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RuinWood Area (ルーインウッドエリア Rūin'uddo Eria?) is the second area of Tails' Skypatrol.


As with the other levels of Tails' Skypatrol, the plucky fox must simply fly through the level left-to-right, dodging obstacles and maintaining the flight gauge through continuous consumption of mint candy.

The level sees Tails pass through a dingy cave system in the middle of a giant forest. Outside, multicolored ruins are scattered throughout the stage, vestiges of lost civilizations now playing host to mechanical emplacements. Inside the caves, rusted metal frameworks prop up claustrophobic caverns filled with mine carts and very spiky rocks.



The boss, Bearenger

Bearenger, a brown anthropomorphic bear, is another of Witchcart's henchmen. The daredevil he is, Bearenger's aerial conveyance looks like some sort of rocket-powered missile, with grinning jaws painted upon the front. This ursine foe fights by throwing energy projectiles at Tails, in batches of three.

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