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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Rosemary Prower is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. She is the wife of Amadeus, sister-in-law of Merlin, and mother of Tails. She has brown fur and light blue eyes. She wears dresses and a Council of Acorn uniform. Rosemary lived in Mobotropolis with her husband and, shortly after the Great War, became pregnant with Tails. A matter of days before Robotnik's takeover, Amadeus was roboticized trying to stop Robotnik's insane plans, while at the same time Rosemary went into labor.



Rosemary with her newborn son Miles.

When Rosemary saw her carefully-disguised husband upon giving birth to her son, she was heartbroken when he rejected the infant (unaware this was because Amadeus was now a life-less automaton stripped of all emotion). Rosemary, upon entrusting her son's care to Rosie and Julayla, went out into the city to find Amadeus, when Robotnik's armies began taking over and causing chaos. Rosemary was among the thousands captured, and was brought to Robotnik and saw what her husband had become. Before she could be roboticized, she and Amadeus were teleported up to a Bem cruiser around Mobius, where Amadeus was restored to normal by the ship's commander, Ceneca-9009.

Resulting to rectify the situation on Mobius, Rosemary, Amadeus and Ceneca-9009 went to the Bem homeworld of Argentium, where they pleaded before the Argentium High Command for action against Robotnik. The plea was denied, and Ceneca was imprisoned for using the outlawed de-roboticizer technology, but Rosemary and Amadeus, technically guests on the planet, enjoyed a normal life, yet still wished to return to the off-limits Mobius to see their son again.

It seemed their wish would come true when Sonic, on his six-week-journey through space, helped Ceneca escape and planned to escape in a spacecraft to an orbiting wormhole generator to reach Mobius. However, the craft proved to be a one-seater, and while Ceneca declined to use it to fool the authorities into believing she had escaped the planet, Rosemary also stayed, not wanting to be separated from her husband. Before Sonic departed, she and Amadeus gave Sonic a message for Tails in a watch, expressing the love they had for him.

Rosemary and Amadeus narrowly survived the devastation of Argentium when the battle between the Xorda and Black Arms fleets reduced the civilization to ruins, with Rosemary and Amadeus living in the ruins, barely surviving. This too came to an end, when Merlin, Sonic, Knuckles the Echidna and Tails himself arrived to retrieve them. Finally reunited, Rosemary and the others returned home to Mobius, allowing their broken family to heal at last, and Rosemary swore never to leave Tails behind again.

Rosemary became a popular writer and reformist activist, and along with Amadeus, began to see the House of Acorn as failing to measure up to the Knothole Freedom Fighters (in terms of accomplishments and progress) in their war against the Eggman Empire.

Eventually, when New Mobotropolis was founded, Rosemary and Amadeus saw that now the population was safe, the time for change was at hand, and Amadeus led a protest with a powerful and convincing speech written by Rosemary, allowing the Prowers to gain the support of half the population, but this landed Amadeus in prison. Rosemary and Tails later broke into the prison that evening, and succeeded in liberating Amadeus, but not before Nicole alerted Sonic to the breakout. Rosemary's attempts to convince him to let them go failed, but Sonic's selfish responses motivated Tails to attack Sonic. While Tails demanded that his parents leave to deal with King Elias while he kept Sonic pinned down, Rosemary refused, remembering her previous vow of not abandoning Tails, but Amadeus forced her to run. Upon arriving at Castle Acorn, Amadeus and Elias dueled, with Rosemary watching from the sidelines, but fortunately for both parties, Princess Sally Acorn intervened at the last moment, bringing the group to their senses and helping them resolve the conflict and work out a peaceful new system of government involving a ruling council made up of six elected representatives and the current monarch serving as a seventh, calling themselves the Council of Acorn.

Amadeus declined running, while Rosemary entered into the race for a position on the council, and won. The assembled council members did their best to aid separate groups during the crisis when the re-birth of the super-powered Echidna villain Enerjak. Unfortunately, their proceedings went against those of the Chaotix, who sought to go to Angel Island to find their leader; Knuckles, now missing, while the Council wished them and the Freedom Fighters to stay in the city, insisting that too little knowledge could lead to horrible developments. They were able to rectify the problem when, upon appointing Sally as Field Leader of the Freedom Fighters, allowed Sonic and Tails to go to Angel Island to find Knuckles, with Tails gaining his mother's approval.

Rosemary, the council, and the royal family were secured in the city's bunkers when Enerjak arrived at the city's gates, while the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix assembled to fight him off.

She has appeared in recent issues as serving under the Council of Acorn in Sonic the Hedgehog Issue #191 and #197.


  • Though Rosemary did not appear in SatAM, the character of Tails' mother was brought up twice in the series. First was in the pilot "Heads or Tails", in which Tails waved at one of Robotnik's cameras and said "Hi Mom!" The second mention was brought up in the episode "Sonic Past Cool" when Tails wanted to keep a baby Terapod as a pet, but Sonic told him that his friend would miss his mother, to which Tails tearfully replied "I miss my Mom too."

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