Quotation1.svg It might become a silver or golden axe. Quotation2.svg
— Description, Sonic and the Black Knight[1]

The Rusty Axe (さびた斧 Sabita ono?) is a collectible item that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight.


The Rusty Axe resembles a fairly stereotypical woodsmans axe. It has a curved brown handle and a dark grey single bit head. However, the edge is slightly jagged and is covered in spots of brown rust. According to its profile, it might become a silver or golden axe.


In gameplay, the player can collect the Rusty Axe by defeating enemies during different Missions or completing specific Missions in certain areas. For then to obtain it, the player must use the ID points earned from completing the Mission where the Rusty Axe was picked up to identify it on the identification screen. The Rusty Axe is needed to craft the following swords:



  • The Rusty Axe's description is a reference to the The Honest Woodman which is one of Aesop's Fables. As the story goes, a woodsman lost his old axe in a river. Taking pity on him, Hermes dives into the water to retrieve his axe for him. Hermes first offered a gold and then a silver axe asking "Was this what you had lost?", but the honest woodman claimed his original axe. Impressed with the woodsmans honesty, Hermes awarded him with all three axes.
  • The description could also be a subtle nod to the Golden Axe video game.


  1. Official in-game description of Rusty Axe in the Treasury, item 019/247.

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