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King Roubal is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a goblin and the latest ruler of the Goblin Nation.


Roubal is a tall, green-skinned goblin with black hair tied in a bun and side burns. He wears a red cape alongside a black shirt, black boots, and black shorts.


When Roubal came into power, he built a castle next to the foxes' village and had the three Enchanter Kings and Errol Blackthorn over to negotiate.[1][2] During their discussion, Morain and Miles "Tails" Prower came, thinking Roubal held his guests prisoners.[1] It was revealed that Roubal and the kings had made a deal: in exchange for the Enchanter Kings holding an annual ceremony where they would obey the goblins, the goblins would leave the Nameless Zone alone. If the kings refused the deal though, Roubal promised the Goblin Nation would go to war and wipe the Nameless Zone's inhabitants out. Having no choice, the Enchanter Kings let the Nameless Zone quietly fall under Roubal's rule.[2]


While Roubal sees himself as being a moderniser, Morain claims that everybody else sees him as a total creep. Roubal is in fact very vile, forcing the foxes to become subordinate to him should they wish to live in peace and not be killed by the Goblin Nation.[2]


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