be roboticized, but the Roboticizer malfunctioned and Snively had to wait until the next day before Sally could get roboticized. The next day, however, Sonic rescued Sally and had Sallybot take her place in the Roboticizer. After returning to Knothole, Sally met with Tails, who felt sad about Sallybot's presence in Knothole. Sally comforted Tails though by showing him that she was the real Sally by giving him the "funny kiss". Sally then gave a suspicious Sonic a kiss too, although that did little to persuade the playful Sonic.[7] Some time later, Sally and Sonic infiltrated Robotropolis in an attempt to sabotage the Roboticizer, but Snively soon detected them and called in the Swat-Bots. During the heroes' subsequent escape, they met up with Antoine, Bunnie and Rotor. Together with them, they went to the Crystal Mine in order to rescue Sonic's roboticized Uncle Chuck, whom Sally and Sonic had seen board a train heading to the Crystal Mine. After capturing Chuck, Sally had the idea of using a Power Ring to restore Chuck's free will and mind, which worked. Sally and her friends then teamed up with Chuck, who revealed that he needed their help to stop the extraction of a massive Energy Crystal by Robotnik's forces, or Mobius's ecosystem would be destroyed. Together with Rotor and Antoine, Sally got into the control room, where they managed to turn off the robot guarding the room. Sally and her friends then tried to sabotage the crane that was pulling the Energy Crystal out of the mine. After the Energy Crystal was destroyed, Sally and the others escaped back to the train. However, they had to leave Chuck behind, as he soon reverted back to an aggressive Worker Bot once more and could thus hurt their escape from the Swat-Bots. While escaping onboard the train, Sally comforted Sonic, who felt terrible about abandoning his uncle.[8]

Sonic and the Secret Scrolls 159

Sally with the Secret Scrolls.

Sally and the other Knothole Freedom Fighters later built the Freedom Stormer airplane for the purpose of flying to the ruins of Maga where they could find the Secret Scrolls. Sonic, however, objected to using this shaky airplane and decided to run to Maga on his own, while Sally, Rotor, Antoine and Bunnie flew there by plane. When they took off in the Freedom Stormer however, they almost crashed, but Rotor managed to stabilize the airplane. When Sally and co. later landed near Maga, Sonic kept them from slipping off a cliff. In the ruins of Maga, Sally used Nicole to translate various inscriptions and puzzles that gradually led them to the Secret Scrolls. Sally also discovered how to solve some of them. When they reached the temple with the Scrolls, they were given a choice between two sets of scrolls. Fortunately, Sally picked the right one, but then Dr. Robotnik, Snively and the Swat-bots appeared to take the Secret Scrolls for themselves. Sonic managed to distract Robotnik and his posse however, giving Sally and the others a chance to escape. After reuniting with Sonic, who was being pursued by a Surveillance Orb, Sally decided to use the Secret Scoils, which spoke of a wind tunnel called the Breath of Mobius that was somewhere in the ruins. Sonic thus lured Robotnik and his robots to the Breath of Mobius, where the villains were blown off a cliff by the strong wind emerging from the Breath of Mobius. With the scrolls in hand, Sally and the Freedom Fighters decided to fly back to Knothole, except this time, Sonic was piloting the Freedom Stormer.[9]

When Nicole began to malfunction, Sally had to get spare parts for her. She thus went to Robotropolis with Sonic. There, Sonic occupied the Swat-bots while Sally snuck into one of the factories and took the parts she needed. However, she was detected by one of the robots, who activated the alarm. Chased by Swat-Bots, Sally escaped to the Forbidden Zone, where Lazaar's Guardian destroyed the Swat-bots pursuing her and told her to leave. Sally later met up with Sonic and told him that the Forbidden Zone was the resting place of the wizard Lazaar. Despite Sally's warnings, Sonic went to the Forbidden Zone to acquire Lazaar's Computer, which held spells that could prove beneficial to the Freedom Fighters. Sally later helped Bunnie and Rotor with Knothole's new waterwheel, but she still worried about Sonic. Suddenly though, she and Bunnie got teleported to Robotnik, who had obtained Lazaar's Computer and used its teleportation spell to bring them to him. Sally and Bunnie were subsequently hypnotized by Robotnik with the power of Lazaar's Computer. When Sonic then came to get the computer, Robotnik ordered Sally and Bunnie to bring Sonic to the Roboticizer. Sonic, however, escaped them. While Sally and Bunnie tried to catch him, Sonic regained Lazaar's computer and canceled the spells cast by Robotnik. With Sally and Bunnie now free, they fled with Sonic to the Forbidden Zone. There, they returned the computer to Lazaar and said goodbye to him before he departed. Sally and her friends then returned to Knothole, where Rotor showed them that their new waterwheel was now operational.[10]

Sally, Bunnie and Sonic would later destroy Robotropolis' power generator. However, it turned out that Robotnik had a backup generator ready, devastating Sally's spirit. Soon after, Sally, Sonic and Tails received information about a race that Robotnik had organized in Robotropolis. While Sally thought it was a trap, Sonic decided to participate in order to distract Robotnik's forces while his friends went after Robotnik's backup generator. Despite Sally receiving consolation from Bunnie though, she continued to worry about Sonic's safety. Later, on the day of the race, Sonic raced Robotnik's machines while Sally, Bunnie and Antoine went looking for the backup generator. When they found it, Antoine tried to sabotage it, only to end up on a conveyor belt taking him towards some gears to get crushed. Fortunately, Sonic came to the rescue, who saved Antoine and destroyed the generator by inserting a Power Ring into its gears. After the generator was destroyed, the heroes returned to Knothole, where Sally announced Sonic's heroic deeds.[11]

Sally and the Freedom Fighters would later watch Sonic destroys the Shredder when it began cutting down the Great Forest. After returning to Knothole, Sally kissed Sonic and went for a walk with him. However, Sally later discovered that Antoine had disappeared with a Power Ring. Rotor then explained that he, in an attempt to help Antoine think of ways to impress Sally, jokingly suggested that he should capture Robotnik. Realizing that Antoine was attempting just that, Sally convinced Sonic to go save Antoine. Ultimately, Antoine was rescued by Sonic, and the two returned to Knothole, but Sally did not want to hear Antoine's story about how he saved Sonic.[12] Later, Sally and the other Freedom Fighters were woken up during the night when a rocket booster crashed near Knothole. Guessing that this engine was part of one of Robotnik's plans, Sally took a look through her telescope and saw that Robotnik had sent a space station into space. Sally then managed to intercept Robotnik's radio signals, which revealed that the space station (called the "Sky Spy") was equipped with spy sensors for locating Knothole. In an effort to neutralize the Sky Spy, the heroes remodeled the rocket booster so it could fly Sonic and Rotor into space. Once they were done, Sally started the engine for Sonic and Rotor, allowing them to take off. After Sonic and Rotor came back, Sally noticed that the Sky Spy had been almost destroyed, but was now on a collision course with Mobius, meaning it could some serious damage if it landed in the wrong place. After showing her friends the Sky Spy's descend, Sally suggested that Rotor used his Super Magnet to control the Sky Spy's course. Following Sally's idea, Sonic and Rotor made the Sky Spy crash into the wastes. Afterward, Sally praised Sonic and Rotor for their efforts in the presence of all the Freedom Fighters.[13]

Eventually, Sally captured one Robotnik's broadcast, which revealed that he planned to collect chemicals from the Island of Nimbus for his Cloud Burster and then fill the whole atmosphere with chemicals that would turn into toxic rain. Dressing up as Swat-Bots, Sally, Bunnie and Antoine went to sabotage the Cloud Burster while Sonic was sent to the Island of Nimbus to check it out. After infiltrating the Cloud Burster, Sally tried to use Nicole to sabotage its brain. However, she and her friends ended up getting captured by Swat-Bots and brought to Snively. He then drove Sally, Bunnie and Antoine to the Island of Nimbus, where Dr. Robotnik confronted the heroes and locked them in a cage in order to lure Sonic into a trap. When Sonic finally came to their rescue, however, the Cloud Burster had already begun spraying its chemicals into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, Sonic, who had recently suffered a horrific nightmare, was too scared to do anything. Sally, however, snapped Sonic out of his nightmarish daze, and the hedgehog managed to destroy the Cloud Burster. Afterward, he handed Sally a Power Ring, which she and her friends used to disrupt the energy bars for their cage, thus allowing them to escape their cage. Sally, Sonic, Antoine and Bunnie then escaped from the Island of Nimbus, which subsequently sank into the river.[14]

Warp Sonic 183

Sonic, Antoine and Griff competing for Sally's affection.

Later, Sally, Sonic and Antoine would destroy the traffic control center in Robotropolis. During their subsequent escape however, they were surrounded by Swat-Bots. Fortunately, they were saved by Griff, who led them to Lower Mobius, an underground city under Robotropolis. There, the heroes helped oust some Ratbots, which were plaguing the inhabitants. Later, Griff, Antoine and Sonic would competed for Sally's affection. When Antoine and Sonic began to quarrel however, Sally broke them up and decided to stick with Griff. Eventually, Griff drove Sally and her friends back to the Great Forest, only for his Hover Sled to seemingly break down after arriving there. Sally thus suggested that Griff could spend the night in Knothole, which he accepted. During the following evening, Sally tried to show Griff the Lake of Rings, but Antoine insisted that they stayed off the premised while he was on guard duty. Ignoring Antoine, Sally showed Griff where they got their Power Rings from. Afterward, later on, Sally would teased Sonic, who was jealous of Griff. However, Sally soon discovered that Griff had been manipulating her and had fled with the Power Rock from the Lake of Rings. Fortunately, Sonic would return with most of the Power Rock, having given a fragment of it to Griff after reconciling with him.[15]

While trying to tend to the trees they had planted in the Great Forest, Sally noticed that the sprouts were dying. When Sonic later returned from fishing however, he would spill some strange green water from the Great River out of his ears, which caused plants to grow rapidly. Deciding to get more of this water, Sally went along with Sonic, Antoine and Rotor on a journey down the Great River. During the cruise, they were drawn into a contaminated, underground lake by a whirlpool. Soon after, Antoine went missing. Regardless, Sally and her remaining friends sailed on, hoping to find Antoine. Eventually, they came across increasingly polluted water and then a waterfall. As they went over the waterfall, however, Sonic managed to push their boat back up the waterfall and into a branching river, prompting Sally to kiss Sonic for his efforts. There, however, their boat began to sink into boiling water. Fortunately, Sally and her friends managed to climb up on dry land using vines growing from the ceiling. Soon after, they came across underground flowers that wanted to bite them. While Sonic dealt with the plants however, Sally was kidnapped by the Kraken and trapped in a pool, along with Antoine and later Sonic, which she was slowly sinking into. Fortunately, she was saved when Rotor came and got a Power Ring to Sonic, who in turn got his friends out of the pool. Sally and her friends then met the Kraken, who turned out to have been trying to kill them because he believed them to be behind the pollution that had infected his underground kingdom. In turn, the heroes explained that the one behind the pollution could be no one else by Dr. Robotnik. Soon after though, the Kraken got bound by Snake Probes, prompting Sonic to head up the surface to stop the Snake Probes. There, he managed to destroy Robotnik's drilling platform, which was polluted the Kraken's kingdom. Afterward, Rotor purified the water in the underground kingdom using some green water he had found. As thanks for their help, the Kraken gave Sally and co. a gift to help them with their plants. Returning afterward to Knothole, Sally used the Kraken's gift to revive their plants.[16]

Sonic Past Cool 254

Sally with the collected Scorch Plant seeds.

Some time after, Sally was helping Rotor adjust Bunnie's leg-ladder. Later, Sally was harvesting appels with her friends when Tails came and led them to a baby Terapod, named Baby T, whom he had just met. Knowing that Knothole was not the place for Baby T, Sally said that he should return to his herd. When said herd later passed by Knothole, Sally noticed that the Terapods, who were on their yearly migration to Boulder Bay, were migrate in the wrong direction. After Sonic stopped the herd, Sally found Momma T and tried to translate her speech with Nicole. Sally, Sonic, Tails, Rotor and Bunnie decided later to help lead the Terapods on their migration to Boulder Bay. Upon reaching the Great Jungle though, the heroes noticed that Stealthbots and Robotnik's hovercraft were approaching. As such, the heroes fled together with the Terapods into the Great Jungle. Along the way, Sonic was caught around the leg by a vine that pulled him over a mud pool. Sally, Bunnie and Rotor tried to give Sonic some solid footing to land on by trying to push a tree trunk into the mud pool, but they moved away so that Momma T could do it for them, which in turn saved Sonic in time. During their subsequent journey however, the heroes were attacked by Stealthbots. Sally and her friends thus fled on the back of Momma T and Baby T, only for Robotnik to trap them inside a force-field. Fortunately, Sally and her friends managed to escape after Sonic made a hole in the force-field with a Power-Ring-empowered Super Spin. Escaping to the river, Sally outfitted Momma T with a translator so that they could ask for her advice. Using Momma T's knowledge of the Great Jungle, the heroes soon managed to lose Robotnik. Afterward, Sally collected a few seeds from the Scorch Plants, a type of plant that could destroy metal, so they could grow them in Knothole and use them against Robotnik. Soon after, the heroes arrived at Boulder Bay, making Sally realize that the Terapods were migrating in the right direction all along. Then, in order to make it easier for Tails to part with Baby T, Sally put her translator on Baby T, thus allowing the two friends to understand one another as they parted way.[17]

Season two

Sally and Sonic would later collect parts for the new De-Roboticizer from a destroyed Hover Unit. While at work, Sonic rescued Sally when Antoine almost crushed her by accident with the Hover Unit's remains. While searching, the heroes also found a magnetic field generator. When Tails then informed them of approaching Swat-Bots, Sally told Sonic to bring them to her. When Swat-Bots later arrived, Sally activated the magnet they had found, causing the Swat-Bots to get pulled towards the magnet and get destroyed. Later, in the evening, Sally and Sonic talked to Ari, whom they had saved earlier from the Swat-Bots. Ari introduced himself as the leader of a Freedom Fighter group and explained that his comrades had been captured by Dr. Robotnik. Sally did not trust him, however, because she had never heard of other Freedom Fighter groups. Sonic, on the other hand, ignored Sally's warnings and chose to help Ari save his Freedom Fighters. The next day Sally, Anoine and Tails flew back to Rotor's workshop on Dulcy's back, where they interrogated one of the Swat-Bots Sally had managed to destroy the day before. From it, Sally and her friends learned that Robotnik was using Ari as a bait to lure Sonic into a trap inside Robotnik's fortress. Sally and Dulcy promptly flew to the fortress, but the door to the fortress closed before they could get inside and warn Sonic. In an attempt to find a way in, Sally pulled out Nicole, who disclosed that the door to the fortress was protected and could not be opened. After a while, however, the door opened and Sally and Dulcy saw Ari fly away in a Hover Unit. After failing to get inside the fortress, Sally and Dulcy decided to follow Ari to Robotropolis. There, they hid inside an air duct near Robotnik's war room and overheard Ari and Robotnik's conversation. Discovering that Ari had aligned himself with Robotnik in order to have his Freedom Fighters released, only to be betrayed by Robotnik, Sally and Dulcy decided to save Ari. Entering the war room, Dulcy froze Robotnik and Snively while Ari helped beat the Swat-bots. Sally, Dulcy and Ari then flew back to the fortress, where Ari rescued Sonic before he got pulled into a portal leading into the Void, although Ari ended up getting pulled into the Void himself. Escaping the fortress before the portal self-destructed, Sonic joined up with Sally and Dulcy. Afterward, Sally heard from Sonic that Ari had mentioned that her father had a list of all the Freedom Fighter groups out there. Sally thus decided to located the list in order to find the other Freedom Fighters.[18]

Later, Sally and Sonic went on a mission to Robotropolis, but when they tried to leave, Sonic noticed Uncle Chuck nearby. As Sonic tried to approach his uncle however, the Shriek-bot detected him. Sonic thus took Sally and started to run away. While pursued by the Shriek-bot, Sally gave Sonic a Power Ring, which allowed them to escape the Shriek-bot. After returning to Knothole Village, Sally, Rotor and Sonic carried out a successful de-roboticization of Bunnie with the De-Roboticizer. When Sonic decided to de-roboticize Chuck next however, Sally tried to convince him to wait for them to see if the De-Roboticizer effects would last. Sonic, however, did not listen to her and brought Chuck to Knothole. When Sally and co. tried to de-roboticize Chuck though, the De-Roboticizer overheated. Sally promptly told Nicole to analyze the problem and it turned out that they needed replacement parts from the original Roboticizer. Fortunately, Sonic got the parts and Chuck was soon de-roboticized. Later, Sally and Bunnie were planning to de-roboticize more Worker Bots when Bunnie suddenly regained her mechanical parts. Sally proceeded to consoled the sad Bunnie, but then realized then that the same thing would happen to Chuck. Her fears were later confirmed when Chuck become a Worker Bot again and kidnapped Tails and Antoine. Sally, Bunnie and Dulcy tried to stop Chuck, but they were unsuccessful, and thus returned to Knothole to get Sonic's help. There, Sonic apologized to Sally for his recklessness and she forgave him. Sonic then left to catch Chuck, but fell into a pool of Mega Muck along the way. Sally, Dulcy and Bunnie soon found him though, and pulled him out of the Mega Muck. After Sonic returned home from rescuing Tails and Antoine, and restoring Chuck's free will permanently, Sally noticed that Sonic and Tails were sad over Chuck's decision to remain in Robotropolis and act as the Freedom Fighters' spy. Sitting down with them, Sally managed to comfort them by reminding them that Chuck was now on their side and had his free will back.[19]

No Brainer 242

Sally and Chuck canceling the Stealthbots' attack on Knothole.

Sally, Bunnie and Dulcy were later waiting for Sonic in Robotropolis. When Sally got furious at Sonic for forgetting to get a message from Chuck and instead got a chili dog though, Sonic went on another trip and got the message. In that message, Chuck told Sally and co. to abort their mission because Robotnik had moved the Roboticizer elsewhere. Sally, Bunnie and Dulcy thus returned to Knothole, while Sonic went to get another chili dog. When Sonic did not return though, Sally started to get worred. After Dulcy could not find Sonic either, Sally called in Dove and had it deliver a message to Chuck. She later met up with Chuck in Robotropolis. Disguising themselves as Tech-Bots, they checked the place where people awaiting roboticization were kept. While Sally and Chuck did not find Sonic there, they did find him in the company of Snively. As it turned out, Sonic had been affected by the Memory Scrambler, and Snively was now using the amnesiac Sonic to locate Knothole. Returning to Knothole quickly, Sally informed everyone about Sonic's condition, except for Tails, who was on guard duty. Sally and Dulcy later found Tails, but the fox cub had already brought Sonic to Knothole. After they had explained everything to him, Sally eavesdropped on Sonic and learned that Snively had ordered him to gather all the Freedom Fighters in one place. Sally and her friends thus hid in an underground shelter, with Chuck joining them. There, Chuck revealed that they could restore Sonic's memory if they gave him a Power Ring. Sally was afraid that they could not make it to the Lake of Rings before the next Power Ring emerged, but Tails managed to arrive there in time and hand the Power Ring over. Sally, Tails and Chuck soon after gave it to Sonic, whose memories returned immediately after. Sonic then took care of Snively, who had arrived with his forces, and Sally and Chuck canceled the Stealthbot squadron Snively had sent to destroy Knothole, with Sally guessing the correct keyword needed to call off the Stealthbots. With Snively himself having been treated to the Memory Scrambler, Sally and Chuck went to Robotnik's headquarters and changed the location of Knothole in the database to that of the Great Swamp's. When Dr. Robotnik then returned, Sally fled with Sonic and Chuck.[20]

Sally Acorn -Present and Past Versions- (Blast from the Past)

Sally meets her younger self.

Sally and Sonic later carried out a sabotage mission in Robotropolis, but they lost two of their people in the process, which Sally blamed herself for. After returning to Knothole, Sonic suggested that they should have defeated Robotnik before he rose to power. Upon hearing this, Dulcy mentioned the Time Stones, artifacts that allow their wielders to travel through time, which rested on the Floating Island. Despite Sally's doubts about the possibility of time travel, she and Sonic decided to undertake this expedition. Dulcy subsequently took Sonic and Sally to the Floating Island. Just before entering the island's palace though, the stone Gargoyles on the island came to life and attacked them. Sally and Sonic, however, lured them over the edge of the Floating Island by jumping off the island, causing the Gargoyles to disappear. Sonic then called upon Dulcy, who flew both him and Sally back to the Floating Island. After entering the palace, Sally and Sonic overcame a maze full of stairs and found a strange door. Upon trying to open the door however, Sally and Sonic got sucked into a whirlpool which deposited them in a spacious room. There, they met the Keeper of the Time Stones, who gave them a riddle to solve. Once Sally solved it, the heroes received the Time Stones, along with the instructions to think simultaneously about the time and place they would like to go back to. Sally gave Sonic the exact date to think about, but while thinking, Sonic accidently thought about chili dogs. Immediately after, the Time Stones took them to Mobotropolis, where Peace-Bots greeted them. Sally and Sonic then went out into the streets, where they saw their younger counterparts visit the local chili dog hut. Soon after, Sonic and Sally went to see Uncle Chuck, and revealed to him that Robotnik was planning to take over the city. They also learned that Robotnik had stolen the Roboticizer's plans from Chuck. Sally later met her younger counterpart, whom he introduced herself to as "Alicia" (which was her middle name). After the Sonics returned from a run though, Sally discovered that they had arrived at the day of Robotnik's coup and not a week before that as intended. After waiting for Chuck to bring in Rosie and tell her to bring the children to Knothole in case anything bad would happen, Sally and Sonic had an audience with the King. There, Sally made her father recognize her by pointing out her appearance, showing him the royal signet ring, and reciting her family's secret creed. Sally then informed the King that Robotnik was planning to take over. However, they were too late: Robotnik's forces had already surrounded the palace and all those gathered in the throne room. Robotnik then revealed himself to the heroes and announced that he was taking over Mobotropolis, which would become Robotropolis from today. Meanwhile, young Sally would follow young Sonic to the palace with her other friends to investigate what was going on, only for the children to get captured by Swat-Bots.[3]

Despite being surrounded, Sally and Sonic managed to escape from the palace when Chuck distracted the Swat-Bots. They then went to check on the children, but they could not find them. Shortly thereafter, they were arrested by Swat-Bots and thrown in jail. Along the way, they met their younger counterparts, whom they had to save from roboticization. With the help of Nicole and Sally though, Sonic dug through the cell and into an air duct. They then stopped young Bunnie's roboticization by damaging the Roboticizer so that it would take two hours for it to become operational again. Afterwards, they broke into Robotnik's computer, and Sally downloaded the Roboticizer's plans. However, they also learned that the Destroyer was heading for the Great Forest. This event had never taken place in the original timeline and could mean that Knothole as they know it would never exist. Sally and Sonic thus had to stop two events from happening: the children's roboticization and the Destroyer. Having time before the Roboticizer came back online, Sally and Sonic decided to stop Destroyer first. Snively tried to stop them, but Sally and Sonic escaped him, ripping off his hair in the process. Along the way, Sonic saved Sabina when several Hover Units attacked her. They then followed Destroyer. To get to the ship, Sally pulled out a Power Ring for Sonic. Thanks to its power, Sonic was able to launch Sally and himself from a tree trunk like a cannon ball and allow themselves to land on Destroyer's surface. However, the Swat-Bots onboard had been expecting them. To make things worse, Hover Units were approaching them. Fortunately, Sabina came to their aid, who destroyed the Hover Unit and made the Destroyer crash. After thanking Sabina, Sally and Sonic returned to Robotropolis. Meanwhile, young Sally was in line for roboticization and saw Robotnik roboticize Chuck. Around the same time, Sally and Sonic stumbled upon Rosie, whom they took with them. Soon after, Sonic managed to distract Robotnik and his Swat-Bots while Sally saved the children from roboticization. The heroes fled afterwards and managed to lead Rosie and the children to the passage leading to Knothole. Before parting with Rosie, who had guessed Sally's identity, though, Sally told Rosie to never leave Knothole, which she agreed to. This surprised Sonic, who thought that Sally did not want them to mess with the space-time continuum. When Robotnik then surrounded the heroes with his forces, they used Time Stones to return to the present. Back home, Sally and Sonic learned that Rosie had never been roboticized because she had always been in Knothole.[4]

Sally and the Freedom Fighters later went looking for Antoine, who had gone missing one night. Upon finding him, Sally learned that Antoine had become the king of the Nasty Hyenas. Antoine offered Sally to become his queen, but Sally refused and told him to come back. However, Antoine refused and renounced his membership of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. When Sonic decided to let Antoine be, Sally tried to convince Sonic that Antoine was worth keeping because he has his good sides (although she could not come up with one). Later, Sally found out from Nicole that the Nasty Hyenas always ate her king. Sally, Dulcy, Bunnie and Sonic thus saved Antoine from the hyenas. Afterward, they listened to Antoine's story about how he fought the hyenas.[21]

Sally and Bunnie later met up with Sonic and Dulcy after the letter two returned from a mission to Robotropolis. However, Sally noticed that Dulcy was acting strangely. While Sally later slept, Dove came to her with a message from Chuck, which shocked her. Afterward, Sally and Sonic went looking for Dulcy, whom they discovered was flying towards the Great Plains in a trace-like state. Pursuing Dulcy, Sally and Sonic saved her from some Hover Units which tried to capture her. The heroes later learned that Dulcy was hearing her mother's voice in her dreams, which told her to fly to Dragon's Nest. Sally and Sonic learned afterwards from Nicole that adult dragons laid their eggs in Dragon's Nest, and that younger dragons could be called upon to look after them. Eventually, Dulcy realized what she had to do and flew to the nest, with Sally and Sonic unable to stop her. Shortly thereafter, the heroes received a letter from Chuck, who said that Robotnik was planning to capture the dragons in the nest. As such, Sally left with Sonic to rescue Dulcy. Thanks to the power of a Power Ring, Sonic got Sally and himself to the nest with time to spare, only to see Robotnik kidnap a dragon. Fortunately, it was not Dulcy. Sally and Sonic then entered the nest and saw that Dulcy was taking care of the dragon's egg. The heroes thus decided to take the egg with them and rescue its mother, whom Robotnik had kidnapped. While Sally flew through Deep Canyon on Dulcy with Sonic and the egg however, Robotnik appeared and chased after them. Fortunately, they managed to lose the doctor. After returning to Knothole, Sally, Sonic and Dulcy left the dragon egg under the care of Bunnie. They then went to Robotropolis to stop the convoy taking the Mother Dragon to roboticization. With the help of Chuck, they organized a trap where they successfully managed to use the Mega Muck Units against Robotnik and his Swat-Bots, and save the Mother Dragon. Sally and co. then returned to Knothole for the egg, from which a young dragon was hatched. Afterward, the Mother Dragon thanked the heroes for everything and then flew away with her child to a place where Robotnik could never find them.[22]


Sally is smart, confident, deliberate, and mature with a meticulous and no-nonsense personality. She is likewise strong-minded, logical and focused, preferring to plan ahead of situations, while having a loving devotion to her people and friends. Her attitude stems from childhood due to a strict upbringing of learning etiquette, royal studies, and the family credo. Most of the time, she prides herself on her intellect and leadership skills. Whenever she feels stressed out, she consults Bunnie to balance her frustrations.

In spite of being a princess and proud of her title and heritage, Sally is very down-to-Earth and dislikes being treated any differently from the rest of her friends. She has a pride that rivals Sonic's on the field however, and can be ornery and easily flustered when conflicting with another. Ultimately though, she is only concerned for her team's well being and shows extra concern for Sonic.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sally's friendship with Sonic is a conflicting one since Sonic antagonizes Sally due to her "slowness" while she tries to improve his mannerisms. Sonic was often an endless source of neuroses for Sally, who could be very sardonic and confrontational with his opportunistic, rebellious attitude, which contrasts her extremely meticulous and no-nonsense personality.

Originally, this was sometimes played against her, leading her to self righteously rival Sonic's on-the-fly methods and sometimes cause problems in her bull-headedness about her planning. Over time, however, her personality is calmed a little, where she is usually portrayed as more level-headed and tactful than Sonic, and often required to bail him out when his recklessness gets him into trouble. Despite their constant bickering, however, they do best as a team.

In other media

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog


Sally in "Sonic Christmas Blast".

In the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series, Sally made appearance in "Sonic Christmas Blast". In this media, Sally is a princess and a long-standing girlfriend of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Archie Comics

Official neo sally acorn by elesis knight-d8qoion

Sally Acorn in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Sally was named Sally Alicia Acorn. In this media, she was born during the Great War. She was raised as an only child to the "widower" King Maximillian Acorn and would not know the fate of her mother and older brother until years later. Sally was also raised and tutored by her royal mentor, Julayla Chipmunk, and royal nursemaid, Rosie Woodchuck.

After Dr. Ivo Robotnik's takeover, the young sally dedicated herself to the rescue of her father and kingdom. Inspired by the Original Freedom Fighters, Sally rallied her own band of friends and led them in raids against Robotropolis. Despite her youth, Sally showed an uncanny ability to lead, strategize, and hold her ragtag team of would-be heroes together. Late in the First Robotnik War, Sally discovered a mysterious handheld device. The A.I. running it identified itself as Nicole and would be Sally's mentor and friend after the passing of Julayla. As Sally lead the Freedom Fighters to victory in the battle against Dr. Robotnik, she regained her family but faced a great deal of personal hardship. Her life of guerrilla warfare conflicted with the formalities of royalty. Torn between the life she had and the one she thought she wanted, Sally's spirit was strained. The final blow came when her first love, Sonic the Hedgehog, appeared to give his life for Mobius and then return from the dead. At her most confused, she broke up with Sonic for a time to prevent further heartbreak for herself.

Eventually she recovered to her old self, chose her role as the team's field leader and repaired her damaged friendships. However, Sally barley skirted death after the first Genesis Wave. She used her second chance at life to sabotage the Death Egg Mark 2's World Roboticizer. Her sacrifice saved Mobius but turned her into one of Dr. Eggman's minions until the second Genesis Wave arrived.

After the Super Genesis Wave, Sally's history remained basically the same, although with subtle differences. After retaking Mobotropolis from Dr. Eggman after he seized power, Sally now leads the Freedom Fighters against the Eggman Empire.


  • Sally's middle name is "Alicia".[3]
  • In the pilot episode of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally had pink fur with brown hair, much like her Archie Comics counterpart had in the early issues of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series. In the following episodes, however, Sally was designed to have brown and tan fur and dark auburn hair. This design for Sally was eventually adapted into the comic books as well.
  • In the English-language manual of Sonic the Hedgehog CD for the Sega CD, Amy Rose is credited as Princess Sally, in an attempt to support the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series (though the PC version and all later games called her Amy).
  • Sally appears as a main character in Sonic Live in Sydney.
  • Tiara of Sonic X-treme shares a similar appearance with Sally. Christian Senn claims that he did not intend for Tiara to look similar when he designed her.[citation needed]
  • Interestingly, Sally's last name, Acorn, is never mentioned in the show itself, though is referred to in the show's bible.

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