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Quotation1 Oh Dulcy, do not mind them. Just remember that you are special. Quotation2
— Sabina, "Dulcy"

Sabina is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. She is an anthropomorphic dragon and the mother of Dulcy.


Sabina is a olive anthropomorphic dragon with wings on her back. She has straw scales on her belly, along her neck, on her muzzle, and under her wings, and straw-colored feathers on each ankle. She also has a marsupial-like pouch which can hold anything she can carry. She also has spiky brown scales on her head that resembles hair. For attire, Sabina wears a black nose ring.


TV series


Not much is known about Sabina's past. At some point, she had a daughter named Dulcy, whom she cared for deeply. While Dulcy was young, Sabina taught her daughter many dragon skills, including how to fly and land, although Dulcy struggled to master the latter skill. Nevertheless, Sabina constantly encouraged Dulcy and comforted her. She also took notice of Dulcy's strange ability to spew smoke from her ears, saying that they it was evidence of her specialness. This implied that Sabina knew that Dulcy was protector-class dragon, a dragon with special powers.[1]

In 3224, Sabina and a young Dulcy were in Mobotropolis when Dr. Robotnik made his coup and seized power.[2] Her current status after that is unknown.

Season two

Blast To The Past Part 2 117

Sabina and Dulcy thanking Sonic for his help.

Sabina's past was later altered when Sonic and Sally used the Time Stones to go back in time to stop Dr. Robotnik before he rose to power. In the past, while still in Mobotropolis during Robotnik's coup, Sonic saved Sabina when some Hover Units surrounded her. After the Hover Units had been dealt with, Sabina flew away with young Dulcy in her pouch. She soon after returned the favor by returning to Sonic and Sally and helping them by destroying the Destroyer as the aircraft was about to destroy the Great Forest. Afterward, Sabina received Sonic and Sally's thanks before flying away.[2] Her currently status is unknown, though it is assumed that following Dr. Robotnik's takeover, Sabina was captured and roboticized since the doctor had reduced the dragon population to near-extinction with roboticization.[1]


Sabina is a caring and devoted mother who taught Dulcy much of what she knew. She also often comforted her daughter and encouraged her not to be ashamed of her special abilities because they made her special.[1]

Powers and abilities

As a dragon, Sabina has great strength, enough to carry around others without any strain, and can fly around at dizzying speed. She can also inhale massive amounts of air by flexing her chest, causing her to grow to balloon-ish proportions. With the air she has inhaled, Sabina can use to create gale-force winds with enough force to blow away heavy metallic objects when exhaled.[2]




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