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Sage[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. She is a mysterious girl that appears across the Starfall Islands, cautioning Sonic the Hedgehog to leave the islands despite his mission to find and save his friends.[1]


Sage resembles a young human girl. She possesses a slim body and limbs with white skin and a large, round head with a tall forehead. Notably, she possesses glowing red eyes and a red energy structure on the left side of her face. She also has short white hair with a swirl in it on her forehead and a single red energy highlight inside said swirl. The rest of her body however, especially her arms and legs, are completely black and seem to have outlines of computer code around them. For attire, she wears a black cloak and shoes that are covered with red computer code outlining the insides and the majority of its right side.


Sonic Frontiers


As she repeatedly cautions Sonic to leave the Starfall Islands, Sage appears indifferent to one's feelings and is not able to show sympathy towards others. However, despite this dark side of her persona, she also has a bright side to it. Sage is aware of the dangers the Starfall Islands holds, and thus her warnings seem to have some truth in it, save for the one critical fact that she cautions to leave the Starfall Islands without first taking into regard one's mission.

Powers and abilities

Sage has the ability to levitate in midair.[2]


Sonic the Hedgehog



  • Sage's name is an anagram of "Sega".




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