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Sonic X
Running Out of Time (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Running Out of Time".

Narrator: Last time on Sonic X, Chris learned that his world and Sonic's were once one, but since the planets started to recombine, time itself is screeching to a halt. The only way to un-stop the clock is to cause Chaos Control and send Sonic and his friends back to their world. Suspecting a trick, Chris confronted Dr. Eggman, and was shocked to discover that the time freeze fiasco was real. Now Tails and Chuck are working overtime to build a machine that can send our heroes home. Can they conquer the secrets of Chaos Control before time runs out? Find out next on Sonic X!

[Scene: Thorndyke Mansion - Living room]

Scarlet: We now go live to the office of the President.
President: [On TV] My fellow citizens, I have sad news to bring you this morning.
[Shots of a sleeping Cream, Vanilla, and Amy are shown.]
President: [On TV] Many months ago, a connection was established between Sonic's world and our own.
[Shots of Tails and Chuck at work in the lab, a meditating Tanaka and Ella in the kitchen, are shown.]
President: [On TV] Now, regrettably, our connection must be severed forever.
[Chris is not in bed. He is standing by the pool outside. Sonic runs by and stops on the other side of the pool. His speed causes a few leaves to blow around and the pool to ripple.]
Sonic: Morning, Chris!
Chris: Good morning, Sonic.
Sonic: How's it goin', guy?
Chris: OK.
Sonic: We can go for a run later if you want to.
Chris: Sure.
[They stand there in silence as a leaf lands in the pool.]
President: [As Narrator] Unfortunately, this is the last day we'll spend with Sonic and his friends. Tonight, they must return to their own world.

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Dining room]

[Nelson, Lindsey, Chris, Amy, Cream, Cheese, and Vanilla are eating.]
Amy: Personally, I don't see why it's such a problem if time suddenly comes to a stop. If I don't get any older, I won't get any wrinkles.
Vanilla: But Amy, don't you think you would get bored if you were forced to live the same day over and over again forever and ever?
Cream: And if you don't get any older, you'll never get birthday presents.
[Ella and Tanaka enter.]
Amy: I didn't think of that.
Chris: I have school. See you later.
[He gets up and leaves.]
Tanaka: [Bows] Enjoy yourself.
Nelson: Bye! Have a good time!
Lindsey: Take care, sweetie.

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Chuck's lab]

[Tails and Chuck are building something.]
Chuck: No good.
Tails: I wonder what we're doing wrong?

[Scene Change: Card Passer's office]

President: [On TV] On behalf of all our citizens, I extend our best wishes to Sonic and his friends. [The President clears his throat, trying not to cry.] As you make the journey back to your home world, please remember that this world will never forget your acts of courage and heroism.
[The TV is turned off by Card Passer, head of C.L.I.P. He kicks his feet up on the desk.]
Card Passer: What a blowhard! That mealy-mouthed, gutless wonder should've done something to get rid of those freeloaders a long time ago. Why build an expensive machine to get rid of 'em when a couple of well-aimed missiles could do the trick?
[His phone rings, and he answers it.]
Card Passer: [On Phone] Passer here.
Agent: [Over Phone] Commander, we think Eggman is up to something.

[Scene Change: Eggman's base]

[It is revealed that the agent is hiding just out of sight of Eggman, who is sitting in front of a console.]
Card Passer: [Over Phone] What's he doing?
Agent: [On phone] He's working on something suspicious. What should we do?
[Eggman is busy working on an electronic device.]

[Scene Change: Card Passer's office]

Card Passer: [On Phone] Don't let Eggman out of your sight! Watch him like a hawk! I want to know his every move, and report to me directly! Is that clear?
Agent: [Over phone] Yes, sir.
[The Card Passer hangs up.]
Card Passer: Eggman's obviously planning to make one last sneak attack before he takes a hike. He thinks he can catch us with our guard down. We had a chance to get rid of Eggman once, but the President went wobbly. He was too scared civilians might get hurt!

[Scene Change: Area 99]

[Several Hot Shots take off.]

[Scene Change: Card Passer's office]

Card Passer: Well, I'm gonna finish off that freaky fanatic once and for all, and no lily-livered politician is gonna stop me!

[Scene Change: Chris' School]

Frances: I wish Sonic and the others didn't have to go back.
Danny: On TV, they said time's gonna stop if they don't go home.
Helen: I know it's important and all... but... it's gonna be lonesome. I don't want things to go back to the way they were before Sonic came.
Chris: [To himself] From the first time we met, it seemed that Sonic and I were meant to be friends. Right from the start. We always looked out for each other. Now what if Sonic gets in trouble and I'm not there to help him?
[They hear the noise of engines outside. The four students look outside and see hundreds of GUN robots flying into the city.]

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[Scarlet Garcia and her crew are setting up their van when they see the GUN robots.]
People: (What the heck are those things?)

[Scene Change: Card Passer's office]

[The GUN robots open fire and completely demolish Eggman's base. The Eggman, Bocoe and Decoe are thrown from the base.]
Dr. Eggman: I wonder why our radar systems didn't detect that fleet.
Bocoe: Unfortunately...
Decoe: ...we unplugged the radar. We wanted to watch TV.
Bocoe: This base needs more electrical outlets.

[Scene Change: Outside Station Square]

[The three look up in horror.]

[Scene Change: The White House]

President: I want to know who ordered this attack!
[The door opens and several government agents stand there.]
Agent: [On radio] The President's office is secure, Colonel.

[Scene Change: The White House - Outside]

[The news crew is set up outside. Several government agents approach them as well.]
Scarlet: [To herself] They know something...
[She puts her microphone to the mouth of one of the agents.]
Scarlet: Why can't we get through to the President's office? Has something happened to him?
[There is no answer. Seeing other agents as well, she becomes worried. ]

[Scene Change: Station Square - Docks]

[The GUN robots continue their flight.]

[Scene Change: Outside Station Square]

[Sonic spins in, and stops in front of Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe. There's smoke and explosions everywhere.]
Sonic: They're not fightin' fair, Eggman. They got you totally outnumbered.
Dr. Eggman: They may have me totally surrounded with thousands of attack craft, but I possess the one weapon that can easily defeat them all, which is my super-superior brain!
[Lasers strike where Sonic is standing…]
Decoe, Bocoe and Eggman: Aahh!
[...but he dodges in the nick of time, and returns to his original spot.]
Sonic: It doesn't take a real big brain to see you're in trouble. You should leave.
Bocoe: Dr. Eggman never admits defeat, especially when he loses.
[The three villains scream as a missile streaks towards them. Sonic catches it. He throws it at one of the GUN robots, destroying it.]
Decoe: You will probably kick me in the compressors for saying this, but I think you should listen to Sonic. This situation is hopeless!
Bocoe: Even an evil egomaniac needs to be realistic sometimes.
Dr. Eggman: No way. I'm gonna stay right here and hold my ground 'til there is no ground left to hold!
Sonic: I'll stop those robots for ya, but first, you have to leave.
Dr. Eggman: Forget it, hedgehog!
[Sonic leaps out of the way as more explosions rock the area.]
Sonic: I'm givin' you one last chance, Eggman.
Bocoe: Never mind Dr. Eggman.
Decoe: Just save us! Pretty please?
[He spins and bounces from robot to robot, destroying them. ]

[Scene Change: Station Square - An alley]

Mr. Stewart: [On radio] This is Chalkboard Charlie. All clear here. Do you read me? Over.
[The GUN Commander is stationed in the woods outside of Station Square, and Topaz is on top of a building. ]
Topaz: [On radio] This is Topaz. I copy.
[Sonic is seen destroying the robots.]
Scarlet: Incredible! Sonic is Dr. Eggman's arch-enemy, yet now he's coming to Eggman's rescue!

[Scene Change: Card Passer's office]

Card Passer: I knew that hedgehog was a traitor! Sonic and his flaky Freedom Movement's corrupting the whole country and turnin' everybody into peaceniks! When dangerous pests infest your home, there's only one sure way to get rid of 'em - and that's exterminate 'em!

[Scene Change: The White House]

[Rouge is crawling through the air ducts. She climbs out and lands in the hallway. Suddenly the wall is punched down. Standing there is Knuckles, donning his Shovel Claws.]
Rouge: You're taking your breaking-and-entering business way too literally.
Knuckles: How'd you get here?
[Rouge's radio crackles to life.]
Topaz: [Over radio] Rouge, come in. What's happening in there?
Rouge: [On radio] Relax, Topaz. I ran into Knuckles. I'll let him tag along if he promises to be a good boy.
[Knuckles is shocked.]
Topaz: [Over radio] Rouge, some renegade agents are holding the President in his office. He's in danger. You two have to slip in there and free him fast!
Rouge: [On radio] Roger.
Topaz: [Over radio] Good luck, Rouge.
[Rouge hangs up.]
Rouge: Who needs luck when you have talent and beauty?

[Scene Change: Outside Station Square]

[The Hot Shots launch missiles at the area. Sonic has a difficult time destroying the robots and protecting Eggman at the same time. Missile explode behind Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe as they run inside their shelter. As Sonic destroys more robots, the three villains pile inside a cockpit.]
Dr. Eggman: Time for a merger.
Decoe: Affirmative!
[Eggman pushes a button, and their hut rises into the air. It is revealed that they are in part of the old Egg Fort II. Parts of the Egg Fort and Egg Carrier also rise into the air.]
Dr. Eggman: Merge now!
Bocoe: Roger!
[The three sections combine to make a giant warship.]
Dr. Eggman: Behold my super fortress, the greatest fighting machine ever invented, the Grand Egg Imperial!
Decoe: We could save ourselves a lot of time and trouble if we abandoned ship now.
Bocoe: Right.
Dr. Eggman: Pipe down! We have enough firepower to send those robots down in flames. Blast them with the laser cannons!
Bocoe and Decoe: Roger!
[The Grand Egg Imperial fires many lasers which make short work of the GUN robots.]

[Scene Change: The White House]

[Rouge and Knuckles knock out the government agents holding the President at gunpoint before entering the office.]
Rouge: I hope you don't mind us droppin' in.
President: No, I don't mind at all.
[Topaz enters.]
Topaz: Mr. President!
[She looks at the fallen agents.]
President: I'm fine, thanks to them.
[Topaz gives Rouge a nervy smile, knowing it won't be long before she has to leave.]

[Scene Change: Outside Station Square]

[The Grand Egg Imperial fires a freeze ray at all the remaining GUN robots, freezing them immediately and causing them to fall.]
Dr. Eggman: I told you I didn't need your help, hedgehog.
[Sonic shrugs and watches it rise above the wreckage it has created.]
Dr. Eggman: But since you tried to save me, here's a little present for you!
[The Grand Egg Imperial drops a small box into Sonic's hand. He opens it.]
Sonic: What's this?

[Scene Change: Card Passer's office, day]

[Police officers are snapping handcuffs on Card Passer.]
Police Officer: [On Radio] We collared the commander, Mr. President. We're gonna march him off to the military police.
President: [Over radio] Good work, officer. Take him away.
Card Passer: Tell the President I'm not sorry. This country used to be strong, but now it's on the brink of disaster thanks to its support for Sonic! You'll see! You'll see!
[He is escorted from the room.]

[Scene Change: The White House, sunset]

Rouge: He's got a point. Sonic's okay, but sometimes he's a real troublemaker.
Knuckles: I'm no Sonic fan, but it was Eggman who caused Chaos Control and sent us here. It's all his fault our worlds joined together and we got in this mess!
Rouge: I guess it doesn't matter who's to blame. The important thing is to try and set things right again. We can worry about settling the score with Dr. Eggman once we make if back to our own world.
President: But we have to act at once. The past isn't important. What's at stake now is our future. All of you must return to your world before time comes to a stop.
Rouge: We won't be going anywhere unless Tails and Professor Thorndyke finish their machine.

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Garage]

[Sonic, Tails, and Chuck are in the garage. Tails is holding the device Sonic was given. It was the same device Eggman was working on before his base was destroyed.]
Tails: This is the last part we need! All we have to do is put it in the machine and we're set!
Chuck: Let's test it out and make sure it works.
Tails: Looks like we did it, Chuck!
Sonic: With Eggman's help...

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion]

[Dark clouds cover the skies as Chris puts on a suit and tie in his room.]
Chris: [To himself] This is the worst day of my life. Soon, Sonic'll be gone... forever... and we'll never see each other... ever again.
[He, Tails, and Amy head to Chuck's car. It is set to tow the Tornado 2. Ella, Cream, Cheese, and Vanilla head to another car. Nelson and Lindsey wave from the house as the two cars drive away.]
Chris: [To himself] Sonic's my best friend. It's not fair.
Lindsey: I think we should go and see them off, don't you?
Nelson: Sure, but Chris asked us not to come along, so we'll have to stay out of sight.
[They drive away.]

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Balcony - Flashback]

[Last night, Chris and Sonic are on the balcony. Sonic is sitting at the railing.]
Chris: Hey... Sonic?
Sonic: Yeah, Chris?
Chris: Do you really want to go back to your world?
Sonic: Well... I don't have a choice.
[Chris turns to face Sonic.]
Sonic: As long as I've got place to run and explore, I'll be happy.
Chris: That's good.

[Scene Change: Chuck's car]

[Sonic is then seen sitting on the wing of the Tornado 2.]

[Scene Change: The Gateway Portal]

[A giant portal has been set up in the middle of the bridge in Station Square. Knuckles is standing in front of the portal. Danny, Frances, and Helen are also there. Both cars arrive, and Amy, Cream, and Cheese hurry over to the kids.]
Danny: Goodbye, guys.
Helen: We'll miss you.
Frances: We wish you didn't have to go.
[Chris looks on, not knowing that his parents are keeping an eye on him.]
Chuck: Time to see if this machine works.
Tails: [Nods] Yeah.
[He presses a button, and two revolving lights at the top of the portal activate. However, they are turned off a moment later. Chuck and Tails start to sweat]
Chuck: We don't have enough power, Tails.
Tails: What'll we do? The other Emeralds are still missing!
Chris: [To himself] If they don't get another Emerald, they won't be able to cause Chaos Control. Sonic and the others will have to stay here!
Sonic: You could use one of these.
[From his perch on the Tornado 2, he holds up the red Chaos Emerald he found in the mountains. He rushes over and hands it to Tails.]
Tails: Great! We have enough power now!
Chuck: All right, Tails, let's power up!
[Everyone looks on excitedly as the Chaos Emerald is inserted into the Gateway Portal.]
Tails: Here goes.
[This time, the portal comes to life, its bright light spreading across the city and blinding those close to it. The animals of Sonic's world (Pocky, Picky, Pecky, Ricky, a blue Flicky, and a green Flicky) are sucked into the portal.]
Amy: I guess it won't be long before we're all back home, guys.
[The Grand Egg Imperial is sucked into the portal.]
Dr. Eggman: The pleasure was all yours!
Bocoe: Take care!
Decoe: It was nice attacking you!
[The portal closes. Amy drops her suitcase in surprise.]
Amy: Hey! Why did it just shut off?
Cheese: Chao!
Cream: We can still go back home, can't we?
[Everyone is surprised and sad at the same time.]
Chuck: There was a power burnout. We don't have enough energy now to send the rest of you back.
[All the people are talking at Station Square. The President facepalms. Chris is standing by. He has a small smile.]
Tails: I'm not giving up yet!
[He attempts to fix the problem. Chuck is soon by his side.]
Chuck: If I make some adjustments, I think I can draw even more power from the machine.
Chuck: [Nods] It's worth a try.
[Sam Speed pulls up in his car. However, he drives away immediately, causing Amy to blink in surprise.]
Amy: He didn't even get out of the car.

[Scene Change: Station Square]

Sam: Maybe it's time for me to hang it up. There's not another competitor out there like Sonic. When he steps through that gate, I'll lose the greatest challenger I ever had.
[He has a flashback of the time when Sonic executed a sonic boom.]
Sam: Good luck, Sonic... and thanks.

[Scene Change: The Gateway Portal]

Amy: That was the fastest goodbye ever.
Ella: I think he just broke another world record.
[Ella, Amy, and Cream share a laugh. Chris looks on, knowing this is the last time they will laugh together.]
Tails: Chuck, I think it's fixed.
Chuck: Let's give it a go.
[Tails nods and presses the button, and the portal comes back to life. Shots of Space Colony ARK, are shown. Suddenly the ARK's Eclipse Cannon activates and strikes the portal, intensifying the portal's power and causing Tails and Chuck to shield themselves from the bright light.]
Chuck: That light...
Tails: It's from... Space Colony ARK!
[The portal is once again active.]
Tails: Now we have all the power we need! Excellent work, Tails!
Sonic: You did great, buddy!
Tails: Thanks!
[They exchange thumbs-ups. Chuck starts to become teary. He hugs Tails.]
Chuck: I'm going to miss you.
[Tails starts to cry as well.]
Tails: Yeah. Goodbye, Chuck. ...You've been a great teacher... and an excellent friend, too.
[Chuck's tears flow freely. Chris watches. Helen places flower crowns on Cream and Cheese. She, Frances, and Danny are teary.]
Helen: We made this for you, Cream. We know how much you like flowers.
Frances: It looks great on you.
Danny: You like it?
[Cream is teary as well.]
Cream: Thank you all! I love it! ...But not as much as I love all of you!
[She hugs Helen, and the three human children begin bawling. Even Ella is crying.]
Amy: Don't cry, Ella, or you're gonna make me lose it, too.
[Ella lifts the cactus that Amy has given her.]
Ella: Don't worry. I went to the plant store and bought myself a cactus to take care of. I named it Amy, after you.
Amy: That was sweet of you, Ella. Thanks. Thanks for taking care of us.
[Tears spring to her eyes too.]
Amy: You and Mr. Tanaka made us feel welcome.
Tanaka: [Bows] It was our pleasure. I wish... you could stay longer.
Ella: Here. This might help you remember me.
[She hands Amy a booklet. She opens it.]
Amy: You wrote down your favorite recipes so I can make them when I'm back home. Ella...!
[She runs to Ella and hugs her.]
Amy: Oh Ella, what'll I do without you?!
Ella: I don't know!
[Chris looks on.]
Chris: [To himself] In a second, Sonic will go through that gate. He'll be gone forever... but I'm not ready to say goodbye.
[Meanwhile, Scarlet Garcia and Mr. Stewart are watching the portal from a distance.]
Scarlet: Looks like this story's ending... but I still haven't figured out who you really are.
Mr. Stewart: You'll have to keep investigating.
Chuck: Hurry! We can't keep the gate open long! You have to leave immediately before there's a power failure!
[Vanilla, Cream, and Cheese fly through the portal.]
Vanilla: Thank you for everything.
Cream: It was nice knowing you! Bye-bye!
Cheese: Chao chao!
[Amy is next]
Amy: Thank you all!
[Tanaka bows as Tails flies the Tornado 2 through the portal.]
Tails: It's been a blast!
[Tails and Chuck salute as the plane vanishes into the portal.]
Chris: [To Himself] Goodbye, Cream... Amy... Tails. I'll never forget you.
[Rouge hands Topaz a beautiful gem.]
Rouge: Take this before I change my mind. When I saw that gem in the jewelry store, I had to get it for you. It was a steal.
[Rouge pockets the gem and begins to shed her own tears.]
Rouge: See ya.
[She waves and lets the portal take her back to Sonic's world. Topaz cries openly. A teary Tanaka places a hand on her shoulder. Knuckles and Sonic step towards the portal.]
Knuckles: Soon we'll be back home, Sonic... Back home.
[Sonic smiles.]
Knuckles: Let's go.
[He steps into the portal.]
Sonic: [Nods] OK.
[He steps towards the portal, but stops when Chris calls him.]
Chris: Sonic.
[Chris is smiling.]
Nelson: Say goodbye. You know this is the right thing to do for both our worlds.
Lindsey: You can do it, Chris.
[Chris steps towards Sonic.]
Chris: Well, Sonic.
Sonic: Chris...
Chris: This is it.
[They shake hands.]
Chris: It's been cool. I'm glad we met.
[Chris' eyes begin to water.]
Chris: Bye, Sonic... and good luck.
[Sonic releases his grip. They exchange thumbs-ups. Sonic starts to walk towards the portal. Now being unable to control his emotions, Chris presses the button to de-activate the portal. Everyone else is in utter shock. Sonic turns to Chris. The episode ends and the credits roll.]