The SS Marine (マリン号 Marin-gō?) was a waterbike that appeared in Sonic Rush Adventure. It was built by Marine the Raccoon in her first attempt to create her own ship that would allow her to explore the world, but ended up crashing it during its test run. It bore a passing resemblance to its creator Marine.


The SS Marine was constructed by Marine the Raccoon on Southern Island. Growing up on the island, Marine proved to have a thirst for adventure and had come to have the dream of becoming a captain of her own ship and explore the world. Eventually, Marine sought out to fulfill her dream and began constructing the SS Marine from the island's local Materials, though she had some troubles with the construction along the way.

At the time Sonic and Tails arrived on Southern Island, Marine believed the SS Marine was ready to set off and began a test run with it. While it was able to sail, it was hard for Marine to control. As she tried to make the SS Marine stop by pressing the brakes, she hit the gas instead and she ended up crashing the SS Marine into the shore and destroying it. At the end of Sonic Rush Adventure, she reconstructs this ship and names it the SS Super-Marine.


  • The SS Marine is the first watercraft that appeared in Sonic Rush Adventure.

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