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You may not like the way I do things but, I get things done.

— Rouge the Bat, "Shattered"


TV series[]


At a certain point in time, Rouge would learn of the Paradox Prism through legends and spent years of her life searching for it in Green Hill, to no avail.[1]


Rouge spends time with Sonic and his friends, from "Barking Up the Wrong Tree".

Sometime after Sonic Advance 3, Rouge would witness Sonic and Knuckles buying a cream pie, which they intended to give to Amy, under the false narrative that they had baked it themselves from coconuts on a palm tree in Green Hill. Rouge would tell Amy this, foiling Sonic and Knuckles' plan.[2]

Later still, Rouge gathered with Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Big, Froggy, and Birdie around a palm tree in Green Hill (the same one which Knuckles and Sonic had claimed to have created the pie from) to surprise Sonic by presenting him with the tree, which they had all formed fond memories around. Sonic, however, missed the point of the presentation, and was ultimately displeased.[2]

Shattered 488

Rouge warns Sonic and Tails about the Paradox Prism, from "Shattered".

Rouge later entered Tails' Lab through the open door, and explained to Sonic her thoughts on a recent battle between him and Dr. Eggman. Rouge believed that the doctor had tricked Sonic using a Power Amplifier inside an automated Eggcrusher to create a massive explosion that would help him search for for the Paradox Prism.[1]

Hearing this, Sonic and Tails gathered their teammates and met with Rouge at the top of a large Loop to discus their thoughts on Eggman's scheme, preparing to strike. Rouge surveyed the area by flying alongside the Tornado, which was carrying her teammates, minus Sonic, who had left. As Tails and Amy believed Eggman was hiding at the top of the mountain behind a suspicious cloud (in reality created by several Caterkillers), Rouge and the Tornado would fly to the top, confronting the doctor.[1]

Season one[]

Shattered 27

Rouge helping Sonic and friends in a mission, from "Shattered".

Having noticed Eggman's drilling operations for the Paradox Prism in Green Hill's mountain, the team, (minus Sonic) advanced on the cavern, and fought the initial wave of Badniks. Rouge and the team would sarcastically greet Sonic once he returned, exclaiming his tardiness. Rouge and her teammates would proceed to battle the remaining Badniks, only to be interrupted by Sonic's accidental shattering of the Paradox Prism, an action which displaced Rouge and her teammates across dimensions in the Shatterverse. Her alternate counterparts are: Rebel Rouge from New Yoke City, Prim Rouge from Boscage Maze, and Batten Rouge from No Place.[1]

While Sonic was captured by the Chaos Council in New Yoke City, he talks about Rouge saying she has a "heart of gold".

Season two[]

ATV 265

A ghost version of Rouge in Ghost Hill, from "Avoid the Void".

When Sonic and Shadow enter a ghost version of Green Hill, Sonic finds ghost versions of his friends. Rouge is among them, hanging upside down from a palm tree. She is repeating the same phrase over and over again: "You may not like the way I do things, but I get things done". Sonic responds to her before realizing none of them are gonna talk back to him. Some days later, Sonic, Shadow and Nine return to Ghost Hill with the Shards. While Nine is putting them together, Rouge and the others are back to their normal selves for a short while. But before Sonic gets a chance to talk to them, they go back to being ghosts.[3]

Season three[]

FTP 304

Rouge is finally back to normal, from "From the Top".

When Ghost Hill starts to collapse, Sonic takes a final look at his friends. Rouge and the others are seen floating up to the sky while everything around them is being destroyed.[4]

When Green Hill is finally restored, the timeline resets to a point before the Prism incident. Sonic arrives and sees Rouge and his other friends fighting Eggman's Badniks. Rouge is weirded out when Sonic hugs Eggman's mech. She fights alongside his friends and defeat Eggman. Rouge is surprised when Shadow enters the cave and steals the Paradox Prism. Later on, Rouge brings coconuts drinks to the beach and shares them with Tails and Amy. An explosion ruins their picnic, as something big in the sky comes near them. Rouge and the others are determined to fight back, and they all run into battle.[5]


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