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Row! Canoe Survival is a mini-game in Party Mode in Sonic and the Secret Rings.


Hold the Wii remote sideways and turn it left and right to paddle the canoe.


Each player has a canoe, but there are waterfalls both in front of them and behind them. Unless they can paddle against the current and keep from being swept over the edge of the cliff, their hopes of survival are very slim. If a player paddles into the waterfall in front of the rectangular arena, he or she is stunned for a few seconds and could potentially be eliminated from the contest. However, there is yet another danger: unstable beehives are on one shore, and is about to fall. When it does, infuriated bees attack the players, stunning them for a few seconds if they fail to dodge the assault and very likely eliminating their unfortunate victims. Nearing the beehive only angers the bees sooner. The last player alive wins the game.


  • Steering is key. The faster you familiarize yourself with the controls and get accustomed to them, the sooner you can master this game.
  • Always be on your guard, and keep a tight grip on the Wii remote. Watch where you're going, or you could easily remove yourself from the competition.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Blue Shirt" Fumie Kumatani 1:19