This issue's story continues in Sonic Super Special #10

Sabrina the Teenage Witch Issue 28 is the twenty-eighth issue of Archie's second Sabrina the Teenage Witch comic series. This issue includes a crossover story with Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.

Official solicitation

Special issue guest-starring Sonic the Hedgehog!!! It’s "zap" versus "zip" when Sabrina the Teenage Witch battles Sonic the Hedgehog! Enchantra, the cranky Queen of the Other Realm is furious with Sabrina. She’s also discovered a way to explore alternate realities and when she comes across the planet Mobius, she casts an evil spell on it‘s number one resident, Sonic the Hedgehog — using him as her pawn for vengeance! Suddenly the "blue blur" feels overwhelmingly compelled to attack Sabrina’s hoke town, Westbridge. Sabrina‘s supernatural powers are stretched to the limit as she tries to fend off the fast-moving invader. What could possibly happen next?!

Featured stories

Some Enchantra Evening

Part One

The evil sorceress Enchantra is informed by her office assistant, Della, that an handyman named Larry has installed a new computer system for them. Larry tells Enchantra that he's learned her secret witch identity, but Enchantra decides he should "secrete" instead of spilling her secrets and turns him into a slug. Enchantra explains that she's obtained this new technology to punish Sabrina Spellman for humiliating her and uses her magical powers to spy on the teenage witch.

Seeing that Sabrina's aunts -- Hilda and Zelda -- will be out of town for the weekend, Enchantra decides to access the world wide web to plot a dastardly plan. Della tries to explain how to use a computer, but Enchantra simply uses her magic to peer into the computer network herself. She sees beyond the real of her reality into the multiverse, but accidentally ruins the computer's processor in the process. She finds the world of Mobius and takes a keen interest in Sonic the Hedgehog.

Enchantra projects a ghostly version of herself into Sonic's realm. Sonic and Sally Acorn walk through a desert and bicker: Sonic complains that they don't spend enough time together, but Sally argues that she has too many responsibilities to manage. Nicole backs her up with a sassy tone, but Sally reprimands her for butting into their conversation. While they argue, Sonic walks away to take a break and is snatched by Enchantra's magic.

Sally and Nicole look for Sonic, but only find a puff of smoke rising from the ground. Nicole analyzes the smoke and detects that it contains brimstone. After further analysis she determines that Sonic has been kidnapped via cross-dimensional witchcraft. Sally instructs Nicole to help her track Sonic down. Meanwhile, Enchantra returns to her home dimension and places Sonic under her mind control. With their destination set for the Spellman residence, Enchantra intends to have Sonic terrorize Sabrina's hometown of Westbridge.

Part Two

Enchantra magically teleports Sonic into Sabrina's closet and instructs him to not let anything get in the way of wasting Westbridge. As a bedazzled, bewitched Sonic stumbles into the Spellman home, Sabrina's cat, Salem, stirs from his slumber. Recognizing Sonic as one of his favorite comic book characters, Salem eagerly greets the fictional hero. Sonic spins Salem around, dizzying him, and Salem retaliates with a shot of magic.

Sonic furiously lunges at Salem, but ends up crashing through a wall. The commotion wakes up Sabrina, who's surprised to see that Sonic is able to dodge her magical power pulses with his super speed. Salem manages to save Sabrina from Sonic's super-charged spin by placing cat litter on the floor, slipping him up and making him crash into another wall.

Sabrina rushes towards the closet to grab her aunt Hilda's book of emergency spells. Sally enters the home through the closet-portal at the same time, accidentally smacking Sabrina in the face. Sally apologizes and they introduce themselves. Salem grabs their attention, pointing out that Sonic is still possessed and poised to pounce with his perilous power.

Key Events

  • To get revenge on Sabrina, Enchantra plucks Sonic from Mobius and hypnotizes him to attack Sabrina's hometown of Westbridge.
  • Princess Sally follows Sonic through the dimensional portal to Westbridge, where she teams up with Sabrina and Salem to subdue Sonic.


Sonic: Mobius! It's always Mobius! Forgive me for wanting to talk about us, Princess Sally!
Sally: That's not fair, Sonic! You know how much is going on these days! I can't shirk my responsibilities!
Nicole: Say it, girlfriend!



Cover artwork

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