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Sab from Sonic the Comic #49. Art by Roberto Corona and Brian Williamson.

Sab is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She was an anthropomorphic sheep and the leader of the Flock, a group of Freedom Fighters based in the Chemical Plant Zone. With the Flock, she battles the minions of Doctor Robotnik, particularly the homicidal overlord Nutzan Bolt. She became a friend of Tails, whom she calls the "Zonerunner" (one who travels the zones fighting Robotnik); Tails has repeatedly protested against this but this has fallen on deaf ears. While a strong and capable leader, Sab seemed to fail to notice Tails actually only succeeded by accident throughout the whole story.


Sab was one of many sheep who lived in the Chemical Plant Zone long before the Chemical Plant had even been built.[1] Afterwards, she and her partner Sol Furic went underground and formed the Flock to battle Robotnik. When the robot Nutzan Bolt took power, Sol Furic decided to work with him to improve the zone, only later discovering that Nutzan Bolt was insane and homicidal. Sab continued to fight against Nutzan Bolt, as well as her former partner. (It is suggested that Sab and Sol may once have been lovers.)[2]

In Sab's first appearance, she rescued Tails from being killed by Nutzan Bolt.[1] Tails then helped the Flock to defeat Nutzan Bolt and thwart his plans to flood the surrounding zones with Mega Mack.[3][4]

After this, Nutzan Bolt sought revenge on Tails and the Flock. Sab managed to send a message to Tails by floater drone,[5] but she and the Flock were caught in an explosion - Nutzan Bolt had bombed their headquarters! Nevertheless, Sab survived.[2] Having seen Sol Furic outside the headquarters, she assumed that he was responsible, and tracked him down. By then, however, Sol Furic (who was innocent and wanted to turn against Nutzan Bolt) had joined forced wth Tails. With Tails claiming to believe Sol's story, Sab agreed to trust her old partner again.[6] The three of them attacked Nutzan Bolt in his new ice palace, but Sab and Sol were knocked out. Luckily, Tails managed to defeat Nutzan Bolt and melt the chemical ice that had crippled the Chemical Plant Zone. Afterwards, Sab called Tails a hero before the collected residents of the zone, saying that, thanks to him, they now had a chance to start anew and live in peace.[7]

Sab and Sol were not used again, though the Chemical Plant Zone has reappeared several times; in its return appearances, it bore little resemblance to the Zonerunner stories.


  • Unlike the regular Freedom Fighters, who all appear in their teens, Sab and the Flock appear much older, at least in her early-adult years.
  • Like other members of the Flock, Sab wore sheep-skull badges on the lapels of her long coat, and frequently used firearms.


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