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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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From now on, I'm happy to be a handyman.

— Rotor, "Sub-Sonic"

Rotor is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is an anthropomorphic walrus and a member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters who fight against the evil Dr. Robotnik. He serves as the team's mechanic and handyman, inventing reliable gadgets for his team and their missions.

Concept and creation

In an early bible for the series, Rotor was called "Boomer". He was stated to be one of Sonic's oldest friends and to have a poor social life. He was stated to like girls, but he got the hiccups when talking to them.[1]

As seen in the Sonic the Hedgehog: The Complete Series DVD box set, a handwritten note can be seen referring to Rotor as "Boomer", suggesting that this name continued late in production.


Rotor is an anthropomorphous walrus with light blue fur and gray skin on the stomach and his face. Originally, he wore a sideways yellow hat and a brown belt with tools attached to it. In his later portrays, both his attire and physical appearance were changed. As a result, Rotor became more plump, his mouth was greatly reduced in size, and his eyes became orange instead of black. Rotor also began wearing a backwards red baseball cap, a red tool belt, black gloves, and white and red sneakers.


TV series


Little is known about Rotor's past, except that he was friends with Sonic and the other Knothole Freedom Fighters during childhood. In 3224, however, together with the other children, Rotor was taken to Knothole Village after Dr. Robotnik came to power in Mobotropolis.[2][3]

Season one

While in the Great Forest, Rotor was eating lunch while listening to Sonic playing his guitar. Later, Rotor joined up with Sonic and Tails, and together with them, they mocked Dr. Robotnik when the doctor threatened them through one of his Surveillance Orbs. After returning to Knothole Village, Rotor helped Sally and Bunnie build catapults for the Knothole Freedom Fighters. However, they lacked some parts that could only be found in Robotropolis. To help prepare Sonic for the trip to Robotropolis, Rotor helped Tails pull a Power RIng out of the Lake of Rings for Sonic, before showing Sonic the part he had to retrieve. Later, Rotor helped fend off a Buzz-Bomber attack on Knothole.[4]

Rotor reprogams the Sallybot.

Rotor later welcomed back Bunnie and Sonic when they returned to Knothole after attacking a Swat-Bot factory in Robotropolis. However, the group soon noticed that Sally had yet to return, making them conclude that she was in some sort of trouble. To help prepare Sonic for a trip back to Robotropolis, Rotor waited with Tails and Sonic at the Lake of Rings for the next Power Ring to emerge. Once they got the Power Ring, Sonic took off. Some time after, Rotor joined Sonic, the rescued Sally and Bunnie on a mission to Robotropolis for a second attack on the Swat-Bot factory, which was still operational. They noticed, however, that their opponents were anticipating their every move as they snuck through the city. Rotor and co. soon after discovered that the Sally who Sonic saved was in fact a Sallybot, a robotic agent serving Robotnik, who promptly ran away once her cover had been blown. After Sonic defeated Sallybot, Rotor reprogrammed her so that she would obey Sonic's orders. Afterward, Rotor and Bunnie intercepted a Hover Unit and used it to destroy the Swat-Bot factory while Sonic rescued the real Sally.[5]

Later, Rotor, Bunnie and Antoine met up with Sonic and Sally in the subway in Robotropolis after the trio failed to find old parts from the Roboticizer at the junkyard. There, Rotor and his group learned that Sonic and Sally had seen the roboticized Chuck head for the Crystal Mine. Deciding to follow Chuck, Rotor and his group headed towards the Crystal Mine in a trolley just as they came under attack by Swat-Bots. After later finding and capturing Chuck, the group gave him a Power Ring that restored his mind and free will. Upon regaining his senses however, Chuck took Rotor and his group into the Crystal Mine to stop Robotnik's forces from extracting a giant Energy Crystal; if that crystal was removed, Mobius's ecosystem would be destroyed. Rotor thus joined Sally and Antoine, who helped him get into the control room, their goal being to sabotage the controls for the crane designed to pull the Energy Crystal out of the mine. There, they found a robot stationed at the controls. Rotor tried to turn the robot off by going for the on/off switch on its heel, but the robot noticed him and caught him. Before the robot could shoot Rotor though, Sally and Antoine turned it off. After the crystal was destroyed, Rotor and the other Freedom Fighters escaped and fled the Crystal Mine in a train. However, they had to leave Chuck behind, as he soon reverted back to an aggressive Worker-Bot once more and could thus hurt their escape from the Swat-Bots.[6]

Rotor later helped the Knothole Freedom Fighters build the Freedom Stormer airplane so they could fly to Maga and find the Secret Scrolls. When they took off in the Freedom Stormer however, Rotor and his friends almost crashed, but Rotor managed to stabilize the airplane. When Rotor and co. later landed near Maga, Rotor could not stop the airplane. Fortunately, Sonic stopped it before it went over a cliff. While in Maga, Rotor and his group managed to find the Secret Scrolls, but then Dr. Robotnik, Snively and their Swat-Bots appeared to take the scrolls from them. Sonic, however, managed to turned the villains' attention away, giving Rotor and his friends a chance to escape. Later, Sonic managed to blow Robotnik and his lackeys off a cliff using the Breath of Mobius which was located in Maga. With a successful mission under their belt, Rotor and his friends returned to the Freedom Stormer and flew back home in it.[7] Later, Rotor tried to built a waterwheel that could provide Knothole with clean electricity. While at work, Sally and Bunnie would help him out on different occasions. Later, when Sonic, Sally and Bunnie returned from the Forbidden Zone, Rotor presented his working waterwheel and the electricity it provided to the trio.[8] Not long afterward, Rotor appeared around a campfire in Knothole where Sally talked about how they had managed to destroy the backup power generator in Robotropolis.[9]

Rotor and the other Freedom Fighters later watched Sonic destroy the Shredder when it began cutting down the Great Forest. After returning to Knothole, Rotor congratulated Sonic for a job well done. He later met Antoine at the Lake of Rings, who complained about how he was unable to impress Sally. As a joke to lighten the mood, Rotor suggested to Antoine that he could get Sally's attention by capturing Robotnik. Rotor soon learned though that Antoine had taken his suggestion seriously when he discovered that Antoine had stolen a Power Ring, presumably to lure Robotnik into a trap. After Rotor had explained what he had done to his friends, Sonic took off to save Antoine. Ultimately, Antoine was saved by Sonic and returned to Knothole, but Rotor did not stay to hear Antoine's story about how he saved Sonic.[10]

Rotor and Sonic in space.

Rotor and the other Freedom Fighters were later woken up in the middle of the night when a rocket booster crashed near Knothole. As it turned out, the rocket booster belonged to the Sky Spy space station, which Robotnik had sent into space in order to locate Knothole. In order to sabotage the Sky Spy, Rotor began converted the rocket booster into space shuttle that would be able to reach the Sky Spy. In the meantime, Rotor helped Sonic destroy a Stealthbot, which Robotnik had sent to locate Knothole. Soon after, Rotor and Sonic flew up to the Sky Spy in the modified rocket booster. Although they ended up crash landing on the Sky Spy, they managed to get inside. Inside the Sky Spy, Rotor and Sonic had to flee from the robots patrolling the Sky Spy. When Sonic later found out where the spy sensors were located, Rotor helped him dispose of one of the guard robots. The heroes subsequently sabotaged the Sky Spy and fled back to Knothole in a Hover Unit. There, Sally showed them that the Sky Spy was about to crash into Mobius. In an effort to direct the Sky Spy to a place where it could land without causing damage, Sally suggested to Rotor that they could use his Super Magnet to steer the Sky Spy. Following Sally's suggestion, Rotor and Sonic used the Super Magnet to make the Sky Spy crash in the wastelands. After returning to Knothole, the Freedom Fighters cheered for Rotor and Sonic. Soon after, Rotor presented Sonic with a machine for grooming his quills, but it malfunctioned when Sonic used it.[11]

Some time after, Sonic told Rotor about a nightmare he had. Soon after though, Sally showed them both a recording of one of Robotnik's radio transmissions, which revealed that Robotnik was going to spray chemicals into the atmosphere in order to create toxin rain. Sally thus decided to get to the Cloud Burster, which was to collect the chemicals from the Island of Nimbus, with Antoine and Bunnie. At the request of Sally, Rotor subsequently looked in his shack. However, when he opened it, various parts flushed over him. Regardless, Rotor managed to dig through the parts and find three Swat-Bot suits for his friends to infiltrate the Cloud Burster with.[12]

Rotor telling Sonic how much he wants to be a superhero.

When later tending to the dying tree sprouts the Knothole Freedom Fighters had planted, Rotor would listened to Sonic when he told them about how he failed to crash a big and strong fish in the Great River. Sonic would afterward spill some strange green water from the Great River out of his ears, which caused plants to grow rapidly. Believing the green water could do wonders for the trees, Rotor, Sally, Sonic and Antoine set out to get more of it. During their cruise down the Great River though, Rotor admitted that he would like to be a superhero like Sonic instead of just a handyman. Soon after though, the heroes got caught a whirlwind and dragged down into a contaminated, underground lake. There, while Rotor and Sonic diverted garbage that was about to collide with their damaged boat, Antoine disappeared. The heroes sailed on, however, hoping to find Antoine. Along the way, they came across increasingly polluted water and a waterfall. Fortunately, Sonic managed to push their boat away from the waterfall and into a branching river. There, however, their boat began to sink into boiling water, but Rotor, Sonic and Sally managed to get up on dry land by using the vines hanging from the ceiling. Soon after, they came across underground flowers that wanted to bite them. While Sonic managed to tie them up, Sally disappeared while he and Rotor were distracted. Rotor subsequently went further into the caves with Sonic. Eventually, they found a cave with a throne. There, Sonic got kidnapped by the Kraken, and Sonic ordered Rotor to flee. Escaping the Kraken, Rotor fell into a small underground cave through which the green water flowed. After grabbing a portion of the green water with his canteen, Rotor cleared out the stones that blocked the flow of the green water. As a result, the vegetation in the Great Forest began coming back to life. Rotor continued afterward to wander around in the caves until he came across a Snake Probe that attacked him. As he escaped the Snake Probe, Rotor found Sonic, Sally and Antoine, who were drowning in a murky pool. When Rotor tried to reach them though, he was caught by a tentacles coming from the pool. The tentacle tried to pull Rotor into the pool as well, but Rotor managed to free himself and built a bridge for himself out to Sonic. He then pulled a Power Ring out of Sonic's backpack, which Sonic used to save himself and Sally while Rotor saved Antoine. Afterward, Rotor was thanked by his friends. Sally even gave Rotor a kiss on the cheek. Antoine and his friends then met the Kraken, who turned out to have been trying to kill them because he believed them to be behind the pollution that had infected his underground kingdom. In turn, the heroes explained that the one behind the pollution could be no one else by Dr. Robotnik. Soon after though, the Kraken got bound by Snake Probes, prompting Sonic to head up to the surface to stop the Snake Probes. There, he managed to destroy Robotnik's drilling platform, which was polluting the Kraken's kingdom. Afterward, Rotor purified the water in the underground kingdom using the green water he had found. As thanks for their help, the Kraken gave Rotor and co. a gift to help them with their plants. Returning afterward to Knothole, the group used the Kraken's gift to revive their plants and then some. Afterward, Rotor admitted that being a superhero was exhausting and that he was now sticking to being a handyman.[13]

Rotor was later working on Bunnie's leg-ladders, which he needed Sally and Sonic help with, as he had problems working out the kinks. Regardless, he got them done in time to help him and his friends collect apples from a tall tree. Soon after though, Rotor heard from Tails that he had taken a baby Terapod, named Baby T, into Knothole. Soon after, Baby T rejoined his herd, who was on its annual migration to Boulder Bay. However, Sally noticed that the Terapods were migrating in the wrong direction. Rotor, Sonic, Sally, Bunnie and Tails thus decided to accompany the migrating Terapods on their trip. After entering the Great Jungle though, the group came across some Scorch Plants. After Momma T placed a stone next to the plants, which caused the stone to melt, Rotor decided to test the Scorch Plants out by placing his screwdriver on them, and saw that metal as well would disintegrate when coming into contact with the Scorch Plants. When Sonic began considering to use these plants against Robotnik, he was suddenly caught by a wild vine that pulled him over a muddy pool. Rotor, Bunnie and Sally tried to give Sonic some solid footing to land on by trying to push a tree trunk into the mud pool, but they moved away so that Momma T could do it for them, which in turn saved Sonic in time. During their subsequent journey however, the heroes were attacked by Stealthbots. Rotor and his friends thus fled on the back of Momma T and Baby T, only for Robotnik to trap them inside a force-field. Robotnik then tried to kidnap Momma T with a cage attached to his hovercraft while Sonic was knocked unconscious. Fortunately, Rotor and Tails managed to wake Sonic up. After Sonic and Bunnie unhooked the cage containing Momma T, however, Bunnie's legs locked up. Before Bunnie was crushed by the descending cage though, Rotor unlocked Bunnie's legs with a remote, thus allowing her to escape the descending cage in time. Rotor and his friends then managed to escape after Sonic made a hole in the force-field with a Power Ring-empowered Super Spin. After they lost Robotnik, Rotor and his friends escorted the herd of the Terapods to Boulder Bay and it turned out that the Terapods were going in the right direction all along.[14]

Season two

Rotor helping Sally read the orders of a Swat-Bot.

While in his workshop, Rotor received a visit from Sally, Antoine and Tails when they arrived on Dulcy's back. Rotor subsequently decrypted the information in a Swat-Bot head the group had brought him, which revealed that Sonic was being lured into a trap by Ari.[15] Later, Rotor helped Sally finish the De-Roboticizer, which they tested on Bunnie. After Bunnie's de-roboticization turned out successful, Sonic brought in his Uncle Chuck to have him de-roboticized as well. However, the De-Roboticizer overheated and got damaged. Worse yet, the spare parts needed for the De-Roboticizer could only be found in the original Roboticizer. Regardless, Sonic managed to get those parts, which allowed Rotor and Sally to carry out a successful de-roboticization of Chuck. Chuck then helped Rotor refine the De-Roboticizer. Unfortunately, Chuck's de-roboticization soon wore off, much like Bunnie's, prompting him to destroy the De-Roboticizer.[16] Some time after, Rotor and the other Knothole Village residents learned that Sonic had been rendered amnesiac with the Memory Scrambler and that Snively was now using Sonic to locate Knothole. When Snively later approached Knothole while Sonic tried to gather all the Knothole Freedom Fighters, Rotor and his friends hid in an underground shelter, with Chuck joining them in the shelter. There, Chuck revealed that they could restore Sonic's memory if they gave him a Power RIng. Rotor and the others thus stayed in the shelter while Sally, Chuck and Tails went to get a Power Ring. Eventually though, Snively found Rotor and co. and treated them to the Memory Scrambler. Fortunately, Snively was stopped by Sonic.

Rotor's history was later slightly altered when Sonic and Sally went back in time to stop Dr. Robotnik before he rose to power in Mobotropolis. In the past, young Rotor was left in the care of Rosie together with young Antoine, young Rotor, young Sally and young Sonic when Chuck had to go meet the King with the time-traveling versions of Sonic and Sally. However, young Sonic would later ignore their order to stay put in favor of checking out what was happening at the palace. Young Rotor and the other children subsequently followed young Sonic to the palace, only for them to get caught by Swat-Bots.[2] Locked in jail, young Rotor and the other children were set to be roboticized. Fortunately, they were saved by Sonic and Sally, and together with Rosie, they fled to Knothole.[3]

Rotor would later treat the knees of Dulcy, who had injured herself when landing in Knothole. Soon after, he brought her special knee pads to help protect her when she would land.[17] Later, during the winter, Rotor and the other Freedom Fighters gathered around Antoine's hut after hearing Antoine's deranged screams and yells coming out of it. Shortly thereafter, the heroes saw a huge tree collapse on top of Antoine's hut.[18]

Rotor working on Ro-Becca.

One night, Rotor was working late on his new mechanical assistant Ro-Becca with assistance from Antoine. However, Rotor soon had to leave to get some parts he had forgotten. When he returned though, he saw that Antoine and Ro-Becca had disappeared. Rotor thus called upon Sonic's help, and together, they began looking for Antoine. Eventually, Rotor found Ro-Becca brutally massaging Antoine in Antoine's hut, prompting Rotor to turn Ro-Becca off by flipping the on/off switch on her neck. Rotor subsequently tried to reprogram Ro-Becca the next day, but when he turned her on, she would not listen to him. When he later found Ro-Beeca in Antoine's company again, Rotor decided to dismantle her. While he went to get his tools however, Antoine managed to make Ro-Becca repulsed by him, prompting her to smash right through Rotor's wall during her escape from Antoine, much to Rotor's anger. When they caught up to Ro-Becca though, Rotor had a laugh when he saw Ro-Becca fall in love with Sonic.[19] Rotor soon after made a replica of one of the Deep Power Stones for Sonic and Tails, which the duo planned to use to deceive Robotnik.[20]

Rotor soon after presented Sally and Bunnie with a supped-up Hover Unit he had created from a wreck he had found in the Great Swamp. He also showed them a mechanical postal pigeon he had created and one of Robotnik's security transponder, the latter of which would let Sally and Bunnie break into any of Robotnik's buildings. When Rotor later worked in his workshop, Antoine would annoy him with his fanciful tales about his latest heroic deed. After a while though, a mechanical postal pigeon came to Rotor, with a message from Sally and Bunnie, which said that Chuck was in danger. Rotor wanted to notify Sonic, but Antoine declared that he would save Chuck himself.[21] Rotor later created Metal-eating Balloons which he presented to Sonic. When a Doomsday Pod soon after attacked Knothole, Rotor managed to save some of the Metal-eating Balloons before Sonic came for him and took him out of his workshop before a tree collapsed on top of it. Sonic then took one of the Metal-eating Balloons from Rotor and used it to destroy the Doomsday Pod. After Dr. Robotnik was defeated and his Doomsday Project foiled, Rotor celebrated this victory together with the other inhabitants of Knothole.[22]

Game appearances

Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball

Rotor's cameo in Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball

In Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball, Rotor made a brief cameo in the first and third Bonus Stage. Among other Freedom Fighters and Animals, Sonic can free Rotor from capsules. Once freed, Rotor flies away.


Rotor is very calm and friendly, and likes peace and stability. In the past, he wanted to be a superhero like Sonic, but after he got a taste of such a life, he decided that it would be best for him to stick to what he is best at: being a handyman.[13] As an inventor, he is very devoted to his mechanical creations. He enjoys it when they work well, but he can also worry and even get angry when they do not meet his expectations.[19]

Rotor can occasionally be bashful, particularly when talking to girls.[17]

Powers and abilities

Rotor is an excellent mechanic whose work has often proved to be an invaluable help to the Knothole Freedom Fighters. As a testament to his skills, Rotor has helped create the Freedom Stormer airplane,[7] constructed a waterwheel that provides electricity,[8] transformed a rocket booster into a space shuttle,[11] constructed catapults,[4] helped with the construction of the De-Roboticizer,[16] built a fully-fledged robot,[19] reconstructed and supped up a Hover Unit,[21] created mechanical postal pigeons,[21] and created Metal-eating Balloons.[22]

Rotor also has some skills as a pilot, although he needs time adjusting to new aircrafts.[7][11]


Antoine Depardieu

Antoine would often act as Rotor's assistant and mess up his inventions with his clumsiness, much to Rotor's chagrin.[19]



In other media

Archie Comics

Main articles: Rotor the Walrus and Rotor Walrus
Rotor in the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Rotor was the son of Sherman and Georgette Walrus, who came to Old Mobotropolis for new opportunities outside the traditional Walrus Herd lifestyle. What they did not expect was the Great War. Rotor grew up listening to hi father's war stories and was inspired by the tales of the impressive machinery of the war. However, his family would later be torn apart by Dr. Robotnik's takeover.

Sherman fell in the initial resistance. Rotor's mother (pregnant with his brother, Skeeter), were lost in the chaos of escaping refugees. Rotor was among many other children separated from their parents. He soon fell in with a group aiming to stop Dr. Robotnik: the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

Rotor lent his inventor's prowess to the team. But for every success he had some kind of failure - often with explosive result. This, and his interest in heavy weapons, earned him the nickname "Boomer".

Rotor was a tenacious member of the team and one of Sonic the Hedgehog's best friends. He was eager to join the firefights, which seemed odd compared to his otherwise gentle nature. His analytical thinking gained him a seat on both the Knothole Council during the First Robotnik War and in the Restoration Committee in its aftermath. He also played a role in protecting his herd from Robotnik many times.

During the year Sonic spent in space, however, Rotor's disposition shifted. His zeal for new weaponry put many of his friends in harm's way. Ashamed, Rotor fell upon the kingdom's conviction of shunning firearms, even to the point of contradicting himself on his past actions. He also took a less active role in field operations.

During the destruction of Knothole, Rotor rescued Tails from a collapsing ceiling, but injured his back in the process. He regained most of his mobility but opted to "retire" to a position on the Council of Acorn. When the Naugus-fied council voted to exile Nicole, Rotor resigned out of protest, donned his nanite suit, and became the leader of Team Fighters.

In the reality created by the Super Genesis Wave, Rotor was the son of Tundra the Walrus. Losing his mother at an early age and disliked by his father, Rotor moved to Mobotropolis to seek a new life, only to get caught up in the Eggman Invasion. He eventually fell in with the Freedom Fighters, becoming both a mechanic like Tails and a warrior in the field like Sonic.


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