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Sabina is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series. She is an anthropomorphic dragon and the mother of Dulcy.


Not much is known about Sabina's past. At some point, she had a daughter named Dulcy, who she cared for deeply. Her current status is unknown, though it is assumed that following Dr. Robotnik's takeover, Sabina was captured and roboticized since the doctor reduced the dragon population to only three with roboticization, with none of them being Sabina.

When Sonic and Sally traveled to the past to prevent Robotnik's coup, but failed, they created an alternate timeline where Sabina's history was slightly altered. In this timeline, Sabina was cornered by Robotnik's forces in Mobotropolis, but she was saved by the present-day Sonic, a favor she later repayed by helping them bring down Robotnik's Destroyer airship.


Sabina was a caring and devoted mother, having taught Dulcy a lot of what she knows and would encourage her daughter's special traits, which others would tease her with, by saying that she was special.

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