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SONIC ADVENTURE 2 OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK VINYL EDITION is a vinyl album containing the soundtrack of Sonic Adventure 2. It was available for pre-order from 5 December 2017. The album was set to ship in January 2018 but as Brave Wave was ahead of schedule, it was shipped in December 2017. The album includes a Bandcamp download code, as well as two 180-gram vinyl records (side-A/B is blue while side-C/D is red), two full color inner sleeves with outlined Sonic and Shadow character designs and a comprehensive booklet featuring liner notes by John Linneman of Digital Foundry, an interview with Takashi Iizuka and Jun Senoue, song lyrics and character art. The album was also included in the SONIC ADVENTURE & SONIC ADVENTURE 2 LIMITED EDITION BOX SET.[1]

Track list


Track Title Music Length
1. SA2 …Main Riff for "Sonic Adventure 2" 0:22
2. It Doesn't Matter …Theme of “SONIC” 2:44
3. Event: Let's Make It 0:46
4. Escape From The City …for City Escape 2:22
5. That's The Way I Like It …for Metal Harbor 2:26
6. Won't Stop, Just Go! …for Green Forest 2:29
7. Live & Learn …Main Theme of "SONIC ADVENTURE 2" 4:32


1. Unknown from M​.​E. …Theme of “KNUCKLES" 4:50
2. A Ghost's Pumpkin Soup …for Pumpkin Hill 3:24
3. Dive Into The Mellow …for Aquatic Mine 1:50
4. Believe In Myself …Theme of “TAILS” 3:57
5. This Way Out …for Prison Lane 1:43


Track Title Music Length
1. Throw It All Away …Theme of “SHADOW” 5:00
2. Vengeance Is Mine …for Radical Highway 1:54
3. Rhythm And Balance …for White Jungle 2:28
4. The Supernatural …for Final Chase 2:49
5. For True Story …for Sonic vs. Shadow 2:31
6. Supporting Me …for Biolizard 3:29


Track Title Music Length
1. Fly In The Freedom …Theme of “ROUGE” 4:55
2. Lovely Gate 3 …for Egg Quarters 2:33
3. I'm A Spy …for Security Hall 3:07
4. E​.​G​.​G​.​M​.​A​.​N. …Theme of “Dr. EGGMAN” 3:22
5. Soarin' Over The Space …for Cosmic Wall 2:31


  • An error appears on the back of the album where instead of saying "I’m A Spy...", it reads "I’m a Sply...".




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