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I hate to dupe and run, but,'s what I do.

— Rouge the Bat, Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2022



Some time ago, Rouge participated in a situation involving the Space Colony ARK, in which Eggman used its Eclipse Cannon to blow up a part of the moon in order to show the world the power that he wielded. These events lead to Rouge teaming up with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and even Dr. Eggman himself to stop a bigger threat.[2][3]

Following Dr. Eggman's disappearance, Rouge aided Shadow in his search for Eggman, quickly finding the doctor's location in Windmill Village. However, she kept this information secret from Shadow while anonymously informing the Chaotix Detective Agency about her sighting, knowing that they would investigate in order to verify it was Eggman and suspecting that they would call in Sonic the Hedgehog to see it for himself.[2]

The Fate of Dr. Eggman[]

Approximately a month after the war between the Resistance and the Eggman Empire, Rouge and Shadow went to Windmill Village, where they found a seemingly amnesiac Dr. Eggman becoming friendly with Sonic and the Chaotix. After "Mr. Tinker" mentioned Eggman Land, however, Shadow revealed his and Rouge's presence and got ready to destroy the doctor.[3]


Vector blames Rouge for bringing Shadow to Windmill Village, from Sonic the Hedgehog #6.

During the inevitable confrontation between Sonic and Shadow, Rouge revealed herself as the Chaotix's anonymous source when Vector chastised her for leading Shadow to Eggman's location, explaining that she had engineered the situation in order to prevent Shadow from doing anything reckless. She proceeded to speak with "Mr. Tinker" as he hid behind his barricade in his home, learning his story and apparent memory loss. When Shadow teleported inside Tinker's home, Rouge tried to calm him down and explain what she had learned, but Shadow told her that he had already talked it out with Sonic. The dark hedgehog demanded to see the "Eggman Land" that Tinker had mentioned earlier, only for it to be a small playground for the children of the village. Ribbing Shadow for taking the matter so seriously, Rouge bid farewell to Sonic and the Chaotix and left on good terms.[2]

Battle For Angel Island[]

Rouge and Shadow were later called in to aid the Resistance against the new threat of Neo Metal Sonic, who had impersonated Eggman, taken command over his Egg Fleet and the Eggman Empire, and had now successfully captured Angel Island and the Master Emerald. She and Shadow were appointed to Team Two as part of a three-pronged attack to take on Neo Metal Sonic. On the journey to Angel Island, Rouge questioned Shadow about his motives for going from lone wolf to joining a massive group like the Resistance for this battle, only for him to remain secretive of his reasons. After the Resistance's battleship was shot down, the fight began, with Rouge saving Tangle the Lemur by flying her out of the explosion.[4] Shadow quickly disappeared from Team Two; not surprised by this, Rouge followed Amy's orders to destroy the guns of the battleship they were attacking. During the assault, she took out a few Egg Pawns with kicks and bombs.[4][5] When Tails hijacked an Egg Fleet battleship to attack the rest of the fleet parked on one of the wings protruding from Angel Island, Rouge grabbed Amy and flew her to another battleship. After a safe landing, the two women briefly conversed about Shadow discarding their plan; they suspected that he would most likely be going after Neo Metal Sonic on his own (indirectly aiding Sonic and Knuckles), which Rouge vowed to "chew him out" for later.[5]


Rouge and her allies attacking Master Overlord, from Sonic the Hedgehog #11.

Some time later, the Resistance saw Angel Island beginning to fall as a massive robotic dragon approached them; Neo Metal Sonic had used the power of the Master Emerald and the bio-data of Shadow and Sonic to turn into Master Overlord. A new plan was quickly forged to disable the wings of the metal behemoth as Knuckles tried to remove the Master Emerald powering it. To this end, the Resistance, still aboard an Egg Fleet ship, charged towards the Master Overlord and swarmed onto his body once he caught the vessel in his grasp. Rouge flew Tangle and Whisper into the fight, planting her bombs along one of Master Overlord's wings; Whisper detonated them with her Variable Wispon, cleanly tearing off the entire structure. Master Overlord quickly threw off his attackers, sending them hurling towards the sea below before Silver caught them all using his powers. Master Overlord then attempted to attack Silver, only for Tails to ram him with his commandeered battleship and give Knuckles the chance he needed to finally remove the Master Emerald. With Angel Island floating again and Metal Sonic reduced to his original form, Rouge and the Resistance were in high spirits - except for Shadow who skulked away, which Rouge noted as "That's so [him]" before joining the after party.[6]

As everyone got ready to leave, Rouge managed to find an Eggman beach chair and used it to relax on top of the newly repaired Egg Fleet battleship. Sonic soon joined her for a chat and asked if she was going to return to spying once they got back home. While Rouge remained ambiguous, she found enjoyment in the view of the Master Emerald. Sonic then left Rouge be, telling her to tell Shadow "thanks" once she saw him again.[7]

Curse of the Pyramid[]


Rouge and the pyramid villagers, from Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2019.

Rouge later went to the Lost Pyramid of Dr. Eggman in the Dusty Desert to find Eggman's hidden treasure. There, she met Rough and Tumble, who were also looking for said treasure. The brothers used their noxious stench on Rouge in an attempt to slow her down and prevent her from getting the treasure first. Rouge quickly moved from the area and entered another room, only to find Rough and Tumble fighting an Egg-Golem. She knew that in order to defeat it, she had to find its remote. Rouge looked around until she heard a beeping noise. Once she found the source, she found a small group of villagers who had taken refuge in the pyramid and were using its traps to scare off intruders. Rouge decided to help them and dressed herself up as a mummy in old curtains in order to scare off the superstitious Rough and Tumble. Sure enough, Rough became frightened by Rouge and ran out of the pyramid, carrying Tumble in his arms. Afterwards, the village elder permitted Rouge to help herself to the treasure but she was asked by another villager not to tell anyone where she found it.[8]

Crisis City[]


Rouge helps guide the uninfected citizens, from Sonic the Hedgehog #19.

Rouge later learned from some intel that Dr. Eggman (who had regained his memories and gone back to his old ways) was heading towards Sunset City in his Faceship to create a Zombot outbreak in the city. Needing help to intercept Eggman, Rouge called Sonic, who agreed to come and aid them.[9] Regardless, Eggman still managed to distribute the Metal Virus in the city, creating a colossal Zombot outbreak. With Shadow finding transport for the uninfected citizens and Omega handling Zombots, Rouge coordinated an organization of the uninfected citizens at the Grand Gold Flicky Hotel. When Sonic arrived to help out, Rouge found him and told Sonic to bring the survivors to the hotel. Going there herself, Rouge would tell the city's defense force to protect their flank from an impending horde of Zombots she had discovered until Sonic arrived. As Rouge noticed the Metal Virus gunk on Sonic, Sonic told her that though he was infected with the Metal Virus too, his speed helped keep it in check. At her remark of how sloppy the assault was, Rouge became irritated when Sonic informed her that Eggman actually had no control of the Zombots. Rouge, in turn, told Sonic that Shadow was getting a transport for the survivors. Soon after, Shadow returned with a truck to transport the uninfected citizens away in. Sonic then took off to subdue his infection, leaving Rouge to guide the citizens into the truck. In the process, Omega helped Rouge by keeping Zombots from coming close to the truck. Meanwhile, Shadow fought the other hordes of Zombots in a manner that Rouge noted was reckless. Eventually, Shadow got infected, but continued to fight in spite of Rouge calling for him to retreat and run off his infection. Rouge asked Omega to cover Shadow with his gunfire, but Omega could not divide his fire, as it was needed to keep the other Zombots off the truck. As Shadow got overwhelmed by the Zombots, Rouge called Amy to send anyone she could to Sunset City as their Zombot situation had gotten out of hand. When Sonic returned, Rouge asked him to deal with Shadow, who had become a Zombot.[10]

As Sonic fought Shadow, Rouge continued to guide the uninfected citizens into the truck. After she finished, Sonic told Rouge to go as he covered her. With little hesitation, Rouge drove the truck away from the hotel. Shadow attempted to chase the truck but he was stopped by Sonic. Rouge managed to make it to Restoration HQ with little problems. Much later, when Rouge was planning her next move, Sonic arrived at the HQ and confirmed to her that Shadow was lost to the Metal Virus. This angered Rouge and she took her leave, stating that Shadow should have run when she told him to.[11]

All or Nothing[]


Rouge talks with Amy while she is aboard the Faceship, from Sonic the Hedgehog #26.

Days later, Rouge had managed to sneak onto the Faceship but did not contact anyone about this. She gathered intel on the ship and almost had a plan to steal the Chaos Emeralds that Eggman possessed to power it. However, after the Deadly Six were invited onboard by Dr. Starline, things started to get out of his and Eggman's control. In the confusion, Rouge sent a message to Orbot and Cubot to feign content with serving the Deadly Six so they could keep their free will and help her spy on the Zeti's deployments and coordinate a counterattack. She then contacted the Restoration, who were now on Angel Island and abruptly visited by Eggman, Starline and Metal Sonic; she informed them of what Eggman had been up to with the Faceship and told them of her current plan with Orbot. When Amy checked in with Rouge later, she told her that Zavok was now searching for Eggman, meaning that their counterattack had to be done soon. After Cubot distracted Zavok, Rouge told him and Orbot to send Amy the latest coordinates of the other members of the Deadly Six and requested that they attack now. When Orbot asked how she will retrieve the Zavok's Chaos Emerald, Rouge claimed that she was weighing her options and asked the robots to keep playing along for now.[12][13]

As the Faceship approached Angel Island, Rouge made her move and stole the white Chaos Emerald that had been left to power the ship. She taunted an angry Zavok and then escaped through the bridge windows. As she joined the remaining survivors on the island, the Faceship's systems short-circuited and it crashed down onto the large horde of Zombots that Zavok had led below. After giving the Emerald to Sonic, she stated that they would get the final Emerald after the fires died down as Zavok was not going anywhere. Contrary to this belief, Zavok simply emerged from the rubble and transformed into Giant Zavok with his Chaos Emerald. He then attacked the island with fireballs and handfuls of Zombots, the latter of which included a number of familiar faces to Rouge and the others. While Sonic, Silver and Metal Sonic went off to retrieve the final Chaos Emerald from Zavok, Rouge secretly evaded the battle and instead went to spend her supposed final moments with the Master Emerald. Eventually, with the combined efforts of Super Sonic and Super Silver, they were able to warp the entirety of the Metal Virus away from the world and to the sun. Once a cured Knuckles and Shadow caught wind of Rouge's antics, they shared their anger at her.[14][15]

Out of the Blue[]


Rouge says goodbye to Knuckles, from Sonic the Hedgehog #30.

Rouge remained atop the Master Emerald for a while until Knuckles came by to tell her that Eggman had escaped and she was supposed to be watching him. Rouge turned it on him, saying that he should have been on watch since he was the island's guardian. As Eggman was no longer on the island, Knuckles said that it was no longer his problem and told Rouge to get off the Master Emerald. Rouge jokingly asked for five more minutes, to which Knuckles replied that he tolerated her proximity with the emerald this long since she played a major role in saving the world but asked her not to make him throw her off of the island. Rouge noted Knuckles' stubbornness, but complied and ran her finger past his locks as she said her goodbyes and left.[16]

Some time later, Rouge discovered that the Deadly Six were laying low and not causing much trouble. She could not find Sonic or Omega anywhere and went to tell this to Shadow. After a difficult search, Rouge finally found the hedgehog in Forest Hill and told him of what happened. She questioned if Shadow was actually listening, to which he stated that he was. She then asked him why he was brooding more than usual and said that if he could not talk about it, she would leave it be. Shadow turned to her and said that he owed Sonic, but now he was gone and that was all to it. Rouge smirked and touched Shadow's shoulder in understanding. As she began to leave, she told Shadow of the party that was going to be hosted at Spiral Hill Village tonight but he passed on it. At the party, Rouge peered into the Mineral Museum with a high intrigue. Soon, the party was crashed by Eggman arriving in a large mecha with the intent of destroying everyone.[17] As the battle with Eggman ensued, Rouge moved into the Mineral Museum and acquired the museum's exhibits so that they could not be stolen by the Babylon Rogues. She also took part in the fight against Eggman's mecha, firstly by helping Tails get to the mecha's rear and revealing the interface panel for Tails to connect to, thereby allowing them to reject Gemerl from the mecha. Rouge also wanted Tails to free Omega, who served as the core of the mecha. Unfortunately, Omega was hardwired into the mecha. She then got Tails away from Eggman's laser pistol and rejoined the attack on the mecha. Eventually though, Sonic returned and helped free Omega and defeat Eggman. After Eggman had departed, Rouge was forced into a group hug by Tangle.[18]

Chao Races and and Badnik Bases[]


Rouge at the White Park Chao Racing Circuit, from Sonic the Hedgehog #33.

When the broken Omega was brought to Tails for repairs with Amy's help, Rouge provided Tails with Omega's blueprints from Dr. Eggman's personal files. However, the plans were in a code Tails could not translate. Tails thus decided to break into one of Eggman's abandoned bases with Sonic and retrieve the code ciphers from the Eggnet. Rouge then planned on leaving and wait for Omega to be rebuilt. However, when she heard that Tails still lacked spare parts from the E-100 Series, Rouge told them about Clutch the Opossum, the Chao racing champion from White Park Zone, who might have the parts they need in his collection. To get close to him however, they had to enter the White Park Chao Racing Circuit. For her plan to work, Rouge would need to gain Clutch's trust, two more people and a Chao. Amy decided to join Rouge, and they both called Vanilla and convinced her to let them take Cream and Cheese with them. On the way to White Park Zone, Rouge and her crew encountered Shadow, who, despite the purpose of their mission, had no intention of helping them. In the White Park Grand Chateau, Rouge entered the Racing Circuit's grand prix under the pseudonym "Facet" and signed up Cheese to compete in the Racing Circuit's qualification round. Though Cream pointed out to Rouge that she had lied, Rouge told her it would not hurt anybody. After Cheese passed the qualification round and entered the qualifying bracket, Clutch met Rouge and told her to meet with him later before giving her his business card. Though Amy thought this was too easy, Rouge assured her that she could handle whatever Clutch was planning. Arriving later in Clutch's penthouse suite, Clutch exposed Rouge immediately, knowing that she was a world-famous thief. Despite this, he made Rouge an offer: if Cheese won the race tomorrow, she could give them to him, and she could take whatever she wanted from his collection. Telling him that she would consider the proposal, Rouge took her leave. Omega, whom Rouge was holding in her suitcase, pointed out that Cheese was not her property. Rouge then revealed that had no intention of handing over Cheese, before telling Omega that she had a plan and that she needed his help. Moments later though, Rouge met a hooded figure she believed to be one of Clutch's cronies, sent to intimidate her.[1] However, she was shocked to find out that the figure was actually Dr. Starline.[1][19] Starline then put her into a hypnotic trance and planted a subliminal suggestion in her mind for future plans while making her unaware of their encounter.[19]

The next day, Rouge showed up at breakfast unexpectedly, which scared Amy, who suspected she was stealing from the hotel guests. However, Rouge admitted that they were not worth stealing from. After a while, the whole team set off for more rounds of Chao Racing to ensure their participation in the semi-finals. In the final race, Cheese beat Clutch's Dark Chao and got to the semi-finals. As Clutch then casted a glance at Rouge, she said she wanted to take Cheese to the first-aid tent to see if they were hurt. Amy and Gemerl would not let her go anywhere, however, so Rouge revealed that she wanted to trick Clutch by turning the whole situation against him when offering him Cheese in exchange for the parts they needed. Amy agreed on the plan, but on the condition that she and Cream came with her. Later in Clutch's suite, Rouge calmed Gemerl when Clutch insulted him, before assuring Clutch that she was here to do the trade. She also quietly assured Cream that she had everything under control. As she was about to hand over Cheese though, she spoke the codewords that Omega was expected to respond to. There was no response, however, and it was only a moment later that Shadow appeared and knocked out Clutch. When Rouge admitted that she did not expect any help from him, Shadow admitted that he only did it for Clutch's Chao and the other Chao, whom Clutch would imprison after losing their races to him. Rouge then decided to leave Amy and Cream to guard Clutch and free his Chao while she went off to call Tails herself and have him come and fetch him the spare parts Omega needed.[20]


Rouge reveals to Tails that she was under a hypnotic trance, from Sonic the Hedgehog #35.

Staying true to her word, Rouge called Tails. However, acting upon Starline's suggestion, she said there was a problem in White Park Zone and directed Sonic to assist Amy and the others while Tails was to meet up with her, sending them the given coordinates. When Tails later arrived alone as intended, a hypnotized Rouge attacked him. She was then tied up and, together with Tails, seated in a roller coaster led by Dr. Starline. There, Rouge told Tails with dismay about how Starline had used her. When Sonic and Shadow later showed up, Starline triggered an avalanche above the White Park Grand Chateau. He then gave the two hedgehogs a choice: save Rouge and Tails, or the hotel guests at the White Park Grand Chateau from the avalanche.[19] Ultimately, Shadow refused to help Rouge, so she cut the ropes hold her herself and advised Tails to do the same. She then gave Omega his codeword, prompting Omega to make a sudden loud noise. Surprised by the noise, Starline lost his balance and fell off the roller coaster. Rouge then persuaded Shadow to go help Sonic stop the avalanche, before flying to the White Park Grand Chateau with Tails and Omega to assist the others with the evacuation and get the parts they needed for Omega. After they had sent the guests away however, Starline appeared and blocked their path, casually attempting to persuade them in handing over Tails. Scoffing at his request, Rouge and Amy proceeded to take Starline on in a fight, with Rouge taking delight at seeking payback for being hypnotized and captured. However, Starline soon managed to break free of the fight and tried to kidnap Tails. However, he received a surprise kick from Belle and was then buried by the avalanche. Fortunately, the chateau managed to withstand the avalanche. Rouge then started looking for Sonic and Shadow from the air, but Amy had a feeling that they were somewhere under the snow. To Rouge's surprise, Sonic and Shadow soon after emerged from the snow. Layer, back at Tails' Workshop, Omega was rebuilt by Tails and Belle, and Rouge and Amy welcomed Vanilla, who heard about their whole adventure from Cream, when she arrived. Rouge then disappeared quickly to avoid any awkward excuses when Vanilla heard about all the dangers Cream had been through.[21]

Rough Patch[]

Rouge caught wind that the Mineral Museum was exhibiting a Chaos Emerald and went to Spiral Hill Village to scope it out. While there, she was approached by Tumble the Skunk to join him on an operation to steal the Emerald. Rouge agreed and Tumble explained the plan. She was surprised by his competence and agreed to the plan. When they broke into the museum, they ran into Rough and Tangle, who were also attempting to steal the emerald. Rouge caught on to the real reason Tangle was there an told Tumble the other two must of followed them to stop them from taking the Emerald. As Rough and Tumble fought, Rouge talked with Tangle about what they were doing there. Rouge lied and said she was there to protect the Emerald like Tangle, then proposed to team up to take the skunks out. She excitingly agrees to it and the two even do a rhyme to counter the skunks. As Tangle apprehended the duo, Rouge took the Chaos Emerald out of its display and flew off with it, apologizing to Tangle for leaving her, but also saying stealing is who she is.[22]

Urban Warfare[]

Rouge convinced Team Dark infiltrate Eggperial City to destroy as much as they could and to loot any valuables they could find, specifically from Eggman's private vaults. As they started to fight the Badnik Horde in the city, Sonic and Tails found them. Amy, Blaze, and Silver later joined them. Rouge tried to hid her material intentions for being in the city from Sonic, but Amy saw right through her and Rouge fessed up. Tails and Silver suggested they should team up so they can take out the city. Omega said the conversation was irrelevant to their mission and Rouge coldly told the other heroes they will only slow them down. Moments later, Doctor Eggman spoke over the city's PA to introduce his self-repairing and self-building city to them. Eggman then released a horde of Shadow Androids from a Blowfish Transporter to attack and "welcome" the group.[23]

The group is able to hold off the Androids, but Rouge got worried about their situation. Shadow sayidthe Androids have no strategy and they just need to get into a better position. The other heroes then came in to help fight them. A few moments later, Omega tripped over some fallen Androids and was taken down by the horde. Rouge then asked Shadow to use his Chaos powers, but Shadow said he can't without a Chaos Emerald. After an explanation from Tails, Shadow used the Giant Fake Chaos Emeralds in the city to perform Chaos Control and took out nearly all the Shadow Androids. Before he can perform it again, Giant Fake Emeralds start to grow all around them. Rouge asks what's happening and Shadow says the energy is too much. He then let out a beacon of energy and Rouge is forced to abandon her two teammates with Sonic and co. Once they got out of there, Rouge was concerned for their safety, but Sonic assured her that they are tough. Rouge relaxes and compliments Sonic's chipper attitude.[23]

While the group planned their next move, Rouge told them their best chance at beating Eggman was to save Omega and Shadow. The group decided to send Rouge, Blaze, and Silver to rescue them while the others went to the central tower. Rouge found Omega trapped under some rubble, but before they could do anything the ground collapsed under them and they fell into the Memorial Garage. Rouge then found Shadow trapped by several Giant Fake Chaos Emeralds. She flew over to get him out, but some Shadow Androids blocked her way. The group fought them and once Omega made an opening, the other three went to Shadow. The Chaos energy was too powerful for Rouge and Blaze to get close.[24] After Shadow was freed and regained control over the Emeralds, Shadow made a giant tower of them with him and his rescuers on it. They saw Metal Sonic fighting Sonic in the air and Omega quickly began firing at Metal with Blaze joining him. Rouge reluctantly helped out and brought Sonic to the ground. Once Sonic and Shadow destroyed the tower, Silver got close to Rouge and the others and protected them as Shadow used Chaos Control to send all the Emeralds far into the sky, where they exploded. Later, Rouge joined the other heroes at a picnic and brought a Gold Statue she found in Eggman's trophy room. Amy caught sight of it and told Rouge it needs to be returned to Angel Island. Rouge made an excuse not to, saying it was too heavy. Amy said she would return it for her and Rouge gave it to her. She told Amy to tell Knuckles he owed her one.[25]

Sonic's 900th Adventure[]

Rouge was contacted by Tails to help Sonic with the Warp Topaz. She went to an abandoned mine with Shadow and they caught Sonic in the deepest part of the mine. Rouge told Sonic he was there to help save the world so she could keep hunting gems. When the Babylon Rogues arrived, Shadow tried to make Sonic give the topaz to him, much to Rouge's disappointment. Rouge watched as Shadow blasted the Rogues into a portal Sonic left behind from the topaz.[26]

Winter Jam[]

Rouge was relaxing with Omega and some of Sonic's friends in Green Hill, when a Giant Chopper ambushed them, swallowed them, and took them to an unknown location. They were let free in a TV set and Cubot announced to them that they were in Orbot and Cubot's "Winter Jam". Orbot revealed that the prize for winning was a purple Chaos Emerald, but only one team can have it. Rouge considered taking it right then and there, but they were quickly split into teams, with Rouge and Omega teaming up. The first game was to create a scenery related to the holidays. Rouge told Omega to make a distraction as she made a break for the Emerald. Omega made some wreaths, but then target locked to all of them. Just as Rouge was about to get the Emerald, Omega blew up their set and she fell in a pile of ruble. In a post-game interview, Rouge admitted it wasn't smart to trust Omega with a crafting challenge.

The next game was "Snowball Jam", where teams had to carry an Eggman Doll to the finish line safely, while avoiding snowballs from the other teams trying to destroy it. Rouge threw some snow balls, but mostly stood by as Omega snowed down the competition, leading them to win. In the next interview, Rouge told Omega her judgement was "optimal" that time. The contestants went through several more games before they came to "Sculpt Jam", where the teams had to make ice sculptures. Team Dark could barely start their sculpture when Froggy used laser eyes to make a statue of Eggman. It was then revealed by Cubot that "Froggy" was actually a Badnik; the real Froggy escaped the Giant Chopper. Omega went into a frenzy and destroyed the arena, while Rouge stole the Chaos Emerald. The commotion caused Eggman to arrive at the scene and Cubot pressed a button that sent Sonic's friends out of arena and back to Green Hill. Artificial snow rained down on Green Hill and the lights that landed from the set on the hills. Rouge said that was one of the most annoying ways to get a Chaos Emerald, but Amy said it was worth it. Rouge admired her Emerald as everyone else went back to relaxing and playing.[27]


  • Several times throughout the comics, Rouge has been referred to as a spy. In the games, she works for the human-run organization GUN, yet it has never been mentioned who she is a spy for in the comics. Writer Ian Flynn has gone on record saying Sega's official policy is that there is one world.

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