A Rose Type classification of a Speed Type.

The Rose Type is a character type that appears in Sonic Runners.


As its name implies, the majority of the Rose Type characters are primarily affiliated with Amy Rose. It was introduced in Sonic Runners with the inclusion of Amy. Members of this type receive a 50% Animal bonus in gameplay.

List of Rose Type characters


  • The Rose Type is derived from Team Rose, although the only Team Rose member to be classified as a Rose Type is Amy herself. This makes the Rose Type the only character type in Sonic Runners that is based off of a team in Sonic Heroes to have only one member from the team said type was based off of.
  • Despite being a designated a Rose Type character, Blaze the Cat has never been affiliated with Team Rose, nor has she had much interaction with Amy. However, her Archie counterpart has been a member of the Archie Comics' incarnation of Team Rose.

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