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Rosy the Rascal, formerly known as Anti-Amy Rose, is the Moebius counterpart to Amy Rose. Rosy wears an outfit similar to the outfit Amy wore when she was younger and carries a hammer also similar to Amy's, except it's green and has spikes on it at either end. Mentally unstable (the best way to describe her is bipolar), Anti-Amy seeks to attack just about anyone who gets close to her, and constantly haunts Scourge the Hedgehog for ignoring her.


Increase in Age

Rosy and Amy both share similar historical scenarios. Like Amy, Anti-Amy used a special ring (it is unknown if it was the Anti-Mobius version of the Ring of Acorns or not) to make herself older so that Scourge wouldn't ignore her attacks. However, the jolt of energy from the magic ring made Rosy go insane.

Sought out by Sonic and Amy

Rosy lurked around in Moebius' Castle Acorn, waiting for Scourge to come back to her. Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy, with the help of Buns Rabbot, attempted to recruit her to help defeat Scourge and his Suppression Squad, who had recently invaded Freedom HQ in Mobius Prime. When asked for her help, Anti-Amy explains that Scourge would often ignore her attacks, thus the reason she used the 'special ring' to make herself older. However it was noted by Sonic that there were side effects to this, as Rosy doesn't look or act older. She revealed that the transformation went wrong, causing her to become psychologically insane, and thus began attacking the trio.

During the battle, after Sonic tried to reason with her that he's a good guy, Rosy responded "You're a Sonic! My Scourgey is a Sonic! I want to smash Sonics!" Amy retorted, stating that they were like sisters being counterparts, but Rosy wanted to defeat her nonetheless saying "you're breathing, that's good enough for me!" As the four engaged in battle, Buns used her riot foam in an attempt to prevent her from moving, though Rosy simply destroyed the foam with her hammer. After this, Amy went on to keep Rosy distracted so that Buns and Sonic could locate the Globe Posts that had been stolen from Anti-Robotnik before. Buns was concerned about leaving Amy to fight for herself, though Sonic informed her she could take care of herself. Buns then protected Sonic while he went through the Globe Posts to see what was going on in Mobius.

The battle was soon lost however, as Rosy broke Amy's hammer. Just as Rosy noticed the Globe Posts and was about to smash them, Buns got in the way to give Amy time to get Sonic back. However, due to the betrayal of the Suppression Squad, Scourge was sent back to his world along with Sonic before shutting down the Globe and Star Posts. Just as Scourge got angry at his team's betrayal, the group realized Rosy had defeated Buns', trashing the Omega Care Unit, leaving her powerless.

Scourge looked on in fear as Rosy prepared to gain her revenge for being ignored for so long, but he managed to fend her off. The fight was interrupted when Shadow arrived by using Chaos Control. Though he was actually looking for the Special Zone, Sonic asked if he wanted to help defeat Scourge, to which he agrees. After the arrival of Metal Sonic, Rob O' the Hedge, and Silver the Hedgehog, Rosy was convinced along with the rest of them to work together and defeat Scourge, calling Sonic the "bestest". Scourge, refusing to give up, used the Anarchy Beryl in his throne to transform into Super Scourge.

She was temporarily defeated by Super Scourge but recovered quickly and tried to "squish" him, but Scourge's invulnerability prevented this and he threw her into a wall where she fell into unconsciousness. Following this she was tied up by Rob O' the Hedge. In Archie's blog when Team Rose was asked about what happened to Rosy, Froggy replied and said "Rosy escaped to the wilds of Moebius to terrorize the Suppression Squad another day."


Rosy is extremely violent, eccentric, sadistic, and single-minded, eager to stalk and "break" things, mainly people while retaining distorted signs of a cutesy, childish demeanor. This is reflected in her speech, in which she often uses nicknames and simplified terms in a sing-song tone. She herself seems aware that the magic ring she used on herself "broke" her mind, but appears unconcerned with this fact, as her only focus now is Scourge. Also unlike her counterpart, she will not hold back when attacking and will hit her opponent with full force, which is strong enough to leave a huge dent in a large building, or quite possibly kill someone. Her hammer can even break Amy's Piko Piko Hammer, even though the two hammers are the same in strength, possibly due to rage and sadism. She is a character with a burning desire for revenge, especially on Scourge for wronging her, and will not stop at anything to get her ruthless revenge.


Scourge the Hedgehog

Compared to Amy's crush on Sonic, Rosy is obsessed with Scourge the Hedgehog. However, this obsession is decidedly twisted as she would love nothing more than to smash him with her hammer, resenting him for ignoring her attacks in the past—somewhat like Amy, she hopes that her "Sonic" will take notice of her. She continues to refer to him by the pet name "Scourgey" and makes kissy-faces while taking great delight at the prospect of hurting him.


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