Sabrina is a resident of Soleanna in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). She is well-known for being the daughter of Lord Regis, the governor of the city.


Sabrina thanking Shadow for protecting her from Eggman's robots.

In Shadow's story, Sabrina plays the largest role in Shadow's twelfth Town Mission. In Castle Town, a G.U.N. soldier reports to Shadow that Dr. Eggman has targeted Lord Regis in what may be an assassination attempt, and that his daughter could also be in danger. The soldier gives Shadow an assignment: he must become Sabrina's personal bodyguard and protect her from the hostility of Badniks, in addition to carrying out her orders. This is only a temporary job until another G.U.N. agent arrives to take his place.

During the mission, Sabrina is very dictatorial towards Shadow, criticizing his slowness, reluctance, and even his appearance. At first, she is not thankful for his help, but when he saves her from Eggman's robots, she warms up to him slightly.


Her father's position of power has automatically given Sabina a high status around Soleanna, although this has made her overtly proud and haughty. Her arrogance gives her a tendency to belittle those whom she considers to be of a lower social class, and she can be very bossy towards others. She has a sense of authority that causes her to be rather lazy and dependent, ordering her agents to run errands for her, including shopping. However, she is also typically bratty and immature.

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